Political Snap Shot


Written Dec. 24 - 28 2 am EST


   If this new administration is to take the lead, what does it show us? A Trump overturn in the 2020 election would cause a semi quasi civil war, yet few have the balls to actually do this, as to be labeled, enemy of the state. Covid has brought this nation to its knees, but protocol of the incoming administration has plans to save the arts, and other nations before helping you. You were told, help your own before helping others. Is this the current plan of the Democratic Party? No program is needed overseas before home. If this nation falls, then who can you help?

   It is propose to let a million into the US because of 2 storms, exactly who is paying for this? There is housing in hotels at 100 to 300 a night, yet the homeless sleep on the streets. Is this your solution, as available housing is lacking? There is few low skilled jobs due to the pandemic, but you do not considers your words, before taking action. America is the land of the free, but that is not the truth. Opposition or politically incorrect speech offends and you lose your job. Vote for another and they punish you with repercussions. This is not America.

   In America you have a choice to vote for what you think is right, no matter the outcome. Are all who vote right for America, no. But it does not come with revenge. America first as a nation is right, as all nations put themselves first before another. Do they not have their hands out for this nationís money and protection , yet offer nothing but support in words? Your leaders think otherwise, as you suffer. You do not transfer money to others, before taking care of your own for any reason. Look around, everyone gets paid except you, the taxpayer. And yes, you will have to pay this back with interest. 600 dollars for you and the eliteís playground, the Kennedy Center influences both parties to give millions in support, yet every rich person goes there for an elegant night out. This is your world.

   With any new administration, the picks are based on loyalty instead ability. Yes diversity is needed, but it is the best candidate, not based on race. A minority shall not be overlooked due to race or religious beliefs. You speak of diversity, but Connie revealed white men and woman stabbed her in the back, and impeded her rise in the news organization. Nothing has changed.

   With the apparent lose by Trump, you seem to think racism will disappear under Biden. Did it occur under Obama? No, and Biden was second in command. Oh thatís right, Biden hung out with the KKK rep Byrd. Corporations will still pass you over. Education will still not serve the poor communities. Leaders will offer ideas for change, but like in the past, token efforts will be made. This is the game of your political system.

   Why the fight over the stimulus package, as Congress has the votes to override a potential Trump veto. All know that Trump had the chance to speak up before Congress passed the bill. The problem is that the system that governs this nation, is basically hidden from the common man. Influence peddling through proxy foundations and corporations. Lobbyists composed by those who left Congress that push the agenda of the military complex. Allowing despots to rule nations with an iron fists over their own in return for resources or military bases. None of this represents the common values important to you. Those you voted for, choose to curb support for you, but rather give it to foreign nations. This is what they my do at your borders with a change in administration, but you could not see it.

   Trump knew that a $2000 package, which is needed by many in America and not by some, would be turned down. But would flush out, the intent of your voted in leaders. Americans on the brink are in jeopardy of losing their present life, the promise of saving the future falls on deaf ears. So he signed it. How can you care, when the son of Biden capitalizes on perceived influence from enemy nations. Will Biden or a successor freeze if Taiwan or Hong Kong is attacked? What if Russia rolls into Poland, will Biden release the codes on the football or as planned, hold back hoping for a peace that will never come? If disaster hits the US more like when, will a new administration invite the world for refuge, when they cannot take of their own? But now, with a change, the new world order feels it can emerge and has.

   The Christmas explosion in Nashville was by design. No terrorist warns the people to evacuate especially a suicide bomber. His purpose is to inflict maximum damage and lost of life. The warning gave enough time for elite teams to scan the RV for an infrared signature of life. Damaged telecommunications infrastructure, insufficient explosives to destroy the brick reinforced wall, McVeigh accomplished this task in Oklahoma. This smells of deep state and a false flag event. No suicide bomber picks a low profile location or would stay in the RV when he could have walked away. No infidel gives warning to America evacuate. No, the new world order does not send a low level message where the American public only loses damage, a building or two collapses. If Trump is on the way out, this proved nothing, if it is for Biden, America is in trouble. I have told you, all is not what it seems. If America and the West wanted to stop terrorism in the Middle East then ban all oil sales including friends, but greed will not let this happen. The British exploited the Middle East as a colony and you are paying the price.


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