Political Snap Shot

NY Election Eve



Written Apr 18 4pm EST

Update 8:59pm EST


   Priebus why are you double talking the press when they ask you 2 simple questions does the candidate with the popular vote should win and was the process fair in Colorado? You lied on both by bring up Trump does not win with the plurality of the vote. Speak English Priebus; what you said is that Trump will not win with the majority of the delegates when you were asked about the popular vote. In Colorado when Trump started the people of the state of Colorado were going to vote.  Rules changed with Trump in the lead nationally after Labor Day, the state RNC under dictate from you Priebus as the elite puppet changed the rules so the result could be manipulated by party members instead of the peopleís vote. You, Priebus state the rules have not changed in a hundred years, again you lied and we are going to trust your nominee that did not win the popular vote. Who are you listening to Priebus; it is certainly not the voter. Also there is not chance a Canadian is placed as our nominee, so why do you and the RNC continue to lie to Cruz? Oh that is right, he is doing your dirty work to stop Trump, as you let him believe you will change the constitution, how pathetic. News alert Priebus in case you donít know the Supreme Court is balanced now a vote that led to Citizens United will not happen again before the election.

   Cruz I see you did not even have the nerve to step into my city in New York, did you think a lightning bolt would strike you in the ass as a wake up call? Hillary and Bill came here on separate occasions. Bernie, Trump and even Kasich came here. Not you coward as are.

   Hillary you say you are for the people, but not once did you address the strike against Verizon and Corporate Greed. Bernie did it at least twice, why is that? Because your words means nothing when a simple action of support tells where you stand. The Verizon workers all 40 thousand should send you a new message Bernie at the polls since you did not stand with them. Hillary you are calling Bernie's campaign desperate. So be it. Bernie one thing you will not do is raise Hillary's arm at the convention. If so, you will betray all that you stand for and those who voted for you. Hillary has nothing to offer you and all will respect you as you walk away stunning the nation. If you lose the nomination, it is here you will win as you cannot be bought by DNC. Hillary is part of the new world order and will betray this nation. Stand down no matter what you are told. I have told you what seems right is wrong and what many see as wrong is right. Heed this.

   The Saudi threat to the US should not be taken lightly as there is a lesson to be learned here. So why are they up in arms? Did their nation have anything to do with being a country of origin of the alleged terrorists? Yes, but they were requested by an outside western group. 911 was a false flag event and the Saudis knew this and their role. The victims should be allowed to sue as you are the fall guys. Unless you sing, exposing the new world order in which you might as well put a gun to your own heads and commit suicide, your threats mean nothing. The bonds may you drop on the market will fetch pennies on the dollar. There will be a temporary slide in the dollar and bond prices, but it will rebound. Your nation will be the loser and the US is not dependent on your oil as you try to destroy our domestic industry who now exports. Friends do not make threats. Friends do not free load. Friends donít let others fight their battles, just cowards. As I said, your nation is no friend, but a leech on the American taxpayer. Personally this nation and Congress should say you are on your own and deal with the Russians and Chinese. Letís see how your nation shortly deals with little water and food as the earth changes destroy your land. There will be no shelter for you in America no matter what Obama tells you. Yes he has said we should not allow our citizens to sue other countries? Because they may sue us. Did not a settlement come about for Libyan bomb over Lockerbie, Scotland? Let the law settle justice, not politics.  Comments on immigration will be given after Supreme Court debate.




   OíReilly calm down before you bust a vein. America is not ready for the truth, but a continued exposure of examples that for now does not point fingers as to the lack of education in the Black community will bring a focus and a start. Many know there is a problem and blame the system, this is denial. Education and respect start at home no matter what you are taught. Remember this is an agenda to dumb down our education system and you see this with your Watterís interviews. This is in place by design. Now this does not discount all the lazy parents and those that work hard. This is a double edge sword. By the way tell the coward Cruz I said hi.

   You ask why can I not point fingers when you do? Good question, the Black community does not know what is going on in the world on the hold, but the politicians do.



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