Political Snap Shot




Written Dec. 3 5pm EST


   With all due respect to our political process, the elite have failed to herd the vote for a desired result, due to their arrogance. You have a recount initiated by a person that received 1 percent of the vote. This should not have been allowed as no recount will change her result, which is the point of a recount. She is a proxy for Hillary, which is illegal. This is the bottom line.

   Mad Dog was a brilliant appointment as now the neo-cons can expect total destruction for their cause as opposed to a limited response put in place by Hillary if she had won and if or when the new world order gets Putin to launch. My advice is to get those weapons and technology online 200 years in advance in the Black Projects captured in the forties and fifties to work for this nation in secret now. You know what is coming and use them as this is your only chance.

   Let no American woman know rape as invading forces will attack the West Coast and move eastward along our southern states. Dunford and Mad Dog the time for political inept appointees is over, make the change in 6 months. This is your deadline.

   Taiwan really, the same nation of people that stood by Americans in WW2. These are the same people, which have stood against communism since the forties. These are the same people of China that has fled to Taiwan as a safe refuge from saying no to Mao.  These are the same people our nation disgraced for potential money from a communist China. They have manipulated world currencies. They have been a haven to accept US manufacturing at the expense of the American worker. They then come back with your money to buy property raising rent and the ability to own a home in the cities like New York. Just look at Queens.

   Trump accepted a call from the leader of Taiwan to show they will be no double standard. Take their money for defense, but act like they donít exist. This is all about the money instead of freedom. This is the hypocrisy of this nation. It is not about one China, but a nation to exist with a voice that is independent. China is China. Taiwan is Taiwan when you break away; you are not part of the whole. The United States in the past kicked you to the curb, and now Donald is trying erasing this mistake, but re-enter this world as an independent Taiwan, not China. Those days are over.

   To the media few of you have realize as funding to black lives matter and white supremacist events around this nation have become more tepid. Although the Clinton campaign at the Harvard event and some media personalities continue to beat the drum of racism. I told you to watch Trumpís actions no matter who he has in his inner circle. The Clinton campaign was hidden racists as they let your jobs go over seas. They talk of equality and womanís rights and nothing has changed. Illegals welcome as they depress your wages and job opportunities causing true division in the nation. These are facts.

   This government spent 4 trillion dollars to protect the Democratic way in hostile territory that attacks us, and Donald is wrong to just talk to a nation that stands by our system against communism. Your politicians are about money and use diplomatic protocol to cover their bias. You are hypocrites.

   War, really at this time, as China is not yet ready. But just how stupid is the media to state to this nation that China would go to war over receiving a phone call. If so then you really have no peace, but you have an illusion that can change over a minor incident. Is this what you are saying? This is your State Department that truly has no control. This world will change as I as just a tool will sweep all evil from the face of this earth in the name of Father Almighty. Trump can join or will just watch, like most of you in disbelief.


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