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Brexit and Climate Change Update





Written Jun 23 11:45pm EST


   Brexit vote will ignore the will of the people as voting fraud may switch the vote to stay in the EU just like what happen in Scotland and the UK vote. We will see in a couple of hours as the new world order does not need an independent Britain even with their puppet Cameron and most of the House of Lords in place. It is in London that the fraud with double counting will take place, but this is in the hands of man as we are stepping back. Staying in the EU with solidify control of the European continent as all will fall like dominoes when the Russians invade after or late 2017 as all of you see the build up in eastern Europe. It is here Germany twice seduced by the dark side will betray the EU. This is the goal of the Illuminati and was agreed by all parties at the last Bilderberg meeting. The Clintons, the Bushes, the Blairs and the Camerons have all signed off to name a few. W now has endorsed Hillary and you wonder why?

   We will again look at Climate change as all parties are lying. The Republicans state it does not exist and this is true as they know the true cause. The Democrats pretend it is an increase of the carbon footprint that is changing the weather, again this is not true. The media and scientists are required to dumb down the number and intensity of earthquakes and drop strange events to prevent public panic. What is so sad it is these people you hope to lead you out of despair. They are cowards.

   I have told you wars and murder will increase to point it is common. Billions will die in the end as you ignore the true source of pain evil and its influence on your subconscious. This is the Truth. As your sins increase, abortion, indifference, homosexuality, greed, lust and a disregard for human life the plagues will crush this earth. The tipping point is about 7 months away.

   All of you so caught up in your politics and world affairs think you have control. Nothing can prepare you for what you will now face and it is on you and your arrogance. As for the media, you will be brought to tears as you influenced the population as if you know God, but you will. I was late on predictions as the Almighty granted you more time as it is not about me, but the salvation of your sorry souls. Come March 2017 few in the know will doubt my words.


Update Brexit 12:30am EST


   I told you there would be surprises and it has happened. Britainís people feel the unease of the EU, the threat of the migrants and more important NATO is a leech on Britain and the US. The entire EU was just abandoned, now what for your allegiance to the new world order France? More important a message was just sent to the Clintons and the Bushes. If you lose you are toast like Cameron.

   The elite was so sure on the vote locked up by fraud that the markets once stable are in free fall as the cowards scramble to save the precious money, which will be worthless shortly. The new world order is not about to let their grip on this world slip, so they will punish all by a temporary collapse in the world markets, thus moving a nice percentage of wealth by pre arranged short sales to the few as their minions were told hold. Such are the fools. The lesson here is that you can control the politicians, you can control the media, you can control false flag events, but it is God that controls the minds of humanity and sometimes the true vote is allowed to rise above deceit. Hillary now fears this.


Update  1:30am EST


  As someone who use to work on Wall Street the key to surviving in this market down turn, which was arranged, is to not allowing the shorts to cover there positions. The point, sweat them out at the open and let the their offers go unfilled no matter what. They controlled future prices by a hypothetical market of demand to induce a predictable response of panic by design. They are like polls, designed to herd the market.  The Dow and S&P will rise in panic as they see their potential gains evaporate in an unpredictable momentum shift. Panic is for the weak.


Update Jun 25 1:15am EST


   First letís address the tactics of how the new world order separated you from the funds in your 401 Kís worldwide with a 2 trillion dollar transfer of wealth, but the media paints the stock mark meltdown as just a temporary loss.

   The plan started with the media and so called experts pounding the British people with the status quo as the best future for the UK was to stay in the EU. The elite is not concerned with the affairs of the common man, but wants stability and the financial slavery to continue as few dare, to question those in power. This was the plan.

   The media pounded the British public with a theme similar to Hillary stronger together as long as the elite still pull the strings and nothing changes. Voting results show London and its suburbs leaned with a twenty point differential to stay in the EU, but this was countered by a rural vote well above 70 percent to leave. The polls did not reflect this by design. The new world order expected their pawns to deliver, but the will of the people with all that is corrupt prevailed in this case. The voting fraud was able to hide the results until 10pm EST, but the numbers to close the gap presented an element of exposure so it was abandoned. The world was in shock.

   The key was the financial markets had risen in expectation of Britain staying with the EU so the savvy went short on the market knowing there would, but a small sell off of the news of staying, but more important they were in position if the unthinkable happens. This is how they work. Moles embedded within those counting leaked the vote before it was public so the elite could establish naked short positions only when it became apparent those out of the loop panicked with sell orders plunging the DOW futures markets. This set up a buy opportunity on the open to cover the shorts while the dumb public continued to sell. You the public are none the wiser as your leaders just allowed you to be raped. This is what you face.

   You were told the world would polarize as stronger together applies to the few at the top. There is no equality just a vision in a politicianís mind. This is the Truth. Hillary is a criminal, just like the Bushes who orchestrated the deaths of over a million Muslims. This is the Truth. There will be change until ever last dark one is removed from the earth. This is a promise.


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