Political Snap Shot

The New World Order:

As They Tighten the Noose




Written Jun 27 11:59pm EST


   With the Brexit vote in Britain, the new world order will make an example of English people as they have crushed the pound and world stocks as their tentacles are deeply embedded in your society. The Illuminati and the Bilderberg group do not take humiliation lightly among themselves as the world is clueless. The world was shown a coordinated short selling with the inside knowledge of the results of voting and of course they pillaged your 401 K hold strategy and transferred 2 trillion into their coffers. The financial ruin was a warning to all of who decides to stand up for your nation. They are hoping you will conform to financial pressure, which you know is controlled by them. If you do not heed this warning, well? This is what you face.

   All world leaders pushed the EU. All the polls showed the public wanted to stay. All of the media painted a picture of doom if they leave. Now they cast doubt on the air waves with staged interviews of regret. Yes they control the markets, but this can only go on so long. If you change your minds and there is no control of your borders. There are no plans for real jobs. There is no plan to stop Russia except their secret plan to create an EU Army had you approved. They state peace and as Kerry (American Secretary of State) stated today, but beware of a borderless world as this is the goal of the new world order.

   Many wonder why I am against Hillary, when years ago before she flipped to the dark side, she would have made a great president. This is not the case today. She was part of the Administration and is stating she is going to put America to work again. I am sorry, but werenít you part of the Administration for 4 years and you changed nothing when in power. This nation needs to know, not only did you sell your soul to enrich yourself and Bill, but your daughter is shielded from your dirt. I will do everything to expose your agreement with the new world order.

   Warren exactly what are you doing, talk to Bernie? There is party loyalty and just being insane. Just know; you will be held responsible for your decisions that affect millions. The Almighty did not give you a gift to fight Wall Street and now join them through association with Hillary. She lies and you know this. Just know America, when war comes to Europe and selected cities are hit here, she will talk peace and propose aligning with one world government, if she wins. This is why I call her a traitor and the Joint Chiefs know this. The sad part is that Obama and Warren know this too.

   Trump may say the wrong worlds, but he is no traitor. Do you Hillary have a solution to protect this nation from insurgents? No your former Administration canít even track or stop the home grown type. What do say to the family who loses a loved one to an illegal, you donít? You appear on television to address the nation and state we offer our prayers; just who does? You ignore the homeless man, the starving kids while their parents trade food stamps for drugs. Those innocents shot while just walking in the inner city, but kill 30 or 50 and this nation demands change. When you look in the mirror just say, I do not care and then you will be telling the Truth most of you politicians. The problem is the people still believe words that may change the future of this nation as few follows through with action. Health care is smoke and mirrors, as a family plan in most major companies cost 20 thousand dollars and you state 400 a month pays the bill? It is as lie.

   Hillary as head of your State Department left men behind. This is why she is hated by the Joint Chiefs. Those attacking the Libyan Embassy were paid by the Israelis to push the US into another Middle East war with a false flag event as they knew the ambassador was there and location of the safe house leaked by Hillaryís deputies who resigned. The ambassador and the Seals were expendable and the attack blamed on locals, which was a lie. They had satellite and drone coverage and analyzed the attack in real time, these were not locals and the order to stand down to military came from her office. And you want this coward to lead this nation, America. Did she operate in the interest of the United States or a dark partnership that went south?  Obama was muzzled, but now you should speak up no matter the risks.

   Do any of you politicians who say they protect America have a conscience? No, if you did you would tell them the Truth. Tell them, 90 % of you are going to die. Tell them why? But you wonít. This is why you are not fit to lead this world as cowards.

   The polls in this country are slanted early as no one can be held accountable in order to herd the population. The trick is that as the manipulation in theory, approaches the real sentiment of the voting public, the polls in October will seem to reflect this. But as in England, the earth changes will introduce uncertainty coupled with leaks. What you do not see is that Trump is telling the Truth in that Hillary will appoint those loyal to her in important positions, but will not have the skills. This is the problem with politics. Trump will bring the best, but he needs to hire Ivanka to polish a diamond, otherwise you will just be another dull gem.

