Political Snap Shot




Written Feb. 4 5pm EST


   The elite are continuing with their plan of herding the population in the United States into opposing sides or polarization through a series of events and protests. With anarchy and increasing threats of war the offer of one world government will seem the only choice as division accelerates. Iran tests a missile, China tests an ICBM with multiple warheads, builds forward bases, aircraft carriers and Russian preps it Western border while the world talks peace as a deception. The clue to their success is the passion shown in the individuals protesting, fighting and rioting. We hear words they want to exterminate us in Chicago, yet this far from the Truth and the people believe it. They are exterminating themselves and do little to change this. Murder will accelerate. Your own kill hundreds and shoot thousands, and this is not a problem. There will come a time where no police will enter your communities and you will beg for help as your own destroys everything to control your drug trade. If you were illegals, they would let you go and you are marching for this while your own if they look the wrong way goes to jail.

   Look closely at what this ban revealed. The true reasons for stopping the ban is not compassion and the constitutional rights as foreigners have no rights unless they are here. The high tech and medical corporations exploit cheap doctors and IT workers from overseas again depressing wages for entry level, keeping openings tight were only the best get in. It is all about the money. This is why the Washington Federal judge stopped the ban as pressure from high tech corporations was applied. The down side from the riots is that when this is over those who live here will not see the same passion by politicians and the media as needs rise here.

   We do need to come together and provide a path for citizenship. The Truth there is no real hate directed at American Blacks, Mexicans or Muslims as they are our own, this is the rhetoric pushed by the media and politicians. Obamaís birth certificate was put in place by Republicans, but started by those supporting Hillary first. Donald was the spokesman as it insulated Republicans from this when present to the American people as false and they turned on him. So we have today.

   It is about standing strong for all here. It is about rebuilding this country first instead of rebuilding another with nothing to show for it. It is about stopping the trillions leaching from our budget financing the military complex and banks. Then immigration can proceed in an organized, vetted and at a pace where assimilation not division can take place.

   The election of Trump has pushed back the severe parts of the Chastisements that are coming. The shadow government has Hillary, McCain, Graham and many others supporting the new world order,  but very shortly the signs will appear in the sky and America especially the coastal cities shall be assaulted by storms and ocean waves. It is your sins that have chosen the locations to suffer first. Watch has Africa explodes in war and Germany assumes control of the EU and riots ravage Western Europe. Then as by surprise the eastern border of the EU will be breached and the UK will beg for help.

   The Illuminati have told your politicians to hold together as all is under control, but countries one by one will disappear or be destroyed by storms and quakes. While plans continue to undermine the Trump Administration like leaking the location and time of Seal raid in Yemen so there were prepared, this was no accident, traitors are in your mist, flush them out.  

   You are to continue to put pressure on Netanyahu to stop the settlements outside of the land given to them before 67í, but not let UN abuse the people of Israel as it is their leaders who are the traitors, not the people. The United States will protect the children of God as the Almighty protects America through the Grace of Mary the mother of God.

   War will come, so plan to minimize losses in US cities and level their countries with no mercy destroying all evil as Obama and Hillary would not have and we would be invaded by design. You may lose the West Coast to the Chinese as they use container ships for troop transports check the heat signatures of all as tests are in place now, but the earthquakes would have crushed it anyway. Their life style and values has sealed their fate. Now you can allow those captured to be prostitutes raped thousands of times then be killed for sport or kill them all to end suffering and offer prayers for the martyrs. The few die to save the nation as all prisoners will be killed. There is no rescue mission except in fringe areas to save many from their own. As you use dark skies they will use the electromagnetic pulses and losses of satellites for a mission go, prepare.

   Finally for those of color who work in the media. Do really think things have changed? MSNBC forced out Melissa by replacing her show where she left rather than be embarrassed and this should have been a wake up call. With Hall replaced on the Today Show while at number one by Kelly whose numbers behind Bill will not follow her in her time slot, but I am sure all in the media cared. They didnít as their world is self serving for many.

   The elite will continue to play up the immigration battle dividing this nation by using compassion of broken families, to allow drugs to cross the border and shrinking middle class to destroy this nation. Again you donít see this and you really think Americans care about those seven countries that most can not find on a labeled map and what they have to offer? If you go there youíre dead? What is so sad is that good Americans who really care are being used by the elite and they are laughing in their smoke filled rooms as you are doing their job under the ruse of freedom, not for America, but someone from overseas in a war we help create some of whom would kill you. Their families died and some were raped as America stood back after invading Iraq for oil. This is why the refineries were never struck. This is how Isis is funded. Greed and when here, some refugees will remember why their families died and take revenge. The goal is to start a war and when millions die all will seek peace under one, the antichrist. This is the current plan. This is the Truth. General Mattis please crush them before the Almighty has to clean up this mess. Time is short.


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