Political Snap Shot

April 2




Written Apr. 2


   In this political process outside forces have increased pressure on your media outlets to slant the truth presented to this nation as time is short. If a poll shows a sudden rise as in Wisconsin either the sampling was selected by design or the media mesmerizes the public with their comments. This is suspect.

     Trump is a danger to the establishment as of now he still cannot be bought as Bernie and this nation with its voters senses this. His comments are seen as against all when they are select. Illegal Mexicans have criminals and rapists within them, this is the truth. This was not directed at those who are citizens and contribute to this great nation, but the leeches on the tax system. Yes, there were comments about womanís looks, again it was directed at selected targets and was shallow. His wife is a super model and he has a choice on beholding beauty as do woman. I donít see many of you giving an ugly man with little money a chance for a date. Your actions are there, but you donít speak on it. He does. Revealing the ugly truth that men say behind your backs especially arrogant Cruz. Again his comments were about if abortion was illegal in the United States and then their repercussions for violating a law by terminating a life, although your media would have believe otherwise. All of us in this nation have hidden prejudices, and we need to move past this. All movements point fingers, yet refuse to change how you treat your own. You pretend that hate does not start at home and all of you are in denial. This is the Truth.

   The Republican elite control the uncommitted delegates and Trump knows this. So the race continues as Cruz no matter how they spin his chances, will not take the north east. They elite has promised a brokered convention to both Cruz and Kasich, but both would be passed over as the elite lies. Trump, they hope fears falling short and will make a deal, thus the elite wins again. This is their plan as it stands today.

   We need to be part of the world, but we do not need those nations that leech on our mission to insure we have a democratic world that respects all people. Let it be known, that hidden dictators posing as a nation aligned with the US, we will no longer protect your perch with the lives and money of this nation for any reason. I have had my share of fake friends in my lifetime and now this nation has also. Just remember this nation will be the only bread basket for the world and billions will die.

   The wild card is Bernie. Hillary has delayed the FBI investigation although the media would have you believe otherwise. As a convicted felon she cannot be president, but as president if convicted after the fact she can pardon herself. The Republicans talk about a 3rd party, but it is you in a independent run that would take out Hillary as your momentum is crushing Hillary now. This may be your new mission. New world order ruled out this option, but you could derail their plans to bring this nation under the control of one.


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