Political Snap Shot




Written July 12 1:15am EST


   Obama is caught between a rock and a hard place in dealing with Black Lives Matter as violence will escalate beyond all expectations shortly. It is here that the establishment on both sides will lose the respect of the general population. Riots that start peaceful, but some will turn due to plants to initiate violence. As I said to organizers, you are out of your league. All fingers of blame will point back to your organization and you will never see the perpetrators. Events self feeding as if augmented by outsiders will accelerate the division between races to the dismay of the nation. Again the few dictate the discussion that affects the many. Politicians will say our hearts and prayers go out to the victims. If they had a heart, the will of the people would be considered. As for prayers, few actually say a pray, they just lie and appear to care. This is insight from the Almighty.

   Know this. If or when there is a race war between rioters and intruders, the police will stand by. At no time will they choose sides as all are Americans. To Black Lives Matter, help will be fleeting at its best as you reap what you sow. When confronted; old, young and children will die on rhetoric fueled by the hate seeds you have planted among your own as if it is gospel. Many will drop, as dead bodies will be strewn among the streets. This is the Truth.


Trumpís VP


   It is time to choose. Did you listen to your daughter? Things have changed. Newt is new world order. Pence as VP will further and temper your campaign. Christi has a new task, Secretary of State as if you are betrayed; Christi will continue your agenda. Do not let the Republican Party dictate your Cabinet. You owe them nothing as Hillary is a liar and still has to face influence peddling with the Clinton Foundation. Let the cards fall as they may as the elite of both parties will fall by unexpected events. Remember Trump, cross the Almighty and you will wish you were never born. This is a promise.


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