Political Snap Shot

The Northeast Votes



Written Apr. 26 3pm EST

Update 5pm


   Letís address the Republicans first. Cruz has stated Trump is a loser as if we are to suppose to believe our lying eyes. Now Cruz I donít know what frame of mind you are in, but you were and again will get crushed in the North East. And you expect a nation to choose you as a leader when you cannot perceive a defeat? What is interesting is that unholy alliance you have with Kasich. Each of you lie the voters as a placement of allocations is now important, but each of you are telling your voters that you are not interested in a particular state. You lie and state it is about Hillary, but it is about Trump. In order to get to Hillary you have to beat trump with votes which you lack, not your pathetic idea of words he will never be the nominee.

  Your voters are not that sophisticated to read between the lines. Kasich voters hate Cruz as does Cruz voters think of you. Few will vote as you think as voters now see each of you as sellouts and will agree to anything to get elected. You donít even have the nerve to tell your voters to vote the other. This how your word means nothing. This is how cowards start. This is your mistake.

   Trump is now quietly acquiring uncommitted delegates. Neither you have a personality, the interesting people, and locations to wine and dine like Trump. It is here you are out of his league and will fail. I hope you have a plan B for the rest of your lives.

   Now for the Democrats, Hillary supporters are floating Warren as a VP choice. This is a slap in the face as this would be like working with the devil for Warren. There is no chance, so why use her name. She is pissed.

   Behind the scenes the status quo is afraid of Bernie and political insiders to the highest levels in government have delayed any indictment of Hillary by design. The key is to allow her to clinch the nomination, if pressed early Bernie would clinch. One thing you need to know Hillary few of the Bernie voters will vote for you as an alternate. If you make and I doubt it, they will stay home or vote for the new Trump. The current plan to inject Biden where there is no leader. Those that supported Hillary as they know of the scandal and hope it is dismissed will go down with the ship.


Update 5pm EST


   The New York Times put out a report Bernie will reassess his campaign after tonight's vote. This is a lie, as his wife that was being interviewed on MSNBC and did not know about the statement at 3:20pm. She disavowed the statement. The last thing a candidate would do is release a statement like this that would in fact alter the vote tonight. I have always told you, if a statement comes out who does it benefit. In this case Hillary, so you now know she controls the media, by the slip up. She is going to win to tonight, but when a coward panics and she pushed it.

   Bernie has no chance of a compromise of issues for the Democratic Convention agenda for the voter, if there is, it will be a lie. Wall Street and the health industry wins. America did you know that  a company like Verizon pays 20K for family health insurance, but you are led to believe our new health care plan affordable at $400 per month will cover this nation. There is not enough young people to cover the elderly so insurers will continue to drop coverage. The affordable health care plan is a lie as it can not even cover prescription drugs for the elderly. My advice to Bernie leave convention or go independent and then you will get her attention, if not she will use you in the worse way. Bernie you have no leverage. Take note media.


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