Political Snap Shot

London Speaks




Written May 13 5pm EST


   The mayor of London, newly elected Muslim is now going to comment on how our nation handles immigrants. Was not your subway bombed? Has not your nation stopped the influx of Muslim immigrants coming in from the tunnel to France? Why do you speak as if all Muslims are hated when it is the few that does harm? Isis will not change with a soft approach for all. This is the reality you refuse to accept until more innocents die under your theory of humanism. Terrorism has killed thousands in the EU over the last decade, many unreported. Vetting here is to put in place to protect the innocent something the UK and EU has failed in. Then you say you have captured the culprits, but those that carried out the bombings are long gone and the patsies you have were pointed to. Sadiq Khan it is great that London elected a Muslim as what you represent is not the problem, deal with home as you have so many problems coming including false flag events directed towards your people. Heed this.

   Again, Transgenders speaks up. No child should be allowed to change gender before 18 as their minds are immature. This is the parents fault. Those that truly look like women dressed and naked are not the problem as they would pass with no controversy. Again the problem is the male predator, which you will give a pass under humanism. This plan comes from another, back it and you side with the dark one. Not one of you can guarantee safety of our children in the bathroom. Until then you will offer a third bathroom for those that some of you care so much about. By the way when you become a male to female transgender you lose the ability to have a sexual climax as your penis is removed. Letís see how long your love without pleasure lasts. It wonít.

   Hillary is prepped against Trump as he will go after Bill for womanizing as old news. Did Hillary enable Bill? Yes and no as she knew and accepted the affairs as so many politician wives do when they rise in government. The guilt trip is that your admittance will damage the office. They all fall for it. With the rejection from Bill that was rampant in the Arkansas governor mansion and when in the White House as there were many others than Monica, she seek out another that shared the same experience as Bill does not care. This information is held by the new world order and on disc using infrared with audio. She answers to them.

   To the Latinos that were born in the United States. Many do not have hate against you or your parents that are illegal. But there is a process in place to immigrate to this nation legally that millions follow and your parents did not. This is the bottom line. Yes we have compassion, but who is going to pay for your parentís mistakes? Are you? You cannot put your family burdens on the backs of the working people of this nation. If it was about the work then take the money and go home. Your parents with your sponsorship will be allowed to immigrate under a process coming out of the shadows. Those who are criminals, those who do not pay back taxes, those that continue to hide and do not register when caught will be deported. This is fair, embrace it.

   To the Blacks again you are caught between a hard place and a rock. You have no leverage with Hillary and she will give you lip service as your vote is guaranteed. Until this change, neither party will cater to your deep needs.


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