Political Snap Shot

The Democratic Convention



Written Jul 31 by design

Updated Aug 4 1am EST


Addressing Khan First and current events


  All of you in the media again waste the time of the American people covering a speech to bait Trump. The father gave a passionate speech to where his son made the ultimate sacrifice for this country and had Trump been president when his family came, he states his family would not be here. This is not true. What many of you fail to realize is there was no problem when Khan immigrated with insurgents trying to enter this country posing as good people like your selves? The world has changed. Protection is not hate. It is common sense and those who are not Americans, have no rights except, human here. The Constitution protects the rights of Americans.

   The world we live in today is not your world of the past, Mr. Khan and a commander in chief needs to adapt. Love and unity is nice to preach until a gun is pointed in your face or a bomb takes a life or limb, then what? You call it fear, I call it being prepared.

   Terrorism in this country will rise to a point where your neighbors may look at you. This is a fact. The Democrats used you to tell a compelling story of bravery with your sonís sacrifice to which this nation owes you gratitude. They used the Latinas, but this failed as all heard the silence when parading an illegal on the stage. The truth is that we need to use common sense. What has happened in Europe will happen here if immigrants are granted asylum using compassion and not vetted. A ban is temporary only to get the tools in place to protect all including your selves.

   All life is precious and we protect American first. No American death due to terrorism is worth offering safe harbor from a war where the population ran from instead of fighting to keep their country. Is it Hillary? As for your comment on a quiet wife, you just could not help your self, try preaching womanís rights in the Muslim community and homelands please try it. This is the Truth.

   Trump again, how many times do you have to be told, pick your battles, leave this alone and just walk away without commenting, the media now knows. If they continue to exploit this, then you know the path to take.


Update 8/2: to the Media


   The Khan confrontation was planned and the Donald took the bait. This is on you, when are you going to let go? Khan story does not fit todayís narrative, this is why he attacked, the speech choreographed and presented to America by the DNC. Khan assumed Trump would behave in a way in a time when there was no threat to stop your family from coming to this nation when their son died in an orchestrated war.  Speak about the war that took the life of the Khanís son that was a false flag to capture Iraqís oil. Bush ran away from service and Bill never served overseas. Your son served and gave his life where few politicians would do. You were used. This is the truth. He or another would have never stopped your family to enter this country, but to use this on a Democratic platform was a ploy by the DNC and you in the media are running with this.

   So when you disagree, it is called mental illness. Is this a joke? Are you doctors that can assess mental health of a person in the media? Be careful media on the path you choose to take. Khan backs open immigration now with the world in turmoil as if events have not changed since he emigrated, but you donít see this. Watch as thousands die and then remember these words. Khan, they will throw you under the bus if a email or phone contact is revealed.

   As for the NFL, no one puts a debate against them unless a tactical advantage is needed. Do you not think pressure was not applied to deny contact? You are fools and then you will cry out why when the disasters come. You all talk about empathy, but look at your world. The elite care for one and instead of talking like Trump with baited ops, it is behind closed doors like Romney telling the truth. All who try to bring real change to the world are called mad men. This is the Truth. Obama, take heed backing Hillary who is a tentacle of the new world order and all will know. Are you willing to take on that responsibility? You should have jumped ship instead of being clouded by media ploys by Trump. Remember it just looks like you are winning and you know who I represent when it comes to the dark and light.

   Trump, the DNC is backed by a vast network and they have you pegged. Attack your ego and it has worked. This needs to change. The only mistake made was responding to without thought instead of instinct when repelling Khan. The timeline was the rebuttal and this would have crushed him and the Democrats who put out this ploy. The terrorism that this nationís leaders know is coming will back you and Khanís words will fade swiftly. Decisions that work in business, do not always translate success in the political world. Business is about the truth and hard work, politics is about presenting a faÁade that the gullible voter will believe. It is here that Hillary is ahead of you. Get off the backs of your staff as true innovation comes without insane pressure. Step back breathe and focus on issues instead of the personality of those who deliver the message. This is your mistake, correct it.  Remember you are only getting help, because Hillary answers to another and it is not your place or your supporters to point this out. Donít let it happen again. As for the turn coat Republicans coming out, it is by design as if their opinion should direct our vote. If what you see seems to be too easy, it may be a lie.

   Also speaking of stupid comments, Bill please look in the mirror and say three times I am a pin head and maybe the next time you will not make a dumb more important, unneeded statement about the slaves building the White House. Just face it, Michelle gave a great speech. Your Monday night 8/1 spin sucked, just own it.

   The upcoming debates have been talked about, but for the DNC, it is key to place the event up against a big sporting event or off time as males are Hillaryís biggest detractors and would be missing in the after polls thus slanting who won. This is the goal.


   It is now time to review what has been presented as to future of this nation from the Democratic point of view at the DNC.


Monday Night


   I first heard the mayor of Philadelphia as he has supported Pre-K funded by a soda tax. A soda tax hurts only the poor and lower middle class as it is they that consume the product instead of more expensive juice or water, thus contributing to obesity and furthering poor health again by design. You spoke about how immigrants built this country and they did, but what we face today is illegal to where their contribution helps the rich and underground work force community and places infrastructure, school and heath system burdens on public tax rolls that far out way the overall benefits to this nation.

   In  laymanís terms, the rich increase their profit margins from cheap labor, your health costs increase due to non payment at emergency rooms that must accept all in need without insurance, your school system takes on children who need to be educated, but the tax base is missing in an underground economy. Transportation infrastructure takes on an increased burden as the fair share through taxes fall short in selected regions of the country. This is what your speech missed mayor.

