Political Snap Shot

The Meeting



Written May 12 1pm EST


   Today Ryan, Priebus and Trump met. Hype said there are core differences and today some were mended or so it seems. Trump agreed to what he always believed in and only the public was out of the loop due to rhetoric. He of course would protect the Constitution, maintain separation of powers of the Government, and limit government by reduction of waste and redundancy and back pro life. There was no compromise as these were positions he already held. So what was discussed?

   Behind closed doors they were concerned about saving their asses as opposed to what was said to the public by Trump. Republicans are concerned that a policy to protect this nation is being perceived as hate so the key was how to change this. They agreed on the wall, but will offer an immigration plan to temper the Latino vote as current policy has failed for decades. Hillary has no plan. On the Muslim ban, they will change the words from ban to a vetting process with the term dependent upon the need to protect this nation. Hillaryís stance let them all come friend and foe alike. Taxes on the rich again will be based on the needs of the nation instead of the firm response of no increase everybody contributes. With our Allies some are not friends. If you had a friend who always used you to pay the bill at some point you realize this is not a healthy relationship and you drop them as leaches, as they never cared. This is the Truth. As for the Black vote they will write you off as you are for Hillary and many do not even know the issues, this will be countered by registering new Republicans. This is the plan.

   You in the media have many assumptions that do not pan out. If Trump was reckless he could not have built an empire. Do you think he insults his business partners? But he used you with the insults as you could not help yourselves to free media and dominance of the airwaves and many of you still donít understand. He will modify his persona, but still keep an edge as this is what his base likes. Hillary will lose the young and middle class white males to Trump as he has a personality while McCain and Romney are despised. This is what this nation faces, because as world turmoil increases Hillary will fold as a sellout.

   Hillary on UFOs is a joke. She already knows as head the State Department who would control the liaison between advanced alien life forms and the US Government. Gore was briefed on Area 51 and informed Bill. All information is nation security and she knows this. UFO buffs please donít waste your vote. They are here. By the way when Obama said the UFO inquiry was a joke, he lied as do the paid journalists who state the same statements in the media.


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