Political Snap Shot





Written March 28 10pm EST

Updated Good Friday 3/30 11:59pm EST


   The meeting with Kim and China has now been confirmed.  Hoping know one would notice, this was leaked to the media to mold Trump. On the surface it would seem that the Chinese were talking to Kim to tone down the Rhetoric with the United States, but it is a more sinister approach that was given. Kim was promised control of all Korea once WW3 starts for his allegiance to China. Agree to the terms of the US so that its military presence is reduced in the region. What the general public does not know is that the Chinese and Russians provided the nuclear weapons and missile technology to North Korea. This is why they advanced so quickly counter to your CIA estimates.

   As satellites are swept from the skies, the key for the Chinese is the anticipated magnetic inference virtually shutting most forms of communications and more important surveillance for the US military. They will use this cover to attack the west coast of the North America at 2 points one in Canada and the other north of San Diego. Again they will use cargo ships to slip by. Numbers is their game as the earth changes neutralizes technology.

   The Chinese knows that the US will not nuke its own population and this is your weakness. So what to do? There are choke points and water supply points as a start. Stealth drones with infrared to detect massive troop gatherings armed with your best cluster bombs with a special property.  Communication is to be moved to the low frequencies and the Almighty will shut theirs down on my request. Half their fleet will be wiped out by whirlpools, unusual storms and rogue waves, but this nation must still believe it is under God or many will not be protected.

   A retired Supreme Justice calls for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment. The right was put in place to allow citizens to protect themselves from tyranny in any form. You say, this was written to allow citizens to have guns and assault weapons did not exist in the time of the founding fathers. This is true, but they do now. You can not hold off a military with automatic weapons with single shot rifles or an inaccurate hand gun. You being herded to give up your rights by violence created by the same youth who bully their own or those who are just insane. The inherent problem that causes the shootings is still not address but removal of a weapon will be replaced by another. This is your lesson few of you have addressed, so murder will increase. The current agenda of the new world order is to increase violence by allowing some with an agenda that enhances a covert direction that can be exploited to proceed even though detected on those you care about your children. It is here they have spokesmen some arranged others caught up in change as they are herded to allow you to ask for change in the gun laws, thus you disarm voluntarily. Only when the threat surfaces to your lives, do you realize as all around dies you were lied too by those you trust. Then it is too late for those in the cities, but rural counties will hide their arms and shall not be slaughtered. When you run to them for help few will listen or assist due to your present actions, put in place by design.

   The left are now up in arms about the proposal of the census asking if you are a citizen. The Democrats do not have your best interests as they say America is not about rejecting immigrants and that is true. But it this nationís right to determine the flow and who would serve the best interest of this nation. What has happened is the opposite. The current number of illegal immigrants of 11 million has not changed since the sixties as to not alarm. Check it.

   Illegals do not pay property taxes, income tax, state tax, or city taxes, but do pay consumption taxes, sales tax. Taxation with out representation applies to all the services provided for you to live. Roads, schools, services such as the DMV and Emergency Room Services all of which is under funded by illegal aliens. If you are paying then you are committing a felony of identity theft with an illegal social security number allowing you to defraud the banking system of this nation. You can not spin this, so which is it?

   The census will still not reveal is the true number of illegals here. As only 33% will report their status in the census, others will just not tell the truth. You ask; how does this hurt America? It gives the urban areas of this country a greater voice in Congress provided be a number of people that have no right to be here, but now take the voice of rural communities by fraud. This is by design as your media promotes this. You should ask why?

   The founding fathers wanted all counted as at that time, immigrants came and became citizens. This was true then, but not true today. Illegals come here for the most part seeking opportunity from their poverty back home. They exploit health and social services thus draining local resources as the wealthy lower labor costs to get richer. This is the bottom line and now we are at a tipping point where the general welfare of the middle class is threatened.

   Many Republicans want the status quo to continue for the elite and their many businesses and the Democrats want it as when they leave office they control the social services and they will continue vote for them when poor. When they get rich they switch to Republican. This is a fact in the Hispanic community, check it.

