Political Snap Shot




Written June 1 11:59pm EST


   Some of you wonder why I support Trump on many issues, and you, Lawrence have your opinion. Obama now campaigns against Trump, yet has not endorsed. His administration has held back the FBI with extreme pressure so that anyone but Bernie may lead the Democratic Party if Hillary faces charges. He talks about agreements in place and this is the Truth to why change failed.  Biden sits quietly. Hillary talks about party unification, but she only came on board in 08 with the position of Secretary of State demanded by Bill to Obama. He caved. You offer Bernie nothing, but lip service and oh some platform delegates who will change little as they are out voted, this is the difference.

   Trump is wrong to point out Mexicans with the judge as it is only the illegals that pose a problem. As far as the veterans fund raiser, I say the money is there, end of story. What America faces is hidden and Hillary along with many others in this government answers to the new world order. This is the true danger. What is so sad is that many laugh at this warning until it is upon you. Your lack of insight will doom millions in this nation and this you will own.

   Realize this, the elite and the media hate Trump and few of you ask why? The last thing Wall Street wants is Trump as they cannot control him. The last thing governments want is Trump as secrets may be revealed. The last thing Obama wants is Hillary to go down before her agreed time. All of you who played a part will suffer, some more than others. Betray this nation and God, and I will personal watch you beg as your soul is thrown into to hell. This you can count on for all, cowards.

   By the way, thank you Perez for warning Verizon and setting motion an agreement in hours, everybody won and Syracuse will get 350 jobs not 175. Make it happen as many of your centers will flood. You have 6 months.


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