Political Snap Shot

Tuesday Mar 15



Written Mar 15 11:59pm


   Tonight as the race gels, Rubio has withdrawn, thank God. I plead with you as you have pledged your soul to the new world order. They turned on as they will turn on Kasich and then Cruz before the convention. I know what they promised you and they set you up. Your only choice is to pray to the Almighty and hope they just dispose of you. This was your choice as the power to lead this nation with no skills was to inviting. The media loved you. The Super Pacs edged you on, but you did not win overall, did you ever think they were strings attached? You have brought the dark one upon your family, now what?

   One tidbit as to torture Trump admits what he would to protect this nation, Hillary you are deceitful, as you would hide it from the American under the guise of national security. This is why America does not trust you as you lie to cover the Truth. 

   MSNBC did show the true delegate count between Hillary and Bernie, but it was short fleeted as to pacify. Remove the deceit from the political process with including non elected super delegates in her lead.

   Kasich was promised just like Rubio to stay the course as they would be a viable candidate in a contested election. This was a lie to Rubio; now out, to Kasich soon to be out and finally Cruz a Canadian, out. The Truth, the elite do not want Trump or Cruz as they hope Hillary will crush both. This is the plan with division between both.

   So what could Trump and Cruz do to derail the plans of the new world order. Make a deal as all in Washington hate Cruz and he knows this. Vice president does not have the restriction of foreign born, only if you serve as president. The will offer him a second round ballot that will fall short. Then present another betraying both Trump and Cruz. This is how they roll. You both have enough between you to neutralize the elite seize it, for this is your only path if you Trump come up short. The catch, betray the American people, this nation and the Almighty, you and all relatives will be swept from this earth and I will personally watch as Father castes all of you into the lake of fire. Heed the warning.


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