Political Snap Shot

The VP Pick



Written Jun 22 12:45am EST


   Many of you are so entranced with Hillary’s potential VP pick. She or the media states it is down to three. She mentions names to play the population, but has no need to pick them. The final choice was made months ago. Corey you are out, because the black vote is locked and you have nothing to offer for now, but she may throw a bone with a cabinet pick. Castro you also will not be picked, but your name was floated to build Latino support when she just used your name for politics and the sad part is you know this. Warren will not be picked as both hate each other and if Hillary was removed Wall Street and the Illuminati would be uneasy. Warren as of now will never support the dark side as Hillary does and it is this that is a problem as the establishment cannot mold her like Bernie. The offer is just that, an offer that on the surface as few see past the Truth. Hillary will either pick the senator from Ohio or Virginia to deliver swing votes and the state. This is the bottom line.

   All of you are so caught up in the media all controlled. Just ask why is there no money flowing to Trump and Hillary has millions? Why would the Republican Party self destruct and hand Hillary the presidency and control of Congress? She states Trump used the bankruptcy laws, legal to avoid debt, all businessmen do. Wall Street orchestrated a mortgage fraud and stole trillions from the American public by design and Hillary and Obama not only did not recover a dime, but they all walked. And you call Trump a criminal, you are fools. I have told you, I will increase the pressure on the dark side so I have requested the Almighty to leak excerpts through His agents on earth of the Hillary’s Wall Street speeches and other surprises in a timely fashion. Let’s see how you squirm.


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