Political Snap Shot

A Turn of Events



Written June 9 4pm EST


   Trump welcome to the world where the new world order orchestrates events with its many traps and you fell. They control the media and they want their puppet Hillary manipulate this nation. Who else to deliver a message of peace and hope while the East prepares for war. You ask now what?

   You were correct that a judge with a Mexican descent was picked to irk you as there may be personal bias underneath, but it is his job to uphold justice and the law and you could not see past this. Pick your battles that can be won, as this should have been left to your lawyers. This was a well planned trap by those backing Hillary in the Administration. What it did for you is show the traitors that run at a hint of stress, isolate them. They are spineless supporters that turn like the direction of the wind. If they are against you then they are for Hillary, state this. This is the bottom line as you are the nominee period.

   Now that Racism tag being pushed by all in the media. When you confront Hillary on the stage bring it up. She welcomes all as this is a nation that needs to come together not divide. Ask America, we are proud of Muslims who are part of this nation, but I am here to also protect. Vetting is not racism, but is a means to protect American lives against potential terrorism. To long we have innocent Americans die to radicals, of which you, Hillary can not say the words. Hillary you say it is racists to vet Muslims who are not citizens for our protection, if one dies what you say to the loved ones? You speak of hate here, but as the coward you are you will never walk in an ISIS village preaching peace. We owe them nothing. We need to take care of home first and when all is in order then we help others. You are so quick to spend our money overseas to preserve alliances that we seem to pay the bill for, oh is this why the Clinton Foundation gets so many foreign donations? This is the Truth.

   For the Mexicans who have immigrated here or are descendants of Mexicans as a natural born American, there is no problem. This nation is broke. Welfare and food stamps out of control supporting those who bypassed the system. School and city services overwhelmed and who pays. Hillary as head of the State Department, you did nothing on reforming immigration as the rich wants cheap labor while depressing the wages of other minorities. This is the Truth. Go into a black neighborhood and ask how many have been replaced by Hispanics when illegals work for near nothing. It is economics. Why do you continue to lie to Black people?  Oh thatís right, no matter how the Democrats treat them, they will still vote for you.

   For you in the media remember one thing the elite hates Trump and the status quo leaders of the world fear him ask yourself why?

   Now, I have a warning to Trump. If you cross the Almighty you will be crushed by those who are plotting against you, as for asking forgiveness when the time comes and Jesus shows you your life get on your knees and beg. This will be the best decision of your life.

   A warning for Hillary do not use Godís name for your campaign while in the same breath you support the LGBT community, which is an abomination in His eyes, continue and you will see His wrath. When you align with the dark one your mind confuses the rights humans with the Laws of God.

   To the media, it is you that is making a big deal over the judge; America on the whole does not care. In this nation words mean nothing as it is your actions that count. Hillary talks a great game, but enriches herself. Trump may have said mean words to Rosie and Carly, but he hires and respects women around him. Ask your husbands on what they think of Rosie. Also have you forgotten the meaning of racism? Racism is in the back smoke filled rooms with Congressmen as they laugh about how they are screwing the Blacks and Latinos. Racism is at the elite country clubs hidden from the eyes of America. Racism is redlining an area to live. Racism was when you Republicans paraded with Obamaís head and a noose. Get real and just do your job, report the news.

   There is a veil of deceit that has descended upon this nation and most of you have your heads buried in the sand. All is not what it seems. Bernie, just know little will change, you are being given lip service from Hillary and Obama is muzzled and your young voters will never adhere to a Hillary endorsement. They will see you as caving in to the establishment you have taught them to fight against. Unity may not be worth it. Also if America knew you as they now do, you would have crushed Hillary in a do over. That insight is a gift from the Almighty.


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