Political Snap Shot

Now What?



Written May 5 11:59pm EST


   All of you paid no attention to my warnings that Trump would crush the competition back in June and you are still in denial. Now what?

   So many have said Trump will never get the nomination over their dead body. So now you are going to commit suicide? I will repeat there are several factors in this election process you have not considered. Hillary has politicians and yes men some with little talent, they are judged by their connections. Trump has smart people who solve problems. The VP opportunities are key, as he will surprise you with a choice to temper his tone. Almost all will consider the job behind closed doors as he is a master negotiator. This is the difference.

   Ryan now a spokesman for the establishment want the status quo as they hide behind the conservative agenda. The problem is Ryan and the Republican Party has no cards to play. If they run a third party, they will take away from Hillary. If they continue to refuse to support Trump they may lose both Houses of Congress and the Supreme Court. If they dictate to Trump behind closed doors they will ignored. Trump is not a Dole or McCain who were dry as it was their turn and W who was just not that smart. Remember most people want change and the words he uses sometimes hurt, but the bottom line he will change Washington, because he has the ego to say no. Hillary as the marshmallow she is will say the right words, but will change nothing. Trumpís theme is America first and this will resonate with the voters. This is the wild card few in the media see.

   You again said he is against Moslems. He is not hostile to those who live in this country only putting a hold on some trying to come in with the many good ones. Do you want what is happening in Europe to come here? Vetting is safety, words stating racist is a fool. To the Latinos Trump has nothing against you as a citizen, but you continue to protect the illegal. They have no rights. An Immigration policy has been put forth here as no one has a plan. Again protection of the border of the nation is our sovereign right and not racist as many portray in the media. America does not want a spineless president who is afraid to speak the truth to the Mexicans so they can get a vote. This is whatís wrong with a politician, as they will say or do what it takes to get elected and then forget about people and their issues who put them there as the pander to all sides. Again nothing changes as they ride the safe middle. For Blacks you have been told little has been done for you by the Democratic Party, because you are a guaranteed vote. Not even one of your own changed things. How many know the issues or do you just pick the Democratic column without thinking? This is reality.

   Comments against women are a disgrace, but step into a menís bathroom or listen to woman discriminate against others who want to join the sorority. He speaks just like many men and women do behind closed doors. What the media spun was he was against all women when he targeted the few, which is not right anyway.

   Now for all those politicians who will come out against Trump. Beware you will have no protection when needed and if he becomes president as no avenue opens for Biden you are toast. For the Bushes, 911 will be your nightmare, as Trump will not bury the truth as did Obama. For Romney we had enough of your boring speeches in 2012. You disdain poor people and the working man so stay home and now we donít have to yawn as you take the stage. So I am saying to all of you self serving who pretend to consider the common man will run like rats from a sinking ship. Hillaryís hope is that the Obama Administration will continue to delay or shut down any criminal prosecution, but as the earth changes escalate she will be labeled a liar by the general public. This is the chance you take again as you roll the dice.

   The patriots of this nation do not want Hillary to ascend to the presidency as she will betray this nation by taking it under the wing of the new world order. The politicians of this nation have loss the control of the nuclear football, which has been returned to the Joint Chief of the US Military, thus sending a message to Putin. This ensures a quick response saving 100s of millions when the button is pushed. Hillary will freeze as would have Jeb as both were told when it happens who do you report to, the new world order or the American people? The excuse, the use of nuclear weapons is our last resort, but they are flying. This is how a first strike will crush the West and a new leader will emerge to govern all by choice.

   Republicans do you really think conservatives will vote for Hillary before Trump? How will she bring back jobs, with another trade deal? How will she lead if she panders to everyone, like West Virginia coal miners? How will she run the military? She is a cheerleader, soft as was W. Remove Trumpís rhetoric and he becomes a formidable opponent. Panic will go through Government agencies as waste will come to halt achieving a smaller government. Contractors with their rigged bids are done. The old boy network is history. This is what the status quo fears.

   The odds have Hillary at 70:30 for now and remember Cruzís words Trump will never be the nominee. How things change.


Update May 7


   You were told here at the beginning of this primary campaign that certain candidates on both sides answer to one. For you in the media it has been floated that Hillary is looking get funding from the same people that backed Jeb. Why is that?

   The elite who are just another tentacle of the new world order have compromised many in your government and media. Some in the media are starting to break, but it is slow process. You been told by those leaving it is your job to report the truth as this will change America. There is only one left in the primary process that answers to the status quo. Now Romney who Ryan could not stand as the former candidate, was another person than the faÁade presented to the American people wants a 3rd party. Who ever is picked if put in place, would have to agree the same status quo. Preserving what has been place for decades. Again here is a man with no vision.

   Trumpís following is firm and will only grow faster than presently perceived. As turmoil increases all will look to a new path. The concept of Hillary is already stale and is being seen an only choice for minorities. Those who will not vote for Trump will choose Hillary as the only option a late third party entry will only strip from her instead of him. The move will be seen as a desperate attempt by the elite to control this country with their puppets thus dooming both.


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