Political Snap Shot




Written May 17 4pm EST


   We now have the paper media interfering, talking about others as they considered woman who are not pretty enough to be changed when dealing with Trump, really have we got to this level of pity? Does not the TV news media do the same thing with how they pick their anchors and reporters? Is fat and ugly welcomed in Hollywood unless the role calls for it, don’t lie? All of you talk about each other looks as if this is an abuse of woman when it is directed at individuals. Abuse of woman is when you lie that they are pretty and then bang them as another piece of ass. This is abuse and you want this to return to the White House as interns and those who want favors become sperm disposals unless Big Daddy misses and it falls on their clothing again.

   Everybody still does not get it. Politicians tell you what you want to hear. They side step issues that affect the status quo. They say fear the new comer, yet under their watch financial burdens increase. Jobs continue to go overseas as the corporations pay them no mind. Hillary, Verizon wants to end family leave and send jobs overseas and there is a strike, but you pay it no mind, as you do not care on real issues like the coal miners. What’s your plan for them after they lose their homes with a new job paying 40 cents on the dollar? Reeducate, what a joke for those over 55 and pensions gone. The erosion of the middle class accelerates as Hillary was the Administration 4 years ago and Putin was not scared. If the Russians cross into Poland with no warning and in minutes, then what, soft Hillary? There was no change.

   Again for those floating Warren name around as a VP candidate. Have you heard from   her? Warren would have to be a sell out if she joins Hillary and give up serious financial reform on Wall Street. Hillary is owned and will only support token laws that better the Middle Class on the surface, but underneath the elite’s share of the wealth inches forward. Bernie Sanders supporters beware. You have seen the rigged caucuses and super delegates and other road blocks put in place by the head of the DNC. You will hear the promises, but nothing will be delivered, hold your support and stun the convention.

   To Trump be careful with your meeting with Kissinger as he solidly new world order and answers only to the dark one. Skilled in diplomacy, the right words, and will offer you a path that will seem perfect as all in power like Cameron shall come on board ask why, and then pass on it as it is a trap. Their parties no matter how exclusive they seem are for blackmail as all rooms are wired and some of the girls, are all underage by design.

   Climate change is here as they told you years ago that a 2 degree warming of earth would take us to the brink. This pass April is 2 degrees above average and is trend of many months. What they have not told you is that the earth changes will destroy this planet beyond recognition and the established politicians hope you find out in the last minute, but this will not happen. You were promised hope, but there will be none except for the faithful. They all have lied along with the media and the scientists as all of you are in the know and have prepped. Will the election be delayed as all see the signs in the sky, maybe? This is the dice Hillary is rolling and she is not betting on you.

   Remember what I told you, “What seems right is wrong and what seems wrong will be right” as you are in the End Times.


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