Political Snap Shot

April 12




Written Apr 13 12:30am EST


   Many questions so letís get to work, a quote taken from a great ex MSNBC host. Paul Ryan has now told the media he is not interested in running and this is the truth. He is 3rd in line to the presidency in a world of uncertainty. This was the correct move as you, Ryan, have chosen not to be a scapegoat when things go south. The new world order did offer him a back room deal for the top spot in a contested election with terms, as they did with Romney non contested when he was to become the nominee at the inception of his campaign. It left a bad taste in his mouth to deal with the elite and to carry out their plans. He is passing, a dangerous move even after the gift of Speaker of the House.

   Rubio planted the story he is done with politics with his words, but his actions was to hold the delegates bound to him. You were told he would approach Cruz as Kasich. Rubio has more delegates and is the eliteís choice to be molded, thus in Cruzís mind, the presidency. Cruz, I ask you, why the sudden silence on your Canadian birth over the last few months? It is orchestrated until you hope to seize the nomination. It is here the courts will rule your election invalid. This is the current plan of the new world order. Rubioís tactical move is to follow Ryan, an elevated status on the back of a failed presidential candidate, Cruz as he hopes for 2020, which he will never see.

   The Trump factor will not go away. Changing the rules in Colorado during the election season was brilliant as the Trump staff could not be bored with investigating sudden rule changes, but was the dozens of delegates worth what America sees as deceit? Forcing him out, the Republican Party will experience voter apathy at the general election no matter how you spin it. Is this what you want? Trump get over it, you of all people knows how the system works.

   Many of you got so excited about Biden stating and even Obama saying they would like to see a woman as president. Take this message with a grain of salt. They have not or will endorse Hillary and the woman they would like to see is someone, but falls short on an endorsement is someone like Warren, who would fight for this country instead of selling it out. As vice president Biden has to remain politically correct. Thus you heard the sharp background noise of advisors to prevent a gaff, but not reveal the true distain between Hillary and the current Administration, which may affect the vote.

   Finally as I watched Lawrence tonight 4/12, he made a great point on the source of guns entering New York State. Most flow from the south, but if you listen to Hillary and her lies they come from Vermont as if they would sell to minorities. This was a cheap shot at Bernie.

   Lawrence, I have great respect for you, but your interview with Tavis was slanted. I saw the whole OíReilly interview with fast talking Tavis. Over and over OíReilly stressed how a black man can not get a job without educational skills, and the small point tattoos. No main stream business presents a man with tattoos. This is a fact. If you think the statement was wrong Tavis then hire them and have them sit next to you on interviews, but you wonít.

   There is a problem with education and if you do not have the skills, you do not get the job. This is not racism; it is a lack of focus in the black community to rise above the stereo types. Yes, there is prejudice that holds back the qualified black. Yes, black schools are under funded as there is no tax base. Yes this needs to change, but it starts at home. If you wonít hire your own, donít lie, who will. This is the problem, not Trump.

   Last, letís address Hawks versus Doves. When facing the new world order as they sweep across Europe in minutes. I do not want a dove or new world order stooge (Hillary) who hesitates to protect this nation. Nor do I need a hawk that strips this of its resources with wasteful military spending to enrich the elite. I hope general; you can be the man that will end this viscous cycle with a strong defense manned by patriots incorruptible where this nation comes first. Take over the black projects and clean house. You have 6 months to make them operational at best. Dissolve the weak alliances as they have already turned against this nation in their secret meetings of the new world order to be based in what will be left of the EU and UK in late 2017.


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