Political Snap Shot



Written Jan 29 1:30am EST

   Pelosi, it is great, that you invited the President, to give the State of the Union on Tuesday Feb. 5. Just be careful, not to spin this, as if you gave him permission, and you are in control, moving on. What needs to be addressed, is what, is good for America. Start a wall that will inhibit many who plan to leave poverty. Drones to patrol an empty desert, do you have permission to use infrared in Mexican airspace? Can they cover every where all the time? No smart enhanced wall to slow intruders, but your media spins it with the same talking points, medieval or do you think agents that can see everything? This is your answer? So air is your deterrent? This is why they flee.

   Has the murder rate increased to a point, where all want to leave? They seek opportunity, financial and you know this, but they skirt our laws. They live with poor housing, no health care and you offer it to them for free. And you expect them not to lie to come here? Pelosi, you are telling the world, please take my money, except it is you, the American taxpayer that gets fleeced.

   Walls are not immoral, as they protect this nation. This is not the early 19 hundreds, though I know, you like to reminisce Nancy, but those ideas of open for all, who enter, are the past. Walls will force all to seek legal immigration. We do have a system. As they will be welcome to contribute to this nation, as future citizens at our pace, but you do not state this, why? You have no idea of how my patience has grown thin with this spin, just know the Almighty will start with you.

   The drug trade has made many politicians, bankers and citizens very rich in this nation and impeded the advancement of minority communities, by gang wars, the destruction of the family structure, theft from within, and incarceration. Almost 40 million illegals are here and you think the status quo is the right direction. Yes the drug trade builds tunnels in cities, not the rural areas. Why build a tunnel, when you can walk through an area with no fence? Your an idiot, as you believe your own lies.

   The key is assimilation, to which the country can grow. The immigrant can help, but not add fuel to an impending race war if the border situation continues. You were put in power, to answer to those who elected you, not save the world at the expense of your own. This is the bottom line.

   Brokaw was right, but lost his guts. He is seasoned and was pressured. All need to learn English, but embrace their native language & customs. More important, all need to assimilate. When you come here, you change for America, not America changes for you. This is not the United States of Central & South America and Mexico. It is the USA. We are Americans first, this is why you become a citizen, not to wave your flag in our face, but we welcome the diverse cultures that make our country great. We have always had ethnic communities, but they may be Polish, German, English, Nigerian, Cuban, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, French, both native and east Indian, Mexican, Honduran and those from Guyana to name a few, but they are Americans first. Do you understand that Pelosi?

   Lets address your promise to America of free health care, so just how are you going to get doctors and Administrators to take a serious pay cut. Better yet, how will you stop them from prescribing special tests at clinics they own, expensive drugs lobbied so they bill you the government? The answer, you won’t. Just as you have not removed predatory interest rates applied to student loans. You can not even legislate caller ID spoofing or computer ransom ware and again, these are our leaders. America, these are the lies from your politicians, they will never address. These are the same leaders that offer hope and change as your disposable income shrinks. They say tax the rich, the rich will leave or hide their money, nothing will change.

   Pelosi since this is a learning experience, let me clue you in on, those you now have a blood agreement with. The new world order funded both sides in WW1 & 2. The new world order executed the order for the death of 10 millions Jews as the number was deflated to hide the truth thus carried out by their puppet orator hitler, who was a coward. Few of you ask, how did a country paying war reparations during a depression could finance an army? This country had soup lines, but Germany built tanks, with what? Now I know some politicians are just plain stupid, are you one? This is not a game, and new world order is domination under one, under the guise of peace. Who heads it, the antichrist and you are falling for it. You have a Bible, read it. Ask yourself, when it is over, just what will they do with and old woman, if they can destroy the world? I will use one of their quotes, “useless eater”, but you already know this. This is what, is so pathetic with you. Just know there is a hell. I hope we can save your soul.

   Cuomo you keep getting it wrong. Wiki Leaks release all emails online for all to see. Stone had no exclusivity, but he tried to seek it on his own in return, elevate himself with the Trump campaign. Before he presented his case, they were on the internet. You have been told, all government sites are continuously scanned for hacks. Any breach would have cut before the transfer was done. This is why the FBI asked to see the servers as they knew it was an inside breach. With Seth associated with the data download, which would have been found, his death would have pointed to them. This is what they were hiding and the order came from the top to where the FBI walked away. Who would have that power? They fear this will break and the Russian Collusion with Wiki Leaks will be proven false. 17 agencies, really there is only 1, the NSA.

   Our voting systems is not connected to the internet. You were told, the vote was not affected. Oh, Facebook ads that few saw or paid attention too and this is your proof? The people who even saw this, rarely vote or would it change their young minds. The sad part, this is your idea of collusion.

   Some questioned Schultz entering the race as an Independent. This is his right, as you cannot say someone cannot win, did Trump? One thing he will do, force the Party more to the center and you know this. This is the current push back.

   Clinton is curious about another run, this will be crushed as CNN is promoting Harris last night, as she is a better fit for the status quo, Warren and Bernie are done in their eyes.

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