Political Snap Shot




Written Jun 15 2:30am EST


   Another attack on America has occurred; again it is not what it seems as you were told violence would rise beyond your imagination as it just gets started. Obama visibly angry yesterday lashes out against the words of Trump and the public none the wiser. Many times those who change the world are seen as insane or arrogant as only they can break away from the mold that depresses this world over and over again in history. So letís comment on the sound bit ďradicalĒ.

   You are correct words mean nothing, as it is your actions that count. I said that last week Hillary. Obama, you are so smart, but are so blind, as you walk that fine line to please Democrats and your frienemy Hillary. She will allow the depopulation of this world to be invoked and then from the ashes align this nation with the one that is presented as the hope of the world. She is a traitor to this nation as she pledged to another. Let me remind you that protection from the Almighty against evil is dependent upon, which way you influence the souls on earth. Be careful.

   The Muslim elite hate the West, as it is this influence that taints their women. It is capitalism controlled by the elites that puts money before God as they orchestrate the final monetary collapse plunging this world into chaos. It is this country that is trying to change their nations by nation building where most of the money is stolen and the need to change into a democracy, but defaults to corrupt as the top put in place look for bribes to promote Western policy. This is why they fight. There is nothing you can do to change this and their recruitment will continue to grow as the elite of the West so greedy will do what ever it takes to strip the Middle East of its oil resources and then create turmoil with Israel, so they spend their money given on weapons. This is the Truth.

   So in your wisdom or lack of it, you think not to separate the radicals from all. Americans see terror and blame all, but this is not America. It is different as the population does not agree with the media and your speeches. They see it as lies no matter those that protest in front of the cameras. Again how can you stand up for those, even though the few that attacks this nation yet do not solve the problems at home? You state we are an inclusive nation as this is America and it is true. The Truth is some Mexicans are illegal and drain this nation of resources while those who are legal feel the wrath directly as you state all. Trillions of dollars lost over decades, but you do not address this.

   I told you that the LGBT community is loved by God and all have the rights of free choice. The Almighty does not give the right to any man to take the life of another, His creation even for religion. That said letís look deeper.

   You have been told any relationship outside of a man and woman is an abomination in Godís eyes and this influence comes from the dark side. Know the difference from lust love and true love as love between the same does not come from God. No matter how you try to spin it. It is humanism as you see it as your right to love the same. You demand marriage which is a Sacrament of God to validate your union, why? The sad part is that many will be herded to validate homosexuality due to the Orlando tragedy. God destroyed a city over this and you want to test Him again?

   Questions over lust love as you want an example, so be it. When a married man or woman has an affair outside of outside of their marriage or an adult with a child this is lust love. It may seem right between the consenting partners, but it is Adultery or statutory rape. Because the LGBT community has come out of the closet does not mean this Christian nation condones your actions. It is the media, your parades and protests that demands we accept your preferences as a human right when it is against the Laws of God. This is the Truth. When the destruction comes just know you brought this upon yourselves and do not blame God. Children who think they have the wisdom of the universe to look pass the Bible which is a guide to our new home.

   America does not want their little girls to share a bathroom or locker room with a biological male, period. America does not want their children to witness a public display of affection between two men. America as a Christian nation, do not want a gay couple to raise adopted children. Not because they will not provide love and care as they will, but children mimic that which their parents project. The Almighty states fear Me, for those who corrupts My innocent will burn in Hell. It is here that this world is so easily manipulated. This world is being harvested of souls and the dark one with time limited will use another to take the physical lives of others to capture their souls, but you will not believe this until millions die. This is coming shortly with a great war.

   Ask yourselves why the gunman on the terrorist watch list was allowed to pass the requirements to get an assault weapon. So the FBI does not have a cross check system in place? The NSA tracks all IP addresses that link to terrorist sites. So they know who is getting radicalized in this nation based on hits and communications. No one in the process of killing people calls 911 to brag about Isis when your goal is to take out all. The wife did not see this coming, if so she would have never driven him to the site. It is these inconsistencies that Trump is talking about, but the media spins it another way. Obama you are being played.

   Orlando was a tragedy, in that this nation only cares when many die. You look past the many who die one at a time. So quick to say letís support the LGBT community by frequenting gay night clubs, really. How many of you will frequent the hood as many blacks have been killed in the tens of thousands in just a decade? You can not lead this nation when you consider the whims of all, your typical politician. Humanism is pushed to divide where the few dictate to the many, yet you preach unity.  This is the problem with this nation so eager to please when you are being herded. I will tell you this, continue this path and the wrath of God will destroy this world. Hate Him to justify what you do rather than change in your defiance, and then you will know how it is to wish to die. This is a promise as after the warning when billions in the third world will die first, all of you will know the Truth. It is coming soon as there are 32 months that are left before the Second Coming and again Obama the CIA knows I am telling the Truth. Do not let many sightings of the 12th Planet in September embarrass you as a liar to this nation. For I will make it happen. By the way why do you keep saying he will ban all Muslim immigrants only when it is ban all Muslim immigrants until they are vetted. This is not France where many say they were unwise to let in the unknown.


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