   The weather has now caught your attention as 1000 and 500 years events are now every week. The new lightning storms starting in late August will bring true fear into the homes of Americans and this will not be explained away. For you politicians there will be no help. There will be no let up and millions will die first world wide, then here as you have done little to prepare this nation. It is great to offer prayers, but action is also needed. The media is becoming brave, but controlled leaks while preserving your job is preferred for now.

   I have told you the pope is the false prophet and now he wants to apologize to the gays. As a representative of the Almighty, you do not apologize for sin, just love the sinner. This is another clue. He is not who you think he is.


Update June 28 11:45am


   The Benghazi report came out today and they tell the American people to come to their own conclusion. Now I know the Republican elite hate their candidate, but to release a report where Hillary is mentioned only 3 three times as this was the goal of the investigation that has now changed. They are lying. They state the plane was not ready, but we have a rapid deployment force on 24 hour standby. The Ambassador was prepping for a Hillary visit in a month, do you take us for fools. Really like a coward would go into real combat zone, but she will make it up. The state department could not decide on uniforms because of diplomatic sensitivity and you want her to lead this country when lives were under attack. Is this a joke? There is collusion between the Republican elite and the Clinton campaign and if you in the media canít see this, you are in denial. You in the media are guide to the hearts and minds of the American people who are basically blind. Just know; it is about delaying the conquest of this world and preventing America from falling, if not, minorities and poor whites will face a fate worse than the Jews that died in Germany. This is why the new world order should never come to power in this nation paved by traitors.


 Update June 29 1:30 am EST


   Terrorism has increased again and the elite acted surprised, so soon. Remember Hillary, one arm of the new world order funds Isis and you know this. Again you lie as you state the American people offer their hearts and prayers to the people of Turkey. Really, most when they hear of Turkey think of thanksgiving, and even fewer know where it is. We donít care like you, but you lie as if you do. This is the difference. They buy Iraqi black market oil that funds Isis and you consider them your friends. When Hillary presents Warren, ask why not Bernie? It is about control and the perception of change, that will only offer a token change from Warren if picked. She will be used and Bernie cannot be, this is the difference. This is diplomacy and the world of politics.

   The new world order has just 32 months to crush this world and they will until Jesus comes. This is the Truth. Hillary did you get the memo, that they will not slow down to ensure your presidential victory. Terror attack after another shall occur, just how will you handle Trump? You wonít.

   Remember Trump was part of the elite and knows how they think and will react. This is what the elite fears. But as I said, he needs to bring in Ivanka to curb or prevent statements that you Trump that you will say that is like shooting yourself in the foot. Trust me, I have been there.

   To the media, some of you understand what is meant by fight fire with fire others play like they donít, Lawrence. It is an equal or more deadly response to events they planned against this nation. Hillary talks the talk and attacks are on the increase and you place your hope on this solution. Welcome all with no vetting and soon thousands will die, is this, what you want?

   Many speak of NAFTA, but few understand why it was put in place. Cheap labor promised by politicians was now being monitored in this country and the free ride was over. The solution was a trade agreement that allowed US Corporations to exploit cheap labor in Mexico without bringing them here. This is the Truth. BillĎs Administration passed this with Hillary on board. Now they want to expand to the Pacific with a new agreement. Obama how could you.

   Finally, I told you the internet is monitored as all threats are assessed. It is the attacks that would further the agenda that is allowed to happen like San Bernardino and World Trade Center. A small woman not identified by witnesses and 7 World Trade that implodes when not hit by debris on the north side of the building as the plane was flying south on impact. Again most of the Jews based on the upper floors of the World Trade Center financial institutional firms called in for absence that day. This is your world of deceit.


