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Written Jul 10 11:59pm EST


   As we continue the immigration debate, letís get a few things straight with a deceptive media. Many in support of the border crisis continue to say immigrants when referring to those who cross into our country. Immigrants are those who applied for citizenship, have paid their fees and entered legally through one of many ports of entry. Those who are crossing our Southern Border, for the most part are illegal. They are skirting the system. This is the truth.

   You spout they are seeking asylum, but asylum is granted for religious persecution or race to start. They are not persecuting Catholics and definitely not Muslims in Central America as all belong to the same race various Indigenous peoples. It is not about political parties as few votes really count in a corrupt election and social groups, really, all are predominantly poor.  Social groups such as gangs do not count, if so, millions could seek asylum in other countries. Millions die in the Sudan do you really care?

   You cannot seek asylum in the United States due to violence or lack of money, but some have 6 thousand dollars to pay smugglers to reach the border, or worse being taken by a mole for sex trafficking, or worse satan sacrifices of children, ask Hillary. Yes, so many say we need to save the world, but moderation was put in place to reduce turmoil. Would you admit a constant flow to your home to help others without considering limits? Then, do not assume our government can accept millions without repercussions? The EU is your lesson as it is not working.

    The current practice is a covert plan to internally destroy the morale of this country and it is working. The under socialism, the rich have to share their wealth without merit of those who receive it. Many squander it, as they did not earn it or respect it. Does welfare work to remove most of the poor to the Middle Class? Do your minority Congressmen or women change the plight of your neighborhoods or get rich on promises and nothing changes. Face the Truth.

   Socialism sets up a care system run by those in power siphoning funds from the government under guise of help for the disenfranchised as few audit their books. When you get sick, bills can reach tens of thousands for one patient, just how many are needed to balance this with almost half our population over 50? The doctors become richer under false hope of a health care system for everyone. Excessive tests and a prescription pill system out of control and you think this is going to work. Socialism is a calm name for Communism; this is what you need to know. It will as has failed.

   What is happening at the border is a farce and you call ICE a terrorist organization? They, ICE are not at the border or do they interact with those families being separated.  This is the lie promoted by the media. That is how out of touch or lack of common sense some of your leaders have. Yes again we need compassion, but provide for others within our laws. To all minority leaders, before you spout off on how we can help the illegals clean up your own districts. Children get shot in Chicago weekly, where is the outrage? Why our students deficient in English, but you hire bilinguals for illegals? Do answer to Americans who need you or a seemly political trend to help those who should not be here by the laws of this nation? Exactly how are minority kids going to get startup jobs if the illegals take them and wages react due to an oversupply and go south? What is worse that is Obama home, Chicago and he was president, nothing has changed. What does that say?

   As the Mueller investigation proceeds, all are focused on Trump as if he is guilty. His associates like Manafort was indicted for crimes committed while working for Hillaryís troll, Podesta. He lied and tried to influence witnesses, business as usual. What the media has done on the left has painted Trump as guilty, yet no charges have come forward. The smoking gun is to find those who recommended Manafort to the Trump Administration. The goal of the new world order is to release a slew of charges that would take months to prove wrong about 4 weeks before mid term elections. This is their current plan.

    Trump has revealed to the world his Supreme Court justice decision and the left are in an uproar. You state he may have a prejudice against minorities, but his mother taught in the inner city. You have nothing to fear. I will say this for the last time. Allow the confirmation to go forward no matter either same sex marriage is eliminated or abortion is delegated to the states. I warn all politicians that stand up for womenís rights to abort a life that God created and the Sanctity of Marriage being tainted by same sex couples. You can stand on the side of mankind or stand with God, just who do you think will win? Those leading the millions astray will be removed first as your fate is sealed. Stall and I will instruct the Almighty to call home another judge. It is your choice. We need to save souls in America and both acceptances as law by your nation may be reversed. I hope so or this nation will suffer like in the times of Noah.

