Political Snap Shot




Written Jun 8 3pm EST


  What really pisses me off is new world order Macron as if satan who lies to your soul is going to give you an upper hand against Trump. Yes Trump wants an isolationist policy as it will work when you beg for food and water shortly as drought will devastate your country. I back him with the full authority of the Almighty, so I will make you an example for your kind. When the Mid Atlantic rift rips, it will create a tidal wave that will roll over England and into the channel. The geography between England and the coasts of France and the Netherlands will focus waves that will sweep up to 50 miles inland destroying everything along the coastal France with a focus at Normandy by design. Do not look to America for support.

   Now, you ask why? Do you not flash the sign of the devil? Donít lie as he will take you as he has taken others recently. The trade imbalance has existed for decades and now that America is essentially broke, there needs to be change. Your nation will lose jobs and this is not politically correct. The trade war is in place due to a financial imbalance. You want nothing to change, but it must. Play the game and you lose as you know what is coming. Demonize Trump you lose as I will unleash a plague upon your nation far greater than your loss of jobs and ego. Please test me as I am sending a message to all except one in the G7. Should Russia be allowed back in the G7 morphing to the G8? Not for the reasons the world states by annexing Crimea. Did not England, France, Spain, Portugal, and the Dutch enslave nations? They did business as usual, but Putin revealed he would start WW3 over Syria. This is a fact and yet to unfold. He and the EU is the enemy as they answer to the antichrist.

   CNN has stated that Trump is fighting against Black people, yet he invites them to his private parties. The greatest threat against Black people is illegal immigration. They lower wages and raise rent due to demand for apartments in the inner city. Schools are over crowded and they donít even speck English in class, public services stretch. The media says accept them, but not in their neighborhoods. This is the lie. They get cheap labor you lose your jobs and pay higher rents.

   So what about Trump claiming that Obama was born abroad? Who does it help is your clue? The Republicans look like the fools they are for enlisting Trump as the CIA knows where Obama was born. For Trump he followed the narrative as a favor to the Republican Party as he never thought he would get a nomination and then win. The point Trump was recruited by the Democrats to discredit the Republicans laying the road for Hillary to win and they promoted this in their myopic view. That did not work so you have Russian collusion. This is you reality, wakeup.

   As the earth changes continue to ramp up scientists have no status of the volcanic eruption on the main island of Hawaii. Niribu is closing its distance on earth and the interaction of the magnetic fields between the 2 planets is causing accelerated activity within the earth core. Thus this is related to the increase in volcanic activity and plate shifting, thus the cause of current increase of earthquakes. What you call global warming has heated oceans from below as the change in air temperature does not keep pace, check it. The flow at Hawaii will continue as a slow increase of oozing while at others areas around the globe will explode, some greater than Krakatoa. This is what you face.

   Suicide is now a concern as 2 high profile people have succumbed in this past week. Neither had mental problems and both were very successful and rich. So where was the problem? Divorce threatening, move on there is always another love. You were told that you have a soul and can choose for fame to sign it away. All of you thought this was fiction and now it is time to pay the piper, satan. Many will fall that are outside of influencing souls, but you have a choice to change. It is suicide or die in what seems an accident as all that is evil shall be removed from this earth as appearance admire in this world is only a faÁade.

   For Charles K, you have been called home. Accept Jesus as your Savior unlike your Jewish ancestors and this earth will seem like a dirty toilet to where you may go. May your last days be filled with love, from those you adore.

   James Wolfe is one of many placed by the former Administration key positions in order to regain control. You act like this is something new. The FBI had no FISA warrant or order from a judge to spy. If there was evidence of collusion to allow this to happen, it would have been presented by Mueller. Nothing presented in almost 2 years is your clue. The deep state planted an insider to leak, just like in the days of Nixon.

   As you proceed into the end times many will think gold is your best asset. The elite have cornered this already, but when volcanoes in certain areas explode gold will blanket the landscape. Thus it will be worthless and abundant.


Update Jun 9 11:30pm EST


 The G-7, which may soon be the G-6, is pushing Trump. Merkel, do you really want to test the resolve of this nation along with Macron? Trump will not buckle to the new world order, so it will be war. Letís see how the EU picks up the pieces. As for Trump being late, yes it was a well deserved slap in your faces as world leaders. America is not on the same page with the media and satan now in control of your new world order will be caste aside. I pity you as leaders of the world, for your failure to turn Trump have consequences. Satan will start eliminating your weak leaders. You know how this goes.


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