Political Snap Shot




Written July 14 1:30am EST


   Many are asking why Pence instead of Newt? This election is about balance and this is what Ivanka has presented to her father. Newt has a role, just not VP. It is the baggage he carries from the past Hillary is so willing to exploit as both work for the same source. A presidency is about advisors, W is an idiot and it was Rove, Rumsfeld and Cheney that dictated the direction of this nation. Oh yes thousands died to capture Iranian oil during predicted disasters for greed that are now just occurring. Trump is no W, but he tells it like it is with out regard to the words spoken.

   Hillary is in panic as the nation sees her as a liar. The FBI gave her a white elite privilege. Commit a crime, you can walk. Letís see a black man walk on intent. Sir, I did not intend to rob that store, but the money was just lying on the counter. What so sad is that Obama, Comey and Lynch sign off on this. This is the Truth.

   Polling numbers are skewed as to show the race as tight, but this is failing. The point is the Trump bounce after the convention. If Trump follows the Teleprompters as requested, there will be an unexpected rise in the polls facing Hillary at her convention, coupled with Bernie who sold out his supporters. The platform is in writing, but nothing will change, just ask Obama.

   Trump should announce some of those he will nominate for his cabinet and it is here that America shall gain confidence. Christi as Secretary of State would take a no, nonsense approach towards a weak EU, the new UK prime minister, May, thus pushing back against Putin and the Chinese. In the end times wars we need a pit bull and the choice is Christi for God and country. Again I stress all is not what it seems.


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