Political Snap Shot

Indiana Looms



Written Apr. 29 3:30pm EST

Update Apr. 30 1am EST


   Today we start with the US Command in Afghanistan mistakes happen, but why are you compounding it? You only paid 3 and 6 thousand dollars for injury and death respectively. What I question is why request 5 plus million to rebuild a building that was not worth a 100 thousand, again we see that you used a cause to pad someone’s pocket. Take note taxpayers.

   Today a major corporation told the news it is giving their workers a final contract as an ultimatum. Real funny it only ran on MSNBC ticker and not FOX. Your token visits to Syracuse mean nothing as you have confronted only workers and union representatives that you see as lip service. 40 thousand union jobs are at stake, because you hope the fire them after a long strike. This is the plan. Now Obama it is time to step up and warn the leaders of this corporation of the perilous path they are taking. I have held back hoping both parties would come to an agreement for all. Talk to them before I talk to the Almighty. You know me and how much you can push and the limit with this has peaked.

   The corporation knows many of the employees are living pay check to paycheck and the current goal is to save money then cave, but not this time. Those in place will be offered permanent jobs, then what? For the first level management if they do this to the workers you know, what will they do to you? Successful corporations are a family not one against the other. This is the key. I have watched management bring in the cheerleaders from the wireless division as if they were the reason for success, when it was the technology. Years went by as they had no knowledge of how the business works. They applied their way which failed. When manager has no talent or fails they are transferred for the worker they are fired. This spurs brown nosing instead of innovation and the company becomes a dinosaur. I have watched the purchase of a has-been company for billions when they could have brought a health care company to control costs. The corporation will lose millions as workers when or if they return, shall feel they are not wanted and will give a half hearted effort. Settle now and bring back harmony, if not you roll the dice.

   You have asked for more details? First return the cola every year. Yes there needs to be a consolidation some of work places, but on that note you cannot uproot families. Your solution will allow a program of telecommuters as a compromise. If you need workers in a certain area hire long term workers as they have no layoff protection or offer volunteer overtime. Those on disability are crushing the company many cases are real some are not and to the union don’t lie. Find a path for those who truly are to return to work or retire. Those who are frauds with proof (check social media) let them go.

   Many were stunned to see the cost of health care for the retirees they have a Cadillac pension and health care, cap it now and disperse the money and allow them to shop around health care year by year. The union has a job to protect the current workers, but allow some leverage and backing that gave their lives to the company. There must be a balance.

   Pensions, allow them to accrue after 30 years. Are you telling your workers who want to stay with you the company cannot afford this knowing all new hires have no pension or your managers? The union will allow packages every year as it is up the member to retire who you represent not a focus on preserving membership fees.

   Finally the company has a great product with many bugs. Command the field and advertise 150 up and down as a base. Wireless set top boxes and wireless hdmi connections. Voice activated remotes and interfaces. Apple is ahead of the curve and millions pay for it. As a company if you are ahead of the curve they will pay as a must have. This is the goal and with that you have no labor problem, but will need more. If you want to get into the internet browser business then do like GE hire the best new innovative minds and create the division. Spending billions on Yahoo is a waste as the talent will leave as you sign the documents. They will laugh all the way to bank with your billions.

   Now the mistake the board of directors made was to base compensation on the movement of the stock price. This is a utility that pays a dividend, because the price does not vary much. This is why many included the stock in their portfolio, it was the guaranteed return. Your executives changed this. As you inspired greed. Are the leaders innovating? No they cut costs on the backs of labor. This option eventually dies, the corporation falls to a shell of its former self and all looks around as to what happened. The leaders move on with their golden parachutes and the company dies. This may be the future, but it can change. Dinosaurs it is time to join the 21st century and the managers who cannot, leave them behind. Now in your defiance watch as the Philippines, Tijuana, and Costa Rico go offline permanently within the next 18 months. This is on you.

   So now we have Cruz. Thank you Boehner for telling this nation what is close to the truth. Cruz is not Lucifer in the flesh, he is not that polished as you will see with the antichrist, but he is under his influence. By the way, Cruz anyone who is against you is not always for Trump, they just hate you for who you are, arrogant. Oh Pence is for you half heartedly. Carly how is the romance going? He lied to Kasich to achieve the vote in Indiana with an alliance. Now he states there is none. Kasich how stupid do you feel now as it sinks in? Carly your decisions failed at HP and that is why you were fired. The spontaneous decision now to be a running mate is your latest life choice. Cruz used you as a running mate and your demeanor shows it. Need help; ask Paul Ryan? He walked your walk back in 12, but in their case they were the nominees. You can always get an annulment from the pope, the false prophet and send the Canadian back home.

   What I need you in the media and the informed to know is that politicians are a façade.   They smile. They have speech writers. They clap their hands to energize. But has the general direction of this nation changed? They represent the interests of the money that backs them as your votes are bought by advertisements, dirty tricks, media bias. Now I ask you, who are they going to listen to, the money that enables the campaign or the votes the money bought?


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