Update June 30 10:30 am EST

   Hillary, you have made a decision, but let me warn you that if you fail in November you are toast like Cameron. What they did not tell you, is the key to world domination is to undermine the current leadership. They promised you a win against Trump just like they promised Cameron, who the Queen put in by fraud, and the House of Lords promised a win to stay in the EU. We all know how that went. They sold their souls and the dark one lied. This is what you face. You have no clue to the power of what faces you as Obama, but you know the power that protects me. You will not win this in the end and if there is one spark of good left in your dark soul, now is the time to change as this may be your last chance before being consumed.

   Hillary you have made mistakes. Bill your husband. Listening to him, thus now you are aligning with the new world order. More important, you have a weakness for the soft touch of love that the world would view as forbidden. The dark side promises and once you agree they remove all and your soul falls. This is the plan. The world saw Bill approach the Attorney General knowing the risk. He burnt Obama again as fear consumed him as this is the last straw. So what was said on the plane?

   The Obama Administration along with the Department of Justice have already agreed that the email scandal is to be crushed rather than allow Trump to be president for the good of the country and the Republican elite have signed off as seen with the Benghazi report. Bill wants a delay until after the election vindicating his wife. As there will always be those saying the fix is in, thus heading her poll numbers south. This was the plan. Also too make sure all are on the same page as Bill does not trust Obamaís word so he went around him.

   Bill does not care what you think and now you know. Now you will play the game to the distain of your wife, but a game changer would walk away, knowing what you know. Millions of souls will be lost if agents of the new world order guide this nation. You were given the power to change, but squandered it, now how do you face the Master, your God? With your gift, you will be held accountable for all lost under your watch. No excuses as you knew both Democrats and Republicans would block almost all you hoped to achieve. You know this as the Truth. You have months and you cannot stand between two chairs, choose or He will for you. Billions will die worldwide and all will look to you. Wow and you think you have gray hairs now.


Update June 30 11:30 pm EST


    You have asked for clarification on the Lynch-Bill meeting and so you will have it. This was a calculated move to where Lynch could not say no to the former president when approached (intimidation) as his intent was masked, at first meeting. Once inside as he was told to leave, this then became a tactical move where time (30 minutes) was the only factor and a sanitized explanation was released to the media as to what was said. Bill proved he would take down the Attorney General as if the e mail case would be compromised. It was to create the appearance and let the media run with hoping to replace her (added time).

   Many are saying Hillary is going to be indicted. There is an off world site that is compromised that states the same thing. This is a lie. Bill does not want the investigation to divert from his wifeís plans with clearance. Know this; Obama and Biden would not campaign for Hillary as the fix is in. The leaks are released only to delay those who seek prosecution that will never come. If Lynch talks, Bill will say they discussed the case and the prosecution will need to seek another. This is the plan, to delay. Shifting, Debbie Shultz being sued for fixing the primaries is just the tip.

   You in the media have seen Bill throw Lynch and Obama under the bus and you think his wife will not betray the common man in this nation? You are fools. I have said it many times; all is not what it seems. Obama you have been betrayed, just when, are you going to stand up for this nation, and give up on the political bull sh.t. Few are prepared for what is to come. You have been used; you should have listened to your wife.

  Shifting to Trump VP choices I ask you can you trust Newt? Words of Condi is a waste as she is Wís girl, ask his wife.

   Obama and Hillary state Trumpís words on immigration are not what America is about. I will ask you, what would your wife say to you if you take in another when you cannot pay your bills? America is in debt and we have problems here. Get your house in order before you invite others. This is wisdom, not the words to inspire votes that continue a downward spiral. I ask again, who is going to pay the bill? The answer is higher taxes or you.

   Over this Fourth of July remember what made this nation great. It is where the majority moved the nation, not the few fringe groups under caring for all. You need to respect the rights of others to exist, but you do not change your core principals to please the few. Reflect on this over the day that freed America from Britain, but they still control your financial systems. You in America are financial slaves and few realize it. This is the Truth.


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