Political Snap Shot

March 31 2016



Written Mar 31 11:59pm


   All of you pushed Trump on the use of nuclear weapons. This is a new world order ploy to create doubt as you were told Putin’s forces will over run Europe by design. Wake up as he is not at the nuclear summit and your clue is the build up of US forces along the eastern front to the tune of over 3 billion dollars. Thank you patriots, as it is you that stand up for this nation instead of your weak politicians. You should ask why, but you will not be told the Truth.

    Hillary is on board as to exhibit restraint and in her weakness if elected, the EU will fall by design. Any invasion is about winning and your use of diplomacy only allows those who want victory an easy avenue. Then what as you cannot nuke or invade due to lost of civilian lives. This is the plan.

   You in the media have crossed the line. Have you even paid attention to what I have been telling you? Trump caved, on the phrase “if” abortion was illegal, the law of the land. He responded with the correct statement. If it is illegal, woman along with the doctors would have to pay a price. Do you not understand the concept of a law? Your vision of the rights of women does not supercede the laws of the Almighty and a law put in place by a Republican Supreme Court. No liberal court would revoke abortion as it stands.

   I have told you in the media, if it goes against the laws of the Almighty, never side on the humanism issue for this influence, comes from another. There are no exceptions, only tests.

   Hillary is currently the new world order pawn and anyone if Trump loses the nomination behind closed door negotiations. This will not further the common man, for they have sold their soul to become the nominee. This will be a fact.

   All of you talk about jobs and you lie. Corporations that you fund you ask to give lip service and slowly erode the market in America. Do not curb illegal immigration as this will depress wages and the American voters fall for the same lines over 50 years. Will you ever learn? Now the goal of the corporation is to pay the least in wages, eliminate benefits for the useless eaters, and hide taxable assets overseas. This is the norm. But you as citizens listen to the hope Hillary, Cruz and now Kasich preach as if paid and bought for will change anything. Ask how will create a job without adding to government payrolls? Corporate is about profits on the bottom line or a tax credit this nation pays on the back end. This is how they operate and lie.

   The ugly truth is Trump cannot be controlled is now an enemy of the elite. This is the truth. It is up to you in the media to inform the people to preserve the Truth. The new enemy is the spirit of satan himself as revealed in the Bible. Do understand who are trying to go against? I say this to the media in this nation. I will watch your souls be cast into the lake of the fire for deceiving this nation. All of you know what you are doing, but discount the power of the Almighty. Fear God for if you do not change His instruments will turn you to dust. You have a CHOICE.

   Again all of speak of the 19 Trillion debt of this nation, but not one shows this who we owe this money too. We owe to the Federal Reserve who you believe is a government agency. The Federal Reserve charges this nation interest to print our money and it flows back to the new world order and the bank of England.

   The elite of UK put this nation in debt as their tentacle funded the Nazis through the Bundesbank when they retreated from Dunkrik rather than fight. If, the Americans did not invade Normandy, then what would have happened? War creates debt and the interest. This is the goal. Kennedy tried to restore the Federal Reserve for this country, the honey hole Marilyn Monroe failed so he was assassinated.

   For once Dr. Carson told the truth. He stated that Trump is disliked because he cannot be controlled as of now. This is the Truth. Heed his words.

   When the chastisements come and many of you in the media and government see your loved ones taken, it is to save their souls as yours is lost. The Almighty makes the law. He considers abortion murder. The Law of God does not change as humanity seems to progress. You are His creation as the life in your body is only His choice to terminate. You are accountable for those you influence. None of you have no clue of what is about to befall this earth for your decisions.

   Rule 40(B) will eliminate all but Cruz and he is ineligible as a Canadian anchor baby. His mother made a choice for baby Cruz to be born there. What you as a nation need to see is that if you are being herded to the candidate of their choice and you see what is happening now. Your vote does not count, but only if you choose who you are herded to pick. Democracy is a deception. Obama realizes this and now he does not give a f..k.


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