Political Snap Shot




Written Apr. 5 1:45am EST


   Yesterday on the 50th year remembrance of the assassination of Martin Luther King, we reflect on his influence upon this nation. Let it be known that he was a victim soul by his soul’s choice to change America through death. As only then, the black community would gel. Death is not the end. What all need to comprehend is that many rode the wave of his death, but no one step up as an after fact. I do not need to name names. You know who you are. Little has changed since the sixties. Where are the true leaders? On television were it is about a paycheck. In a church, many preachers are only concerned with what is in the passed around basket. This is a fact.

   So I ask the people who promote his death in order to elevate themselves. Rev. Dr. William Barber how can you assign the prophet status to a man that God has not? He was a victim soul by design and that is it. Let me not hear another word of prophet uttered from your lips, moving on.

  For Trump, it is true that the National Guard has no jurisdiction, but they have high tech weapons that disturb hearing and bowel movements. Use it.

   The message to China, is for responding with their own tariffs? You created an imbalance as a tentacle of the new world order. Now you place tariffs on American farmers? The Almighty has given me the power to excise his commands and drought will now crush your country. You will beg to pay triple the price for soybeans as the weak die. Yes you will send 200 million men and children into war. Let’s see how that works.

   Trump is not part of it and like children you, the Chinese follow the orders of the Illuminati as Hong Kong followed England, even today. This country has nothing to lose as you have flooding our nation with cheap subsidized products to gain market share. The Obama and previous administrations accepted the transfer of wealth to your nation, but it stops now. Play the game and I will unleash the power of God upon your nation, and shunt what was predicted in the Bible. Play the fool. Test me.

   Syria is a pivot point. Trump by withdrawing evades the confrontation between the 2 superpowers (WW3). Those refusing to leave in this government are with the antichrist. Did we not play this same game with Vietnam? Let it go as it is a destroyed country with nothing to offer. Let it go.


Special Update: Apr. 5 11:59pm EST 


   This is not a new paper, but an update and may be the last up to a final demark 12am Sat. 4/7. Don (CNN), it is not about the caravan moving north, but to energize those who want to escape what is home. One thing that is true is that most of the women not protected by men are raped many times down to toddlers. This is a fact, but too much for your public to hear, so you lie as you know. Many have said they will accept all, but they live in communities that are unaffected by illegal immigration. I have watched as the Democrats ridicule those opposed to the illegals that exploit this system. Low agricultural wages the help the rich do not counter the social services placed upon the tax payer. This will now change. The Almighty will shortly send a series of quakes only to warn to the San Fran region. The Tech industries with all their arrogance and pride will flee your state as they are cowards. Resources now strained with a lack of state income taxes from the likes of Face Book, Google, Intel and others, this is where it affects your families, now let see you continue to support those who take advantage?

   Votes mean nothing when your state is in ruins and you have to choose. So be it, as my request has been granted. Prepare for the Truth to rise as you brought this upon yourselves. When the quakes come and all fear death, let’s see how you fare? America will learn by your example.

    Again let’s address Stormy, had Trump knew she fu.ked every porn star and producer. He would have never dropped into that expanded vagina had he known her background. He was fascinated by her breasts. This is the Truth. It was the lawyer’s job to crush anything that would derail Trump’s presidential campaign. Most men have a long list of ho’s. This is a fact as we get real. No man in power would personally negotiate with a passing piece. Again this is a fact. The lawyer paid without revealing to protect the client and when this is over, he “hopes” Trump will reward him in the future once out of office. This was his plan.


Update Apr. 6 3pm EST


   To the media especially CNN why are you covering the caravan? Do you really think poor women from Honduras can afford coach buses to drive them north? More important do you really think America cares? The deep state paid for this and has directed your “humanitarian” coverage. This is why they label you, “fake news”. The women stated they were not raped. This is true, as they were protected on an air conditioned buses, migrants moving through drug controlled territories do not have the same fate. If the woman is beautiful she will be taken as if she does not exist and forced into the sex trade. When the earth changes destroy Central America millions will flow north and destabilize our border states. Strained resources will leave the middle class and poor in the nation to share little aid. Politicians insulated will run as the race wars start under their failed policies. This is the Truth.

   I have told you that California will suffer greatly from the quakes. Just know Zuckerberg that your betrayal to the American public by allowing access to all information on all people to the NSA will not be tolerated along with Google. You cheated those in order to create your empire and you really think you are trust worthy?  You were caught selling information to a private company as side money when there is many. Just know you and people like you are the reason your state will will crumble. You will know the raft of the Almighty as I pointed you out. This is a promise.

   On a vacation as of now unless a violent geological disaster before I leave, there will be no new papers until after or on the 16th of this month.


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