Political Snap Shot

New York 4/15



Written Apr 15 5:30pm EST


  In the news there are new commercials from Bernie and Hillary. The Democratic debate gets nasty. Bernie skips to Rome to talk in the Vatican. Trump tones it down in the Wall Street Journal and Cruz addresses an audience engaged on their I phones or androids rather than listen to his RNC speech.

   Bernie is now on the attack and as some would have you the public to believe, it is negative. Since when is telling the Truth about someone who makes 200k in a couple of hours to your 15/hr when passed in NY State seen as negative. They did make the money. The world is told a paid speech was to energize, but they are behind corporate greed. The truth is that it was alleged influence peddling by the bankers, but neither party agreed to agree in public. I am sure there was no comment during the speech of how their actions were wrong, but sound bits tell you different as they are lies. No one in government held anyone accountable to those who created the mortgage bubble that crushed your 401 Ks dropped your property values and used your tax dollars to bail out to the tune of over a trillion dollars on sub prime mortgage bonds as all in the Bush administration looked the other way. Just how did you protect Hillary? Did you push for jail time, no? Money back for the public’s losses, no? Did you back Elizabeth Warren in her financials reforms, no? This is what the commercial is about.

   Hillary commercial states she is your voice and she can change things in the Black community. She did change a pet project here and there, but nothing has changed for the overall Black community and she was Senator in this great state. Black America look around your school are under funded and in turmoil as teachers fear the classroom? Your public housing is in disrepair to the tune of billions. Your future is at its worse since the sixties. Thousands of manufacturing jobs like Carrier and New Gear in Syracuse NY fled south under her watch. Like so many that has come before her, she promises and points out the few where there is some success, but on the whole have not changed. Those who had visits will never see her again if she wins. Wake up Black New York, you have been used and are still in denial. Spike Lee and Danny Glover see past the smoke and mirrors, when will you.

   For Bernie as you skip to Rome; do not be so impressed with the pope, as all that you see and read is not the Truth. You have been told many times that Francis is not sanctioned by the Almighty and answers to another. The wolf in sheep’s clothing preaches peace, global warning, acceptance of the migrants, and equal distribution of wealth.

   Has the extreme wealth of the Catholic Church been dispersed to the poor? Have thousands of migrants been welcome to the Vatican? Does the pope hold true to the laws of the Almighty, which does not change for any man, no? The bank in the Vatican has practices that would open the eyes of the faithful. You know what is coming as you were briefed in the Senate of these times. So if it is the end times, then there is a false prophet and you just went to his den. Yes I said it.

   As Trump morphs as he has to if wants to win, he will again surprise the opponents as you were told here in July 2015 as all disbelieved. All state he hates women and is racist, but what all of you refuse to see a few comments directed at a select set the tone to dominate the media. Illegals are illegal and siphon funds for the needy, but you see this as racism. Some Moslems state they hate America and allegedly leveled the World Trade Center and you call it racism to hold visitation and then vet for our safety. Some of are out of your minds. This was the goal. He paid nothing on TV advertisement to win. Bush paid over a 100 million and loss. This is a man in control of finances NO MATTER HOW IT WAS DONE.

   Trump is correct with Colorado as the rules were changed with no notice of change to the general public. The RNC discounted Trump as did the media and when they realized he could win; they change the rules without updating web pages or informing all. This was deceit. Last time I check it is the will of the people that counts, not party appointed delegates that have the agenda of the status quo. Trump has and will continue to lower his tone as with the nomination and the Federal government starts to fund campaigns. This is the Truth. This is the goal.

   Cruz in your arrogance I told you would get crushed in the North East and as you run to California and Indiana, your weakness shows. I guess your usual BS did not fly last night as this is not the south. Do your supporters even know you are Canadian born and ineligible to serve as US president? Do your supporters know you received 12.8 million dollars from Wall Street to Hillary’s 21.9? Bernie received 298 k and Trump 29k. Explain to me how your finances say one thing and your words like Hillary say another. This is why I say you answer to the elite. The RNC plan is for you to win against Trump then deny you as a foreigner. This is their plan.


Switching to the World


   The Prime Minister of Canada Trudeau has introduced a bill to legalize assisted suicide. This is against the Laws of the Almighty. Trudeau exactly what are you doing? Are you aligned with the darkside? Than so be it. During suffering, the soul that has been tempted or capture by elements of the opposing side allows the physical body while on earth alive to reconsider their path taken, suicide cuts this experience sanctioned by the Almighty, to where a decision to change is not reached. If any soul is loss due to your decision there will be no mercy on your soul, PM.

   To the Military, it is imperative you state to Putin close flybys will receive warning shots for only the next month of May for they are not ready yet, if continued, they will be shot down. It is their ploy I told you when the attack comes many will stand down and be eliminated. This is not a series of events to embarrass NATO, but to test penetration of naval and air force parameters. Heed this warning. Drop them and they will get the message as they were told. This is their plan. Stop it now and the Western News does not need to report. The Russians will not admit a down plane. Remember in America it will be subs.


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