Political Snap Shot

The Announcement



Written Apr 27 7pm EST


   We will start with Governor McDonnell. He states did not provide a favor for his cash and gifts. But, this is not true. The business person used the governorís mansion for parties to lure investors. It is the perception if an event is being held there it must be legit. This was the subtle favor. He is guilty of accepting bribes to influence by proxy.

   Kasich did get a wake up call as Cruz just betrayed you, as Fiorina was in place before your agreement. The sweep in the North East brought her out early. He copied Trump. Now what do you do in Indiana? Nothing as you were used and Cruz moves on as the coward you are. You will never call him out. With his new running mate he will go on to New Mexico to try and win, so much for that alliance.

   Hillary, Trump accused you of playing the woman card and your canned speech stated if it is about womanís health care, family leave, or equal wages you are glad to play this card. I ask you where was your husband who you had influence over this nation as he gave you control of health care and failed to change those same issues over 8 years. Oh I forgot, the place Bill really wanted women, under his desk. How is that for a spokesman for womanís rights? Beware interns if she gets elected. Billy is back. You made no changes then and now as you run you promise this will be addressed? If elected, you will pass a token effort and move on like all politicians do.

   Cruz you now telling Indiana the same thing you told Pennsylvania do not America tell you who to vote for. America talks with votes not your words, are you listening? News flash Cruz Pa crushed your pathetic message. So after dumping Kasich as you are not a man of your word, you call a news conference and purposely leak the info as you set up others interviewing as if it is a big secret. So you picked a women VP. Now, it is great that you did pick a woman, but it is who you picked.

   So Carly as you affectionately call her after 7 weeks seems like choice made without thinking through all issues. You stated that she knows how to bring jobs to the US. Thatís funny as CEO of HP she could innovate new products to increase the bottom line. So did what any CEO with no talent does fire her workers to close the gap. Is this what you mean that she has compassion and honesty for the common man and woman? She has knowledge of the threats facing the US. Really as if Fiorina can go against Putin. Is this a joke? Do you remember Ferraro, Palin, and now Fiorina? It was strike one in the eighties, then strike two with McClain, now with you strike three. Do you ever learn from history?

   Cruz you addressed the nation as to why now? Could not help yourself, but lie. You picked Fiorina hoping it would energize your Indiana campaign and at the same time you could get rid of that leach Kasich. Cruz you state jobs, control of the deficit and our allies. Cruz reality check Republicans started a false war for greed and turned a surplus to a deficit. Big business continued to ship jobs overseas. The financial industry has bankrupted the mortgage industry and your 401 K loss trillions. This is the Republican legacy you speak so highly of. You spoke about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. As a scholar did you read the part if you are not born in America, not Canada you can not be president?

   Cruz you are not eligible. But you can repeat I must be president, I must be president, I must be president and click your heels 3 times maybe that will work.


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