Political Snap Shot

Rattled, NATO, LGBT, Verizon




Written May 27 1pm EST


   We have now heard from Obama that the leaders of the world are “rattled” and ask the question why? The treaties made decades ago were to protect the world at our expense as this nation was rich. This is not the case now as our government is bankrupt. The trade deals put in place by the Clintons, Bushes and now Obama has only increased the trade deficit and they will tell you this is good for America. Jobs lost to overseas, money hidden in off shore accounts by corporations and the powerful, manipulation of currencies while you the public pay interest on it.

   It is only the American forces that are stopping Putin from invading the EU, which will happen anyway. NATO is an agreement that hand cuffs us, where all members are to protect and finance a strategic force to protect all. It is about sharing the burden for all if this is not the case then you are not an ally but a leech preying on the good will of America. This is the point and the politicians just don’t get it. There are no more free rides everybody fights and everybody pays or you are out.

   Addressing the bathroom controversy I ask all of you Christians, if a boy who identifies as a girl has a penis, would you let him shower with your little girl? If a lesbian transgender who likes girls and he gets hard in the shower then what? Obama answer it! Stand on the wrong side and Michele will kick your presidential ass, no disrespect just making a point. Would you allow a butch to shower with the guys who has a vagina and tits? I can hear it now, “Come on in”. This is absurd and you know it. It is time for law makers to differentiate from humanism to what is right. America need a captain to steer the ruder true and straight and ignore the diversions of the few under the guise of humanism. Listen to the many to please all and you circle, have a plan you steer straight for all. When America loses its morals to humanism it loses to the dark side.

   For those who rebuke the criticism of the Latina Governor of New Mexico by Trump. Be careful as white America is pissed. You have been told illegals have no rights only their American children. Stomping and destroying our property and waving the Mexican flag, then go home as all saw this. The governor is there to protect New Mexicans, not the perceived notion illegals have a right. This is what Trump pushed, but again you in the media see humanism and not the truth. This country comes first. If you want to change things then sponsor an illegal and pay their fees otherwise tone down the rhetoric.

   As the earth changes escalate the Obama Administration will impose limits on your bank withdrawals and your 401s will be toast. Few are listening as the rich are already prepped. For the faithful millions will perish around, but stand firm. Food, water, Duluth clothing, freeze drying equipment, medicine, water purification (pool shock), flint sticks, toilet paper, fishing and hunting equipment, gorilla duct tape, 3 mil plastic sheets, blankets, wood and isolate the crazies. Minimum 10 day supply for triple for those you want to protect for they will bring others when death faces them. During the warning do not open the door for anyone for this will be a deception as all outside will have died or be disorientated and never find your home.

  The professional will say invest in gold and silver, but this will not pan out. Gold is inventoried over decades and jewelry and China’s demand is currently dictating the price. Silver’s price is based on industrial demand during the disasters there will be little in demand and this commodities market, will collapse.

   Today Hillary stated the email scandal will not matter in the election and this is true for now. The Obama Administration has made an agreement to allow Hillary to proceed to win the election as there will be endless delays with the FBI to their dissatisfaction. The goal is to stop Trump, but the agreement is to place a VP. Once achieved the Democratic Party plans on pressing charges against Hillary after the election is won with the VP in place ready to lead this nation instead of Trump. Hillary still thinks she will get a pass.

   Trump also has a problem as he will burn the Bushes by revealing the secrets of the Bush-Clinton crime alliance from cocaine to 911. So what is the plan of the elites? There are many moles in the Trump campaign reporting to the new world order. They are there to influence your VP choice. The point is when you step out of line they will destroy you and make you look crazy and then impeach you. This is the plan. If I was you, I would pick Christi as he is incorruptible. Many will be disappointed at first, but it will he be part of a loyal kick ass team when earth changes befall this earth as he has hurricane Sandy experience, trust me.

   I leave Verizon for last. How inept is the leadership? Your managers pushed to the limits and many have quit. I told you innovation like Hum controls the market, not a short term solution to cut expenses as it ends and then what? Congress wants the strike to end as unemployment numbers will spike after next week, you will pay and all will ask why Hillary is not involved. The truth is, she does not care. The email scandal, Trump, and now we have 40 thousand skilled workers out for six weeks to promote corporate profits. Problem is no expansion in the New York and Boston markets as Spectrum now comes online. They will steal disgruntled Verizon employees and managers.  More important the new Charter will get a jump in the New York market, so much for your corporate targets. Stock prices will fall; your stock options are toast, Lloyd. There will be no golden parachute when you fail as you were guided and more important some of your workers and managers on return will hold a grudge due the long settlement. They know how it is to be treated as craft. Work output is shunted. Is this what you want? Innovate with the youth and with this technology you will create a must have at any price like Apple. Labor will be a small factor with a 6 year contract that benefits all. You have been given so many chances to change this and this rope is nearing its end. Do not test this.


Update 5pm EST


   I want to ask just how stupid are some of you in the media? Warren is now pressed into service for Hillary and not one of you questions this. She hates her. Trump’s comment on Pocahontas was not an insult to Native Americans to which some of their blood flows through my veins, but to point out Warren stated she was part Native American, which her genetics can not back up. This is it. Trump needs to change his statement to Pocahontas pretender as that is the Truth. This nation was built on freedom of speech and you are so slipping into tyranny as many statements are seen as offensive to others. This is a dark side agenda and as blind as you are, you don’t see this as the Truth will set you free.


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