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March 21, 2016




Written Mar 21 11:59 PM


   Tonight was interesting as the Cuban Canadian addressed AIPAC as a Cuban American. News flash Cruz you are an immigrant no matter how you spin it in your mind. Now letís analyze what he said to the Jewish Community and others present.

   You affirmed to the world you will stand by Israel and this is fine, as America will always protect the children of God. What you will not do is perpetuate a strangle hold of power suppressing the Truth of their past.

   The Allies of WW2 knew the Jews were being exterminated by their spies and did nothing. When the soldiers found them, the atrocities hidden to the world were exposed as if the Allied forced freed them. This is far from the Truth. The Nazis negotiated with the UK as to how the world would see this. 6 million was a conservative estimate as those exterminated, who can contradict the body count. The agreement made was that all would be sent to the desert a parcel ruled by the British Empire fulfilling the prophecies. The empire dictated to the locals there would be no compensation. They seethed, thus planting the seed initiating the coming Armageddon.

   Did not the Americans photograph all German territory and see the detention centers? Did they not see the rail line transporting thousands in and returning empty? Did not the locals report the burning smell of flesh? Yes they did as this again is the ugly truth. The Bank of England who funded both sides of the war pushed the extermination of the Jewish race as they were financial competitors. Hitler was a pawn to energize a nation against its own so the UK bankers could win solidifying control of the world after controlling the US Federal Reserve and creating the financial bubble of 29 to which the profits used to fund Germany. War was pushed under the guise of pride, German superiority. Ask your self where did this nation get its money or have its supply line unimpeded for almost a decade? The bankers, indebted the world through war, all seen to protect freedom. This is the Truth.

   You ask if the Americans knew the Truth, why sign off. This was easy. They got all the German scientists and allowed the Nazi hunters to find a few over decades. This was agreed by all parties and this is why FDR is in hell.

   The problem with Israel is its leaders not its population who wants peace. It is all about the money. Steal the land under the guise of creating a new buffer and exploit the new settlers for their funds. A buffer creates space, which was created after the six day war an opportunity backed by this nation. A settlement on the border offers new expansion in turmoil as the excuse of safety moves outward.

   If peace was your plan then compensate the Palestinians for pennies on the dollar of the military budget you expect the US to pay for. The people you oppress welcome anyone who will fight for them. Homes destroyed for the actions of one. Their land taken and they are relocated with no compensation. Exactly where would anyone expect, to turn events? A place that dictates, the world never strike for now. The civilian population out of desperate need allows these rebels to hide among them as they see this among the fragile constant of life, as the only hope. It sounds just like what happened to the American Indians. This is their plan.

   Cruz has no clue as to the complexities concerning Israel as a political lightweight, so he wafts in the political air to agree or say anything that would further his campaign. You cannot achieve peace if you do not address the concerns of the opposing side in a compromise. This is a fact. Try dictating to your wife.

   You speak about taking out Iran and its agreement. With no proof like Bush did to Iraq it will be war. Putin is looking for an excuse. Explain that to the American voter. The US has satellites that can see and track any weapons grade Plutonium or Uranium from space, but in you ignorance you speak words as if there is a true threat. If Iran does produce a crude warhead it will be taken out as soon as detected. If it launches space based lasers will disable it. If it defies the odds patriot missiles will intercept based in Israel will take it out. It is about one or two as this is not a nation that has dozens. This is the Truth all else is hype playing the US Congress. You are not a need to know.

   Cruz lets talk about Reagan and the Iranian hostages. What you do not know is that those at the highest level in the Republican Party in conjunction with the Military conspired and prevent Jimmy Carter then president from seeking the release of the hostages. The rescue mission was sabotaged as he would have won the election. They gave the Ayatollah preferential treatment as to not go against the current government with money and a blind eye to white slavery catering to the elite of the nation. Reagan a spokesman did not know or approve details as he was not a need to know. Know this; those hostages spent many more days in captivity than should have. This is how your political parties work behind the scenes. You say we will ask Jimmy. No you wonít. The Almighty will wipe from this earth anyone who tries to change the Truth.

   Moving on, so why did Obama and the Cabinet refuse to come to the joint Congress meeting with Netanyahu? Cruz stated tonight it was a mistake for the President to disrespect its leader as this shows no support for Israel. What did nation does not know is the arrogance of Netanyahu like yours. He knows were he stands with the Republican and sees Obama as they tell him nothing more than a temporary lapdog needed to be petted. He exploded as would I at the level of disrespect for the President of the United States during his meeting as Netanyahu lectured. Obama stands for the nation of Israel, but distains the arrogance and demands of its leaders that we bomb Iran so that Israel can control the Middle East back by the might of this nation as thousands die to achieve this goal. No two bit tentacle of the new world order will control this nation as long as Obama is President; not on his watch. This is the Truth.

   What has Obama learned during the past 7 years? That Michelle was right as she sensed all is not right with being in charge in the first weeks after Nov. 2008. The elite allow you to win and then cull your agenda to change America. If not, so why were you stopped at almost every angle despite your Harvard intelligence and turn coat Democratic backing? She did not rain on your parade, but oh what a lesson. You will be apologizing for years. It is only here you should bow.

   The Republican Party has put forth a need to present a third party, but why? Letís examine this as to who will gain? Any effort for a third party is to allow Hillary a win. You have been told that the elite control both sides, as you are led to believe you choice matters. A third party run at the convention will bitterly divide this country in anger as anyone you present will not be the choice of the voter. The Republicans know this and you are led to believe it is to stop Trump, but more important point you to Hillary. This is the present goal. Know this; as the plans are revealed they morph. Just like you were told Trump and Cruz could join, so Hillary proposed a unified party with a Republican as a counter. If it morphs, it is here Kasich was promised a chance. He has no path unless it is arranged. This is his goal as he has aligned with the new world order as the moderate he is. He knows no better as he thinks the Illuminati is just a myth. Such is the path of the naive. This is what you are dealing with.

   Now review the events in Cuba. Obama is reversing the policy of this nation. Again the mob stole their money, corrupted politicians, and used their woman as prostitutes and you wonder why they followed Castro? If aid is cut, then embrace the one who will give aid as the Americans could have turned on the mob, but many politicians were in their pocket. This is the Truth.

   Obama came to mend old wounds not elevate Raul as if they raised their arms in unity. Letís move on, as the path to future your country is paved with gold. The Chinese will offer nothing really more as they have been there. You are nothing more than their re-supply base in the eye of the Chinese, but now the US knows this. God help your country.

   Addressing Trump, all say is that some of his words hurt. Yes, his words did degrade two women as he did not include all as you are led to believe. His wife is a super model, Carly, Rosie yes you count, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is a free choice as you use it to pick your mates. Life is not where you are led to believe to where everyone gets a trophy.

   Yes he is against the Mexican illegals only. Yes he is against the Muslims who plot against this nation. Not one of you would be so inviting if they reside in your community and then one of your own is killed. Vetting allows your community to admit those who will bring no harm. Haste costs lives. What this nation does not realize is that he used rhetoric to control the media thus eliminate most opponents. He is left with a person who cannot serve as he is Canadian. This is how he rolls.

  The talk will calm and move to mainstream as the Government provides money that is not his own. If done right he will crush Hillary. Then it is war between him and the new world order and unless he drops his pride, he will fall. The Almighty is your only hope.


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