Political Snap Shot

U.N. Israeli Resolution




Written Dec. 28 5pm EST


   Exactly what was behind the US abstention condemning Israeli settlement building in the captured lands? You were told that the original land was given back to them as retribution due to Nazi crimes. This land was taken from them due to war in ancient times and returned as it was under jurisdiction of the British Empire. No country in Europe wanted the Jews resettling in their country. Yes this was your land for thousands of years, but your ancestors killed the Messiah and were banished. Really He is still coming to walk among you, wait for it like you have for the past 2 thousand years. Your chance is gone and the Second coming is just around the corner. What is so sad your own prophecies gave you events and the town and you are still in denial, get over it. This is the Truth. Thus given a second chance and protection from the US you still have not learned.  The war in 1967 was won only through the money and weapons provided by the United States. Again this is the Truth. Your leaderís choice after this war and the next in 73í was to steal land from those you defeated. Letís now fast forward to today.

   You the state of Israel are being set up by the UN and your own leaders. Obama was not given a choice and what is worse, he is the fall guy. The new world order has now solidified a sanction against Israel as land grabbing and against the laws of humanity. The message is, you were given a state, but you choose to expand to other lands due to the military and financial support of the U.S. as if was necessary, but was by design. Defiance and ramp up the rhetoric first. Then engage your enemies, with war you know you will win, with only the loss of your pawns (I mean citizens). Again this is the Truth. So letís look at Kerryís speech.

   The speech that Secretary State Kerry said was the Truth again, but the clue is that they just turned on a dime. It was the policy of this nation to turn a blind eye to the settlements in the West Bank and other areas by Israel grabbing land to attract new Jewish immigrants. Jimmy Carter spoke of this and our government ignored him. Jerusalem and capitol of the major Three Religions belongs to the Christians led by the Son of God. This is the bottom line. Now it is a problem. It is about fulfilling the prophecies to isolate Israel from the world and then turn it over to the control of the new world order and its leader after the final war. The sad part is that the people of Israel are innocent and their leaders like and including Netanyahu has sold them out.

   I have told you before, he, Netanyahu is new world order. As is the UN regeneration of the League of Nations (new world order) and Netanyahu work for the same man, the dark one incarnated on earth. World War One was to bring order. It failed and the bankers crush the economies of this world and we rose, so World War 2. This failed so the UN in place infiltration of the Vatican the plan is near complete. This is behind the scenes. By going against the UN decision he in essence will solidify opinion against the Jews, same agenda, and different face as in the thirties. This time the settlements are the crux to peace, but this is ignored. So they divide this nation, America with the outgoing against the incoming. Doubt this wordsí just look back to see any incoming with the power of Trump. This is a set up and few of you see what is coming.


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