Political Snap Shot




Written June 6 11:59pm D-Day


    As the 2016 Campaign continues, events on the surface have not changed. Trump continues to shoot himself as it is his election to lose, unless it is by design. As for Bernie you have been betrayed as Hillary arranged for media to present enough super delegates without revealing whom, the news presented is to the point that she is the nominee. Praise the super delegates secured before Bernie entered the race with favors of appointments and it is these with little talent that will govern your agencies as this is the problem.

   California or other potential victories negated or so it seems. Any victory will taint her campaign. Hindsight if people knew you as they do now Hillary would have lost. This is the Truth. You were told your representatives have a vote. This is a ploy as they have no real power to change the platform. Napolitano states there is not enough evidence to bring charges against Hillary as the FBI investigation has swat. When the convention comes, walk away and then you will be respected and the Democratic Party will change. Again Hillary demanded Secretary of State to back Obama; you have been offered nothing and pushed to the side. Change this, walk away as a true leader takes risks for the people.

   All know Trump is crass. All know the insults run deep, but again they are directed illegals, terrorist Muslims and what he perceives as some ugly women, which is his right, but the media includes all.  All say he cannot manage, but built a billion dollar empire. Why is that? There is a danger if Trump is a new world order mole as Hillary is already bought and paid for. Hillary, remember that blood ceremony in that underground chasm? Exactly who did you pledge your soul to, not America?

   She tells you Trump will bring WW3, but it is already planned. The Ukraine and the South China illegal sea bases is spear tip. She and others in this government have agreed to have certain sites and cities nuked as acceptable. Obama has been pushed out and only the Joint Chiefs stand up for this country as in God they Trust. Out the despair, a great leader will rise and Hillary will state in order to achieve a lasting peace after billions die the world must unify, under the leadership of one. This is the plan if she rises to power. She will sell out this nation. The alternative Trump is still clouded.

   Obama you apologize for all, yet few return the favor like Japan. You have no friends.


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