Political Snap Shot




Written Jun 19 11:59pm EST


   As we progress through this election process few Americans has a clue about what is to befall this nation and you in the media are not helping. I have told you over and over again all is not what it seems. The War on terror will intensify as the Administration is covering both sides like good cop bad cop. Obama tells you war is pushing back terror yet events and your eyes show you another. The CIA tells you it will intensify, but falls short of telling you the truth.

   The West is in a fight they can not win as all out war is unthinkable as in the days of WW2. The Muslims do not want any part of our civilization as they see it as corrupt. Nation building is about enriching corporations and the puppets put in place as the system divides left out of the power vacuum. The elders do not want westernization of their people especially their women who are covered head to toe. This is the bottom line, and you do not see this as we only are there to steal the oil. Otherwise the power elite could not give a s..t about the Middle East. Remember in the House of Lords in Britain they referred to you sheiks and still do as sand ni..ers even with your money. This is the Truth.

   Next letís address the gun lobby of this great nation. It would be in the best interest of the NRA to push the ban the sale of any gun to criminals, insane individuals, those on the no fly list and or question those who were or on the terror watch. The 2nd amendment is in place to protect the rights of citizens from a government that does not promote the interest of all. But common sense states donít let this right enable those who are trying to kill us. This is a win-win for the gun lobby.

  There will be no ban on assault weapons for any reasons as this is the right of our citizens to protect themselves as this government is planning on declaring martial law shortly when the earth changes crushes this nation. Donít lie Obama and Hillary. Opportunists will attack the vulnerable and you know this. Few are killed now with law enforcement in place, but if the system breaks down and it will as you leaders cower and head for your bunkers in tears, then what? Gun shows need a pre clearance for all dealers, collectors and traders with a license shown, checks used only on the walk ins. Protect lives and profits at the sametime. This is the right move.

   The Chris Murphy filibuster was a ploy, as all in Congress had the chance to change the Gun lobby after the children were killed in Connecticut, but as the cowards they are nothing occurred. Republicans will continue allow those on the terrorist watch list to get weapons as all were silent last week, yet it is their job to protect you. Are they? It is here that Trump or Hillary needs to step up and change the Gun Laws where terrorists are stopped from legal markets and citizens can still protect themselves. Make no mistake there will always be a black market where any weapon can be bought for any reason. This is reality, which you can not stop, money.

   As for Trump accusing Obama as siding with Isis, fire the group that suggested that, as they are idiots. One thing I can tell about Obama with all of his mistakes, all, he is no traitor to this nation, but I will not say that about Hillary. Some are wondering why Trump stop calling donors? The truth is many asked to continue the status quo so he stopped.

  All of you are hypocrites as you state Trump is unfit, but the cheerleader from Yale allowed the World Trade Center to be destroyed any enter a war. Trump wants to ban immigration until vetted, but the baby Bush act of war led to killing a million Muslims in a false flag war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The plans of the elite are in place in Europe as they have allowed migrants to change countries and some want it here under the guise of helping those displaced. Controlled assimilation is the key, as a quick change (illegal immigration or migration) divides.

   Trump is seen as a racist, but the Clintons are allegedly behind profiting from the CIA-Panama cocaine connection in the nineties that destroyed Detroit and many Black neighborhoods with crack. Check it. I guess Black Lives did not matter. Real racists are those who hide among you and steer a people in the wrong direction again under the guise of false hope and legislation that changes nothing by design.

  You see Obama as inept in an economic recovery when the housing mortgage bubble was an engineered financial plan to take 40% of your wealth as stocks, bonds, and jobs were lost by design. For once you in the media look behind the cause instead of berating those who inherited the mess as this will happen again.

   This election is about putting in the White House someone who continues the plans of the elite. You have been warned that they will talk peace, but war will come. You were told that darkness would infiltrate the highest levels of the church. It has. You were told that the leaders of this world would turn on itís on their own people to support one, but few would listen. After this world is awaken during the Warning or what is left of you, not one of you will look at your leaders the same. Look around people, you are nothing more than financial slaves and you think you are free. Anyone who tries to change this message is destroyed by a media who answers to one on the whole. What is being said here is nothing new, it is in the Bible. This is your message.


Update June 20


   Now that the Democrats failed in their inept attempt to change the Gun Lobby, you should ask where was the coward Hillary, Obamaís frienemy as she gave little support to today's vote or offered a solution to home grown terrorism as their is none. Biden you should have run. The Republicans chose to defeat all votes as the original plan was amended by the Democrats. It is here a wise man would negotiate with the NRA and come to an agreement where all in this nation can live with and then announce it forcing a vote that cannot lose. This would crush the Democrats and the turn coat Republicans as a solution is made shifting momentum before the conventions. This is how you lead.

   Terrorist attacks will escalate here as to the point where they seem to have insiders helping and they do. The forces of dark are winning for now, but will receive a deadly setback. With your gains you will know the meaning of loses. There is always a balance of light versus dark though shifted towards the dark as this is their time and is occurring now without the politicianís knowledge. By the way, polls are used sway the vote as opposed to revealing the vote ahead of time. Use the reference of Bernie as a template. As it plays out all will be in shock.

   You have been told as this earth is being cleansed and those not in a state of grace may not be protected. This happened in Orlando with a mixture of some innocents. The dark side promoted the idea of homosexuality is a right of man and then sent another depraved individual under the control of the dark one to eliminate the weak. This is what you face as crazy as it sounds. When you cry out to God for help and you will, do not slap Him in the face by justifying your sins, as you are influenced by another. Choose, for your soul, which is your essence of life force, not your physical body that dies is at stake.


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