Political Snap Shot

The Republican Convention




Written July 19 12:30am EST


   The Republican convention started and as most analysis stated with a bang. The high point was Melania as she spoke from her heart. The Trump entrance was as expected from me to be an event and it was, now what did America think?

   The duck rallied the red necks. The navy seal captured the attention of this nation with the Truth. He put his life on the line, but called you out to do the same, but most dismissed the words and reinforced the word coward. The mother of the IT guy who phoned home stating they were abandoned and was going to die was the Truth in Benghazi, but her grief clouded the message. The sheriff also placed a strong message of law and order, and pointed to rhetoric from black lives matter to incite, all saw this in the protests and push back at the riots. Just where do they get their funding from? Also the rogue cops that shot the innocent need to be prosecuted or fired and those without intent need to be retrained and sent to a desk for years until ready. Rudy so much excitement just how much caffeine and adrenaline did you have before the speech? Thank God for the whisper in your ear piece to calm down and you listened. You know what they say about weak links. As for Flynn you are not ready, did you focus? No. You let the crowd feed you. A leader feeds the crowd and they respond without acknowledgement, otherwise you break the momentum and you did. This is basic 101.

   As for Obama, there comes a time to stand up for the Truth. All know Democrats and Republicans stopped your agenda, but you knew this coming in and failed to change. Did you lower the interest rates of student loans, increase Black and Latino home ownership? Do people feel better about their lives? Did you inflict change on how the elite treat the middle class, no? At Harvard you studied the agenda of the World Bank to enslave nations and you had no insight as to America?

   Hillary hated you in 2008 and still hates your wife no matter what you tell her. Again so sad, as you prefer that status quo when you know the Clinton agenda is to destroy the world as they are part of the new world order. They the Clintons minus Chelsea think the new world order will never pull the trigger, this is their betrayal. Again you say, I can not change this, but I can and I am just a patriot and an instrument of God as all can be on this world.

   The police shootings are leading to a race war and you know this. Prosecute the police that shoot a man under restraint. Crush the black lives matter movement when they talk about killing police. Yes there is injustice, but another wrong does not make it right. Protests that builds the communities, instead of dividing is the way for black lives matter, but start at home.

   What is so sad, is that in black on black crime, as your own treat you worst than the police and you ask others to trust you when your own don’t? This is the Truth. A leader backs the police, but weeds out those that kill while wearing a badge. A leader controls the angry masses that do not have the whole story, but react to hearsay. A leader stops this now. Are you that leader Obama?

   Now we have controversy as all know Melania did not write the speech as almost all in politics. The question is, was more than 50 % of the speech word for word, it could not, but it was meant to seem so. If not, there is no case.  No one in the Trump organization would have ever read Michele's speech, nor did it move the world, so if the speech was plagiarized, it was without the knowledge of the Trump campaign. Melania was given a format base that hits all points for the Trump campaign she was told to personalize it and make it her own, which she did. I would find out who provided the base remove them along with assistants. Explain the base format from another source that was not fact checked, but all will going forward. She did consider herself as writing it as she personalized the speech. It is you in the media that should know with all the talent there was no need to steal. It is about who this benefits. Keys words and phrases that seem to correlate and all of you are so eager to pounce, why is that? You were told of the moles within your organization, purge and move on.


Update July 19 11:15 pm EST


   As I watched the networks Fox and CNN you got a pass on Melania, barely. No public firings are ok to the press, but reduce responsibility or dismiss all quietly for the speech. Your pit bull delivered a message exposing corrupting, for those pushing back you planted a seed. Don jr, I must say told it like you should, as the mentor is now the master, he will train you and Ivanka will temper you. Follow this and you will advance in this campaign. Beware, as the elite are trying to crush you at all cost. Trust no one, but your inner circle and then have faith. Your son did a great job and needs a bonus. Ivanka you have a lot to live up too, just deliver. Yes it is great that some say this is the deciding moment in human history and they know what is coming, but proof will not come until the fall of 2016. Now I am going to watch MSNBC.


