Political Snap Shot

The Nice Attack in France



Written July 15 1:30am EST


    As the tragedy in Nice unfolds many in the media are in shock. You were told that murder will escalate at now it is here. The problem it is just beginning. I told you that you have no clue of what you are dealing with. If you examine the attack on Nice, there are many unanswered questions.

   Again the driver had identification and light weapons then heavy on a suicide mission he could not reach. This event was orchestrated to appear as terrorist, but no terrorist carries identification or weapons that need not be captured. Common sense people! The pathetic world leaders are seeing their countries get attacked by terrorists. They offer resolve as if they will not fold as the dead bodies litter the streets. Nations offer their hope and prayers as few do pray and many did not use that line this evening. I wonder why? Some are made to seem are the enemy. The point is that, your leaders know this. As you the general population dies in greater numbers, you are still none the wiser as the goal is to institute Marshall Law where your citizens have no rights in order to protect your lives. You have a question about God?

   You asked, why God has allowed the death of so many innocents. Were you not told of the time where the dark one is allowed to rule? That time is now as it is in the Bible, and it is you that is in denial. None of you believe what I am saying until millions die to save souls. So be it.

   Murder will accelerate in numbers and in the intensity of violence. ISIS is the scape goat in Europe as they are responsible for many crimes, but those that capture the attention of all in selected events in near the future will point to them. In the US, crimes beyond the comprehension of this nation will be carried out as if those influenced by black lives matters. The key, blacks do not mutilate for effect, but the nation will think so via the media. You will have no control. Change to non violence as to preempt this attempt. It is not about selling out, but winning the wars you can. This is what you shortly face as only you can prevent the pre-planned race wars by the elite.

   I warned you. Your leaders preach compromise, but I am telling there is no middle ground. Either you are with the Almighty or against. Do not take this shift as a sign of weakness as you perceive the future of mankind as coming together. Modernism and humanism were introduced to water down the Laws of the Almighty. You have no control to prevent terrorism backed by the new world order. Do you need to see millions die before you grovel for help on your knees? This is the future, you bring upon yourselves. This is the Truth.


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