   Our Constitution does allow those who are not citizens to affect and vote to change the direction or welfare of this nation. The use of America is welcoming applies to those who have citizenship, not those to use us under the guise we need their help. The rich need you as a type of slave labor, but this is accepted as you leech off the taxes of the common man and the social services of the government in America. This is the Truth.  

   As for the Saudi law suites that are allowed to proceed, they are within their right to have this dismissed. It was the deep state that was behind 911 in order to justify an invasion of Iraq backed with a false claim of WMD. It was all about controlling their oil going into the earth changes, which they thought was going to occur 2003. Check the archives here as the story has not changed over the years.

   Little has been said about the orange discolored snow now in Eastern Europe. Ask why this is only a recent event and sand is brown. If you were to do an analysis of the snow you would find traces of iron oxide and not a silica compound. Again check it as orange and red precipitation will only increase as a sign. As the distance between Nibiru and earth closes and an energized magnetic field increases, iron oxide will be attracted to our atmosphere in vast clouds. For the common man just collect the orange or red snow in a glass and let it melt. What falls to the bottom of the water will not be sand and is magnetic in nature. Your scientists will just lie.

   Letís address the expulsion of diplomats from at least 18 nations by Russia. Currently your media is allowing you to choose the truth. First, by promoting Russian collusion, which may have occurred with the Trump Administration through greed? And business deals offered, but now that Trump is in power, there may be some truth as Mueller continues to investigate. The Clintons were more sophisticated as contributing to the Clinton Foundation allowed a perceived access to the top levels of our government depending upon the donation. Doubt it? When she lost almost all donations stopped from the big players. This is a fact.

   Second as the media reveals Russia has successfully tested the satan 2 missile that has a range to fly over both poles with the power to wipe an area the size of Texas. The nuclear projectiles are hypersonic to avoid our currently public anti defense systems. They are prepping for war. The media lies that Russia does not have the money, but your eyes see otherwise. I have told you that Hillary, many members of your Congress, Putin, Xi, Merkel, May, and now Obama are part of the deep state. Even though the US Military has regained control of our Federal Reserve, Russia and China have access to vast monetary reserves of the World Bank with permission of the puppet master. He shared secret technology developed by Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, and Northrop-Grumman with the enemies of our state as proxy controller. They will have what ever they need to accomplish world domination under the puppet master, who is now the antichrist, until stopped by the Second Coming.

   Trump was assisted by the forces of the light as I am one of them. He was guided and he won. Check it. The collusion story was put in place by the Hillary campaign to destroy Trump. As no true American would vote for anyone associated with Russia, as this was their plan. The problem is, he won. So where is the disconnect from our reality?

   If you are working in collusion the Russians along with the Chinese, you do not develop hypersonic weapons as this accelerates the replacement of our systems already in place to protect key Military bases and cities. You do not expel diplomats as a reciprocal response. Allies even if hidden do not behave like this. The point, your media backed by the deep state that controls the elite of the Democratic Party, allows the faÁade to continue until your demise through the earth changes. You have approximately a year.

   The media has portrayed Julian Assange as rapist, but he is sitting out in hope of a compromise or limits for prosecution. The Ecuadorian embassy removed his internet access by the pressure from the deep state (new world order). All information from the embassy in the UK is controlled and has always been. What they do not want is more information to leak now that imply he was a scape goat. How could Assange release current files on the DNC and Hillary when all internet traffic was filtered by MI 6? We will do this so the world sees Julian is not the source, but was internal. I suspect the internet access will be restored as not to point to the deep state. This is your world.

   As for CNNís portrayal of the Popes, yes some were corrupt and others delivered the message of God, His Word. You have cross the line for the final time as I have to make your network an example. For those at the top make peace with your loved ones. I am only the messenger as may God have mercy on your souls.

For those of faith today Good Friday is a day of deep reflection as God himself, Jesus Christ incarnated as a man gave up His life to balance out the sins of the human race going into the End Times, which is now underway. If this was not to have occurred Billions would be lost to the antichrist. Your science has no clue to the existence of the soul and the essence of life is everlasting. This was a great gift and all should reflect on this and the love of a family. This will be the last normal Easter on earth for the Roman Catholic Church. Treasure it.


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