Update July 20 12:15 am EST


   As I caught Lawrence, he pointed out Christi on two events, but ignored the others that are true. Christi made sure he mentioned no names, but you assumed it was Boca in Nigeria. As for the Iranian nuclear deal, the Israelis are lying as it was them that orchestrate the attack on Benghazi to involve America. No Israeli wants a nuclear Iran to equal Israel, which we gave them nuclear weapons back in the sixties. This is the Truth.


Update July 21 2:15 am EST


   Tonight Cruz took a chance, but time is not on his side. 2020 is a pipe dream. He like Trump has heard the rumors. This may be the last election, but neither believes it. He used Trump to speak at the RNC Convention to promote his agenda, as all now know. This weakness will never come again. This is Cruz. Cruz, you like the Bushes and Romney, new world order will be thrown to the masses, good luck or you can go to Canada, home. You are not Ryan.

   The Trump organization will disperse his kids to campaign. Jr. and Eric can handle anything, great speech Eric. Tiffany can address the kinder side, Ivanka yet to be seen. All know the children are a smoother version of the parents and it is this Hillary needs to fear. No matter what Trump has said in the past about women, specifically Rosie and Carly not all, Illegals not hard working Mexican Americans as all seem to say, and Muslims not vetted entering this country. All have opinions, but you in the media know this is the Truth. Those here respect this country, except for the few. The most important is the direction of the country. Only a fool says all, as this contains both good and bad.

   Bankrupt the agencies that are inefficient. Then rebuild to where they serve to people. Illegals are a threat to the financial infrastructure and school systems when they are off the books. You are told they are hard working, most are, jobs that Americans will not do. The Truth is they provide cheap labor to the elite and you pay through taxes, not paid by them, to provide a haven. This is not a few, but tens of millions. Address entitlements, but Hillary won’t. Ignore political backers that expect positions that are inept. This is the change that counts as you in the media focus on words. Black America, take notice. It is his children that are not prejudice as in some homes, it starts with the father.

   Obama, you started out to change this nation and only found frustration. You were told Hillary is new world and in your cowardness to reveal to America what they will soon face, you play the game. For once, you can do something to change the world, rat her out or warn the world. Oh, you fear that the nation will label you insane for a short time, this is true, but you will save millions of souls or you can ignore this. Few will live past the pole shift and the clock is ticking, for once stand up to your promise to bring change to this world.

   Terror will increase domestically and international on exponential scale, all leaders on the world stage will have few answers. The direction for the country will be a challenge. This is the goal of the new world order. France talks a good game that their resolve will stand firm, yet as I see it, their citizens are increasingly slaughtered and you call this a plan?

   Hillary has been told she will win this election as the fix is in again. Christi crossed the line, so brave, and told the nation the Truth about abuses of the State Department. This was not expected. You will here words of coming together, but nothing has changed for black lives matter or any other protest name in the past decades. Unemployment reduced by those exiting the work force, rather than working at a fast food joint. I ask; have your schools changed? No, education starts at home, but few care. Moral country, really shared bathrooms with children. Respect for another does not let you discard the laws of the Almighty. Again this is the Truth.

   Trump spoke about NATO. The Joint Chiefs have brief him on the Russian–Chinese plan to invade Eurasia. This was foretold in the Bible. If they refuse to protect themselves, then why risk one American life. You say we have a commitment, yet one of their own ran, the British. Treaties are about fair play and mutual responsibility. If we were attacked do you really think NATO would save you? You have all have ex friends that use you. The EU has an agreement to fall to the Russians and the Germans will follow. Is your city worth being nuked for leaders that betray their own? This is your choice.

   Shortly you face a time of change that will impact your lives. I say again ignore the laws set down by the Almighty to bring you home in the end times and you will perish. Your mistake is that you do not recognize the end times and this will be a fatal mistake for 90%.


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