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`Written Jun 13 11:59pm EST


   For the media do you truly understand what was going at the G-7? The picture with Merkel showed her almost begging Trump to join the new world order, yet in your minds she was lecturing him. Trump with his arms crossed was telling her go fÖ yourself knowing her intent is to join the Russians when they invade the EU shortly. Macron trashed Trump over tariffs as the bromance is over. All of have to realize the G-6 (as the Trump is not part of their agenda as of now) has over a half of trillion dollars in trade deficits and they stick us with their NATO bills and you call this in the best interests of America. Why the so called experts stating otherwise? This is our deficit that you, corrupt politicians stick on our citizens and your excuse is, stand by our allies? Allies donít fÖ each other over trade.

   Need I remind you that Germany, Japan and Italy were our enemies eliminating millions of Jews, Godís children and the Russians was an ally? Need I remind you the Germans killed 6 million Jews but their puppet dictator controlled by your banking system and you site north Korea? What about Russia reentering, yes they invaded as did most of the G-6, Japan do you remember how many Korean women your soldiers raped in WW2? Germany created genocide and Italy followed them and these are your allies. Not one of the G-6 could protect America from a joint Russian-Chinese invasion of our West Coast. So I ask, why do we need NATO when the EU has pledged their allegiance to the anti-christ as warned in Revelation.  What the world saw is that Trump will not follow the elite and new world order and the G-6 turned against him in unison. Trump responded you are on your own, so be it. Our founding fathers said treaties would destroy this country, my how your world is changing.

   Again as many countries are now compromised by the new world order, they are so bold to flash the hand sign of the horns. Trump wants all manufacturing to be based here as not to be influenced by another power or an even playing field. Canada wants to preserve its trade imbalance in order to preserve jobs established by deals by our politicians paid in full that did not have our interests. Now Trump is reversing this and the media site protocol. There are fools. No nation survives bleeding hundreds of billions dollars a year only the have foreigners invest in your real estate. You will not be able to pay rent or priced out of home ownership now a reality in some of your cities. Displacement of jobs is now the norm as they hire their own now going on in places like Queens NY.

   All of your elite politicians know we are going into the earth changes and the new world order wants Trump to fail in North Korea as they will add manpower to China. All talk of peace, but all are preparing for war. For Kim, the talk of peace is a stalling tactic. For Trump peace was offered so if they revert, they will be destroyed as they signed an agreement. This is the plan. Trump is not Bush, Clinton or Obama. This is the problem now facing the new world order and the media.

   The media and new world order was depending upon Kim to start a war, now this will be reevaluated and those that failed to push this plan will be eliminated. At this point, Trump needs to be cautious as you were told peace would be placed in the media around the world as all prepare for war. Yes play the game if it yields fruit the world gains, deception then destroy them.

   Kim sees the attraction of the Western world and how it transformed Singapore. Secretly it is the British banks that allowed this transformation. Since when does an Asian country become a financial center controlled by the Jews?

   Will Kim lead his nation against communism as the Poland did? The seed was planted and Kim is now protected against the assassination of the Russians and Chinese by the Almighty. The point is not about North Korea but the liberation of China, but this will fail as predicted in the Bible.

   CNN speaks about Kim not giving details on a signed agreement for denuclearization, but analyze our past agreements. Really the Obama administration gave Iran billions, but Trump realized the project moved from Iran to Syria thus the secret war, but the American public was not informed. This is why the deal went south as it was a farce. The EU provided the centrifuges. This is your world.

   Ohio voting laws was upheld by the Supreme Court. Purging those who do not vote or confirm your registration is legal as it prevents fraud. The question to ask Democrats, if they do not vote, then why are you protecting them is the question to ask?

   On the local level we see discrimination against smart Asian children in New York City. Removing entrance examines for elite NY schools by its Democratic mayor will do nothing, but replace the gifted by those that should not be there. If you want increase the minorities in these schools, then educate them and change the mindset of their parents. This is the problem. In no way are you going to dumb down the elite schools in the name of diversity. The school is diverse as it is not all white. We push our best no matter the color or the race, anything otherwise compromises who we present to the world as our best.

   High tides are now inundating costal shores in particular areas. As the earth changes proceed the eastern coast of the United States is losing support and sinking due to stretching of the ocean basin. Your scientists will state warmer oceans, but it is not uniform around the world. This is your clue to lie. Has the increase of temperature of the air increased at rate that ocean temperatures are rising validate the sea level rise in a short period? No! There will be an event for the world to see as a tidal wave will take out a major city and then sink under the waves. All experts will have no answer.

  What was leaked to the media through rogue web sites is that the Clinton Administration provided nuclear weapons grade plutonium to NK. This is false. All nuclear material was delivered by the Chinese, thus the stranglehold, but the source was the Russians. All allowed to happen to provide a destabilization leading to WW3 incase the Syria and Iran dispute fails. This is the current plan.

   For all who say the Trump-Kim meeting was wrong or misplaced, would you rather see Seoul nuked? Neutrinos detect nuclear weapons and weapons grade uranium and plutonium and its source.

   We have heard From Climate change backers to have fewer babies, thus reducing the carbon imprint. This is a liberal policy, as the fools they are. What groups have the most babies? The comment if made by a conservative would be seen as racist. This is your double standard.

   Overdue to end is Stormy as her lawyer is only interested in reducing his debt. With no proof the payoff (extortion) was from campaign finance resources, the case is mute. This will fade or the Almighty will remove both of them if this persists. Heed this.



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