Political Snap Shot




Written Dec. 29 4:30pm EST


   What should you make of the new Russian sanctions? First you should ask if their operatives are here then, why the links to the internet wasn’t watched that are wired into our infrastructure? You have alleged, the Russians have been hacking the DNC for months. Yet no safe guards were put in place to counter? More important, you admitting it was the Russians, we now know what was in the emails was the Truth and Hillary and Podesta are traitors to this country as they agreed to a limited WW3 with the new world order. So are election process was compromised by revealing corruption in the DNC and Hillary’s campaign?

   The Russians are guilty of hacking, but it is the military and industrial complexes that are their targets as this is the norm. The hacks on the DNC were insiders from this nation, patriots who are tried of a process that is tilted. This is why the leaks were never stopped. This government will never tell you the Truth. Ask, if Trump is getting the same briefings as Obama to the threats facing this nation, then why the disparity in the media on the hacks? He concludes circumstantial B.S. put in place to deflect the serious loss by the Democrats and Hillary.

   Obama had no choice due to pressure from within the Party, but to the back the lies of the Russian hack as there will be no definitive proof as the trails to the hacks are cold, yet you are led to believe they can trace the IP address and the person at the keyboard. Will an arranged drop to back these words, maybe? What about the Russians wanted by the FBI? Yes, they are wanted for using computers to hack financial records to the tune of millions, but there is no connection to the political hacks. But you are led to assume this. The Russians, Hillary and the media never expected Trump to win and their intelligence agency would have never taken the risk or made this public. The Democrats suggested the Russian connection to Trump to discredit him in the eyes of the American voter and it morphed after the loss of the Presidency to interference of our political process, which is a lie. The truth can always be discerned by careful research.

   Speaking of hacks not one of you speak about the alleged back door access to all Americans provided by Windows 10. When a national emergency occurs and it will all emails and search choices will be known as algorithms will predict population movements, preparations and concerns in real time. Thus access to key safe areas by undesirables controlled. Gates never gives software or critical updates away for free.

   The Democratic Party is pushing this narrative as to maintain control over their donors in hope elections occur in 2018. Any excuse is better than the Truth and Hillary as the loser she is. It is all about the money and Putin will continue to play the game.


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