Political Snap Shot


Written Dec. 23 5 pm EST


   First, let us remember that our Lord and Savior, Jesusí birth is behind Christmas. He died for all of our sins, which are exponentially increasing now in these dark times. This is what you need realize. When the scales tip, the Almighty will clean this world up. Heed this.

   Let me address our inept leaders of the EU and Biden. Russia raised the ante with a deadline. You have days. The Russians have stated that no NATO defense shall be placed in former USSR territory. Does this include East Germany? The common man will never know. Why are the Russian population practicing for shelter in place for a nuclear attack? Even more disturbing, certain military group is practicing creating mass graves for a thousand with radioactive containment for burial. Again, heed this.

   The Russians are in a dominate position to push NATO back to pre cold war borders or they invade Ukraine and cut the natural gas flow to the EU. The push for NATO back to the Iron Curtain, is the current plan by Putin and Xi. They can invade with little resistance to the prime EU countries during unrest in the EU during the coming Tsunamis your leaders have held secret. Then it is a conventional war, as nuclear weapons are out of the question, as the Russians merge with the general population of the EU. The Russians have the numbers and the weapons backed by the Chinese. You lose and you know this.

   Your other option is let Putin invade the Ukraine, just like Crimea and the threat hopefully goes away. You will impose sanctions. Putin has told you, no matter the cost, he will proceed. He has the natural gas that supplies the EU. He has the Chinese banks to funnel his money, no matter your sanctions. He has info of bribes on top US officials. Do you understand this? What you do not anticipate, is the corrupt Ukraine government, will squeal to save their asses. Promises, back by money from certain individuals, will not be honored. In all cases, those willing to point fingers back to high individuals in the US, shall be silenced.

   So the Russians will move intermediary range nukes to the western border of Ukraine plus troops. NATO troops in Poland will not be tolerated. This is the set up and your leaders shall fail in this lose-lose confrontation. You hear the Truth, but your media will guide you another way.

   Know this, your government is lying about certain aspects of Covid 19 and the Omicron variant, which was created in a lab and placed in South Africa. Check the genetic structure, but you wonít. South Africa has less than the inflated numbers of vaccinated, but deaths and hospitalization is not a factor. You ask why? Because hospital rooms and staff have been reduced by design, just like in the US. You are being locked down, because of Nibiru. They want you to die.

   What you do not know about the Daute trail. No police officer points a taser at some ones face. They are far lighter and some marked by yellow. Especially if they are about to escape as an out of control car would increase random injuries. Tasers have a different shape and feel. This was a trained officer, who used the excuse to fire due to flight. Just how far would he have driven with a police force in place? What was the level of threat, he felt to run? Little of this will be discussed in the media, as division rises.

   Lori is begging for help from the Federal Government to control crime. The Biden Administration has decided to let her and the defund police movement go for now, but could change. Your leaders are weak. They follow the polls of trends. How is that working? It isnít. So what is Bidenís plans? He needs to last another three years as Harris is a death wish for the Democratic Party. The media is pushing Buttigieg, but he will not carry the South as Blacks and evangelicals will not back him. Now what? They are looking for a new leader to appear after the 2022 losses, where they will be crushed, but the a new younger leader will appear that will please all of the Party. This is the current plan.


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