Political Snap Shot

The Turkish Coup




Written July 16 12:15pm EST


   The world again was taken by surprise as the Turkish military backed by a source went against its president Erdogan in a takeover coup. Our government stands behind the Democratic process that elected him, fraud, intimidation, control of the media and assassinations. He wants to eliminate the Kurds. He wants to suppress rogue factions in the nation preferably by death. He is buying oil from Isis or Isil to enrich himself at the expense of financing terrorism throughout the world. How that working for you in France? He allows a porous border to where terrorists can reach any point in the world and you want them here? He thinks nothing of shooting down a Russian jet to protect his profits and if they attack we go to war for greed. This is your pathetic world.

   You were told there would be wars, mostly internal as this is just the beginning. Your lack of respect for the Almighty will face you shortly. But know this; all of you on the darkside will face danger. As I have asked the Almighty in the name of His Son Jesus Christ to start the cleansing of this world and we will start with the weak as they will have salvation instead of misery and the elite be eliminated and their crimes to humanity known in a way all will know who is responsible. For those that control my country the USA, you will know fear unless you go through a conversion.

   As for Hillary if I was you I would withdraw as your timeline is shortly winding down after your convention anoints you, if the nation gets wind of the Clinton Foundation abuses, you will destroy the hope and prayers of this nation, the few that are real. If you get a pass again from the Obama Administration against the recommendations of Michele, the Almighty will handle this. The wind event your husband and his partners Bush and Blair, all of you in the Illuminati got Thursday night was a warning. Trust me, I would run, away.


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