   The world has noticed that Mayís top cabinet members have quit over Brexit. You were told May is a puppet of the new world order and her language of the agreement to withdraw from the EU comes from an outside source that does not consider the concerns of the UK. Rather than agree, here Cabinet members and some associates resigned and May will appoint lackeys. The end result is that the UK will be just another arm of the EU pretending to be independent, but answering to a dictatorship.

   The UK is a friend of the United States, but the balloon, baby Trump should be shot out the sky to send a message. Trump is your nationís only hope as Russian shall invade Europe before his reelection. Again choose.

   As for the EU giving warnings as to the few allies we have. Leave NATO, donít pay your bills and Trump will withdraw troops from the EU on a massive scale and drop funding to mimic yours. Not one of your countries would turn the tide if America was attacked. We leave NATO just how long do you think you would survive? Arrogance is abounding, as if we need you, when you need us. Pay your bills, promote fair trade or you are on your own. Your engineered protests well finance by the new world order will be exposed for what they are, try me. Anyway the Bible states the nations of the EU that answer to the antichrist is the 12 headed beast. No American will die to protect the new world order. This will be fulfilled.

   The nations of this earth shortly will know starvation, the Middle East oil fields will rupture and we shall see how your trade wars fare. Stock markets will crash. Floods will come, then extreme heat, then the plague affecting your children to save the souls of the innocent. The Almightyís patience is wearing thin as the scales of Michael are tipping to an extreme, again make a choice. Play the games at the conference and you lose. If Trump weakens, we donít. Continue to embarrass this nation and you will pay a severe price. Read this message anyway you want or spin, the result will be the same.


Updated Jul 11 10:15pm EST


   Did the NATO members get the message to pay up yes as all know the 10 year delay is a play with the coming earth changes? He also said if you do not protect yourselves we will not be your spear. If you wonít die for country then why should we and ask yourself if we are under attack not a German will fight for this nation. And you in Congress think Trump is wrong, because he tells the inconvenient truth? The US pays for about 70% of NATO and they cannot contribute what is a small price? Again I say we do not need NATO, they need us.

   Some are confused by Trumpís comment as Germany is under the control of Russia and this is true. Germany has almost all of the major bases for NATO and they get paid. Germany gave Russia almost all control of its energy. You were told that the Merkel Administration will join Russia and China in the new world order alliance. Trump was told this. This is why the distain as he will not join the new world order of one government headed by the dark one. Your removal of borders is by design, but again you donít see this even though foretold.

   When war starts most NATO bases will be cut off from there energy supply rendering them defenseless. This again is the current Russian plan as all were compromised in the German Government and they were promised control of the EU in return. They say we did not know Russia would change. They never did from the doctrines of Lenin and Stalin only the media painted them as progressive, which was a faÁade. The Germans think three times is a charm. Their population crushed, industry at a halt just who do you think what the people will do, move towards Trump or Putin pulling the strings under the new world order? This is the current plan. Once Germany falls like dominoes the others will follow as a dark cloud of Socialism (communism) led by the new world order. This is how the EU and then the UK will fall. Russia will cross the border unopposed as few country men fight. The Russian will take out the NATO forces by shear numbers once embedded within the population, then what? You can not nuke or invade. It is over. Oh yes German and French girls as your leaders sold you out now you have to sleep with dirty Russians or raped by hundreds then tortured and slaughtered. This is your world and many women will belong to no man as written.

   As I speak to the US as one of the voices of the Almighty, you as the leaders of this nation, many have sold your souls for power and money. Knowing what is to befall this earth and our nation shortly. There will no money and little power. I ask is it worth it? If you do not believe in the Almighty and His plan to save all souls no matter their sins, you soon will. Again, you have little time to change.


Updated Jul 12 12am EST


   Williams are you that deluded? Allies, all for one and one for all, is a farce. Yet they do not pay their bills? We are being used. How when Germany has no army? How when Germany is dependent to Russia for its energy? How, when the EU continues to allow migration to change the face of the EU by the tens of millions in the near term, forcing one world government as the only solution?  You are being lied too. This is your error.


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