Political Snap Shot




Written May18 6pm EST


   Today we see that 60 percent of voters that are under 30 will side with the Democrats and 25 percent with the Republicans with pictures of Trump and Hillary as props. The truth is these young voters are for Bernie, not Hillary and she assumes they will stick with her. Many will switch to Trump with his insults as he has an alternate plan to a disconnected Hillary no matter how the media pushes for her.

   All of you speak as to why did Hillary unified behind Obama, but it is far from the truth of good old party unity. The DNC told a naive Obama that Bill wanted Hillary to be Secretary of State and she will be her own woman until 2012 as a platform to launch her presidency in 2016. This was a threat and not an option. This is how unification came about outside of the public eye. Bernie will be offered nothing, but praise and then cast aside. He knows this and unification will fail. If Bernie joins Hillary, he abandons his issues and the young voter will run no matter what lie he tells them under the orders of the DNC. His choice is stand by his principles or conform under the guise of party unity. He is doomed either way.

   The Kissinger meeting, who initialized it? Many of the advisors told Trump that it would be good to meet with the party elders. What he did not know this idea was planted by those behind Kissinger. He was herded to have the meeting and to raise no concern Bakerís name was added. Trump pushed back the meeting to gain insight to the afternoon. Was he given a path yes and no, as the info warning him was heeded and Kissinger was smooth enough not to reveal his true intent yet? 

   Apple now is going to hire ten of thousands of East Indian IT developers for their apps, so for much for keeping jobs at home and this is under a Democratic Administration. Corporate is about the bottom line and dismisses the rhetoric of politicians. So who are you going to believe what they say is your lying eyes or their words? This is a fact.

   The nomination is not secured until the pledged delegates not the super are in place as they can change. So for Bernie he will continue to push ahead as the media continues to show the super delegate pledge as Hillary true total to influence the voters.

   Puerto Rico has defaulted on their bond payments as they show citizens about to lose their life savings to promote a bankruptcy to be granted. Yes this is true, but it was an investment with risks as all received a prospectus outlining them. The bailout is secretly being pushed by hedge funds who want the government to minimize their losses under the guise of saving the common citizen.

   Ecuador earthquakes have been portrayed as after shocks when they are the precursor to what is to come. The USGS has been lowering the intensity of the quakes worldwide and omitting many small quakes as to not raise alarms to the change coming. This is the Truth.

   North Korean Leader again is in the news as Trump states he would like to meet with him. All of you say it is a coup to meet with him when in essence Trump would bitch slap him behind closed doors sealing his fate. This is why your conventional statesmen as so weak. To ignore a man that would nuke South Korea or Japan is a fool. Words mean nothing to him as he executed his own family members as they were eaten alive and naked by starving dogs. There needs to be a new approach and Clinton is not that path as she cannot even control her husband.


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