Political Snap Shot

NY Votes



Written April 19 1:30pm EST

Update 3pm EST


   What the Republican Establishment refuses to consider even when pressed on a morning show with the question as former Governor Pataki was this morning. The vote of the people is being replaced by the votes of the delegates.

   The delegates are hand picked by the State level RNC and will back the candidate backed by the establishment once free. This is called party loyalty and to think they will choose independently is fantasy. This is the disconnect, the common man sees. The hand picked delegates will vote as they are told not as a free delegate that considers issues important to him or her. Yes some may choose to counter the establishment and if they do, it will be their last convention.

   You Pataki like others keep mimicking the same example; did the master feed you all the same lines? Yes Lincoln was elected at a brokered convention, but times are different. The voter in 1860 did not know our election process or knew what was best for the country, so in this particular case the delegates did choose what was best for this nation.

   This has changed with an explosion of communication devices and the media though slanted. The establishment has a stranglehold on the unbound delegates and the people know this. You say you what is best for the nation and nothing has changed. Change is here as New York brings new focus to the delegate race and the people not the party bosses will choose the direction this nation takes.

   Thank you Hillary for visiting the Verizon workers finally, better late than never. Lowell you were brave to come to Syracuse on Friday and you can thank God I was not there as I am off the communication grid. Now look into your heart and hear what they were telling you, the old contract is fine. You stated overseas jobs were not with Fios this is a lie as someone provided me with a tape. You have the option to hire and fire new hires in your build up in Boston. Consider your choices.


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