Political Snap Shot

New York Primary on the Horizon




Written Apr 17 8pm EST


   As the politicians raise the rhetoric, you shall see their stripes. Let’s start with Kasich as I watched part of his response to Chris a man on a mission at the town hall this afternoon. There were two points you failed on, Kasich. First, that you knew nuclear weapons would be found in Iraq, but in your gut, you knew better. They did not have reactors to produce weapons grade uranium or plutonium. More important centrifuges to process the material if acquired. Where are the photos? There were none. There was no intelligence the Russians, Chinese or Pakistanis sold them a suitcase nuke, as this would require a covert acquisition, instead of a war against an entire country. If this was true you would go after the country that sold it as this is the true threat. Although like one of the boys and Hillary, you was on board with the lie as you could point to them when or if things went south. This is what is wrong with this country, know matter the fact I would rather be here than anywhere else. Now that all know this was a lie, you continue to use the information given to you as an excuse and dodge the Truth. You won’t even call Bush and Powell liars when proven wrong and New York State, the nation is supposed to trust you. They won’t.

   Your test came today when a woman asked you about abortion and you choose to say faith and the Bible will not come before the rights of people. In a Christian country Kasich think, do you know what you just said? This is why you fail turncoat. The Almighty heard you decision as you now answer to another. I told you, it is your actions that matter, but the prize of the presidency was put in front of the Laws of the Almighty so be it and good luck. So close, but you will fall short as you have no idea of who you are dealing with.

   Bernie you have been told time and time again, the polls are doctored by choosing the samples that favor Hillary and ignoring those that support you. They allowed you to run even pushed your effort as you represented a loser (socialist) in the path of Hillary. You have allies. Your only goal now is to energize your supporters to vote. The minority vote feels she will win and their vote will make no difference until the election. Most Blacks do not vote in the primaries. Energized yours’ as Hillary won’t, because as asking the Blacks and Latinos to get out the vote is a sign of weakness in a contest she is suppose to win. It is here, there is a chance to upset more important come closer than all expect dependent upon your effort in these last days.

   For Cruz now realizes, he is a loser as a leader in the North East along with the vote and will make only token appearances to concentrate on Indiana and California. Just like a coward to run for greener pastures rather than defend the words he spoke.

   For Trump send your daughter to those states now while you wrap up the North East. Cruz against Ivanka is no contest. Let the women handle him as no one in Washington likes Cruz and you are right, he is a diversion and continue to expose the process in the RNC.

   As for Clinton almost all see you as shady except for the older woman vote. It is good for the voter to be in denial, but hiding behind the façade has protected you. You will be asked at some point, are you part of the new world order and you will joke, this is ridiculous. When you pledge your soul and you deny them on the dark side as Peter denied Jesus on the light, there will be no forgiveness from your master.

   It is great that you say with a straight face, you have concerns of all people. But with all politicians, you back some projects for the poor and middle class in jest. If you look carefully many like you do not change the process, only tweak it as if there was a change, but alleged off shore accounts hidden below many layers say another story. Yes it is Bill in agreement with the Bushes that established it, but you know of it and have decided to look the other way, thus guilty by association if proven in a court of law. If the FBI won’t proceed with their influence peddling, not the diversion of the emails case against you as the new world order crushes this nation’s judicial system, the Almighty will. You can change this. If not some in the media will carry out the mission to educate this nation. Finally some of you are standing up for the brave, this nation, the Truth and it is here some of you in politics will fall. Those that believe in God that take this chance will be protected, the others, may be on their own decided by their intent. It is going to get serious now, and I do not walk with cowards.

   Now let’s address North Carolina new lgbt bathroom law. So you as a nation are upset because a transgender cannot use the woman’s bathroom. Did you think this through? This is the pedophile and rapist best opportunity. So anyone who claims to be transgender on their word as if they will not lie shall be admitted into the woman’s bathroom. Can you verify this? What about sending our little girls to the bathroom? Transgenders have no rights to violate the protection of gender. If you have a dick you are a threat bottom line. Take off your wig and pee like the man you were born as or cut it off. God gave you a gender, only the influence of man and society changed this as this is your free will. How many were raped as children or violated by older men. I will say this and sanctioned by the Almighty if one girl gets raped by a fake transgender all who support will pay a price. Choose public opinion or the Almighty, your choice will be final.


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