Political Snap Shot


Written Dec. 27 10:30 pm EST


   As world events quicken their pace to awaken mankind, you have been told by the Germans, that Trump is the most dangerous person in the world for peace. Yet Putin and Xi barely together, make 15%, but Trump is over 40%. So Trump is going to nuke Iran, that would be Israel. Russia his alleged friend? You are being lied to. The world was told Trump was an agent of Putin. Yet he tried top block the Russian - German pipeline. I told you the Germans have a secret agreement with the Russians to control the EU after a breach from the east. Iran cheats on enrichment detected by classified neutrino detectors in orbit. The Chinese crushing public protests in Hong Kong, and thousands go missing in their indoctrination camps near Mongolia. Bases placed on artificial islands in the disputed south seas, and the Russians integrating hypersonic weapons into to the present forces. Your leaders are clueless along with the paid media.

   Migrants by the millions allowed destabilize the political environment by allowing endless wars by design as they flow into the EU, contributing to a forced Brexit, but you are so blind. The elite enslave their own populations, buy weapons from the military complex, get aid, kill their own, and we the common man pays for it by accepting refugees. This is the greater plan country by country. Steal every thing until caught, eliminate anyone that threatens the regime, destroy their homes, and the world will offer compassion. This is how satan plays your world. Eliminate the problem and the country stabilizes. No the state Dept as the fools they are allow 20 million to be refugees and a family to remain in power, no to mention millions of homes and businesses destroyed. They are so smart.

   Did not the Bible warn you of the Bear and the Dragon with the 200 million army? Only China can produce and finance an army to usher in the new world order and the end times. You were told, there will be words of peace, but it will be war, because of mankindís sins. The voices you listen to, is controlled by the dark one, sometimes in your minds (voices in your head) or the media.

   The Democrats and some Republicans have sold you and this country out. Medicaid for all will eliminate millions of jobs. Your plan is to invite millions with no skills, it is not automation, which is already gone overseas, you should fear, but algorithms, apps and virtual stores, entertainment, personal traits posted online and DNA, through ancestry kits that shall crush the advancement of all except the gifted few in the future of this country if allowed to continue. 401s erased as stock prices nose dive in a great transfer of wealth. There will be no reinvestment, as you will be too busy relocating from the disasters. The pension and hedge funds cash out to hard assets, while you buy at what stays the bottom. Inflation will make money worthless, and those with no real skills useless. Just how long do you think those from New York City will last in the country, after the great quake and constant coastal tsunamis? Many students have 50 to 100 thousand dollars of debt and you think our society will thrive? Release the prisoners and they will prey on the weak. This is your future under mankind.

   Employers will not survive your taxes. Healthcare will downsize in order to make a profit and wait times in the cities may reach days if not weeks. The rural counties will have to travel sometimes hundreds of miles. Miracle drugs will stop and the profit incentive to risk no longer rewards. Banks will tighten the flow of money as rising interest rates, putting a stranglehold on the economy, but you donít see this. So be it.

   The impeachment of Trump will continue to drag. What will be exposed is that Trump uncovered the corruption of Hunter and Joe by a Ukraine corporation using Hunter to avoid prosecution and Joe using the office of the vice president to extract a Quid Pro Quo from the new Ukraine government. Joe is one of 20 plus candidates at that time, as the election can not be altered by help from a foreign government, unless you are the nominee. You can not impeach on a future event, that has not happened. Bribes in the form of an inflated compensation for being a board member to allow Burisma to stay in business, was the goal. This was about removing corruption from the funds flowing to the Ukraine, but the Democrats spun it as personal. The Ukraine was not asked to help interfere in our elections as they are over 6 months away. It was not about inventing corruption, but exposing what was already done. The Almighty will expose you and in some cases remove some of you, including any one willing to play a double. Walk away, as you were warned.

   The deception has led the innocent to be twisted and with a short time left, the scales dark vs. light have tipped to far towards the dark. So under my request, the elite will be removed through strategy by the hand of God for all to know. The goal is, some will mend their ways or be destroyed by fire. Those in the media will now be held responsible for the souls lost by you following orders. Again I would quit, rather than lose your soul. You will be given a few signs. His patience wears thin. Do not listen, then Father will arrange a set of accidents until you drop to your knees. Heed this.

   Look around, countries in turmoil, climate change led by a teenager by design, and the Democrats listening to AOC and the far left. Just what did you offer her Bernie to suppress the squad? I know the VP position if you win in 2024 as she just makes 35 in October just before the election, but you know that day will never come. This is the same thing Clinton did with Obama. A VP named and cabinet position for AOC, the squad kicked to the curb, the VP resigns after one term per agreement not known to the public. AOC elevated, this is the present agreement. All put in place by Pelosi, the DNC, the elite, and agreed by Bernie, as he is the new favorite. You are idiots.


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