   Wasserman was thrown under the bus. Hillary dictated how the DNC would precede through her minions starting with Podesta to crush Bernie like a persistent annoying fly that just keeps buzzing. Emails leaks show a distinct pattern since you did not get the message from the FBI. She is lying that she knew nothing, but rewarded Wasserman with a horary position. No one rewards a failure unless she was following orders from the top and got caught.

   All of the people was the theme at the convention. We all have problems, but they are shared as an American problem. The world has changed and illegals pose a threat to your wages being depressed and public systems overloaded. They are not Americans. Terrorists kill the innocent and no longer as a nation can we take in those who will hide as sheep that will kill our own on love and compassion. This is not common sense. We need to vet them and then offer a safe harbor where all win. Again they are not Americans.

   You have warned over and over about the LBGT community and the right of a woman to terminate a life. You speak of human rights when the Laws of God are only the rights given to you by God the Father Almighty. The Father loves you, but dislikes your choices in life. As it is your action that separates you His children from Him, the Creator. What you seek comes from another, choose.

   Podesta spoke about bankruptcy, which is a law you politicians passed to protect the assets of the rich and now you say it is wrong. Then repeal it, but you wonít. Again words used that is not the truth. You spoke about defeating the rigged system, yet it is your candidate that rigs it. Just ask Bernie. Did you speak about influence peddling where you sell out those you represent for the wants of others including foreign powers? No. This is illegal.

   We had Silva, who did have a feel good success story as we are a country of compassion, but they are many others you would dare not promote, but the common theme the parents are illegal. The applause from the audience reflected this. This is the bottom line as you say the law does count when you offer a success story. What is the path to correct this?

   The Democratic Party speaks of inclusion, but no Visa checking and a porous border. You say this is the greatest country in the world and this is true. The problem is that the gap between the greatest and the next has closed dramatically in the quality of life for the middle class. No matter how you spin it, Americans see a decline everywhere with there own eyes and bank accounts, not your rose colored vision you see through your glasses.

   You gave us 8 years of change and wages are still stagnant. Jobs are here if you want to work at Wal-Mart or some other service industry for slave wages. Remember the definition of a slave was one who gave up half his or her income to a master. Where do you fall? Housing and food was free although poor. The health care plan dependent on signing up a large number of the young to off set the sickly elderly as if that will work over time. Education is a joke as the late night shows interview your graduates and they cannot answer the simple questions and you call this the future? The Republicans crushed all compromise due to Obama was Black and now you think the good old boy network is going to give you a woman a pass, dream on.

   Pam Livengood spoke about drug problem in NH and Hillary now is standing up for this. Hillary your party talks a good game for change, but nothing has changed in the hood since the Thirties as to drugs, so much for your Partyís track record.

   Senator Shaheen speaks of fatalities and over doses that are minor as a state compared to other American cities. There is a need in New Hampshire, but other areas need help more also. Hillary you need to choose your battles. Take notice Black America if the hood was NH you would get real help. Donít lie Hillary, you know this is the Truth. Why help those who vote always for you?

   Letís review again that America welcomes all through the legal immigration system. It is immigrants that built this nation and made it great as all immigrated here except Native Americans whose land was stolen and told lies. The immigration policy is dictated by our laws where all welcomed, not unwanted. The immigration takes in those with special skills to move America forward. The immigration system allows for assimilation and not the talk of division due to greed. The immigration system dictates that which our nation can absorb without disenfranchising our own poor. DNC as a party you did not discuss this?

   Senator Casey is telling the truth with Trump outsourcing jobs, as profit was and still is the prime motive. All are doing this, but if change is to come, it should be from one who did this in practice to change all.

   Senator Gillibrand talked about the struggling home, family leave, equal pay, and jobs to the rust belt of upstate NY, but has made only some changes in the New York under you and Hillary, why? You preach of the charity work in Hillaryís early career and this was true. Now the Clinton Foundation gives a small percentage to charity and allegedly peddles influence and Wall Street backed her with millions and you really think she is going to bite the hand that feeds her? People change, she did and you are stuck in the past.

   Al Franken you speak of Trump U. as this was a sham that only provided little to achieve for the average student and left most for the spirit of drive. What is so stupid is there is no class that provides a guaranteed path to wealth, not even college. It is about hard work and your network and being presented to a set of basics building a strong foundation. Letís talk about Job Corp., which the government funds to the tune of millions. We paid for it and few succeeded in joining the plain old work force, but you donít address this government waste. This is the Truth. Wall Street that backs Hillary bankrupted the country to the tune of trillions, 401Ks toast, homes loss and lives ruined in a bank engineered housing bubble. But you focus on a few students, what ashamed.

   Senator Booker almost some of your donors got rich taking advantage of the bankruptcy laws, which are legal, but you take their money and look the other way except for Trump. Why is that? You were told you never had a chance for VP and were used just like your Hispanic Secretary of Labor who was notably absent at the coronation. At least she gave you a VIP seat.

   We are all Americans and united in the fact of using faith in God, moral values, welcoming the poor and disenfranchised, but we are in debt. Take care of home first, with power and money then you help others. We wanted the poor, the tired as we had medicine and jobs as this young nation grew, not now. If you can not the feed the pre-school children in the nation first, how can you take on others? Charity starts at home or is this shallow approach only to get votes?

   Bernie and Warren just how does it feel to be used? Here is a tale of two stories, Bernie was visibly stoic as the camera panned him after comments at the DNC and she stole your lines, but lies as she will never deliver after the votes. Warren the sellout that she is was just booed as she just drank the Kool-Aid. You were told of the day and after this first day, you are silenced except for your supporters.

   Thank you Michelle finally some excitement. Your speech was eloquent and well delivered. Obama have you told your wife the Truth? Oh I forgot, need to know on Hillary. If so, she as a woman of God would have never stood up for her. The battle rages for control of this earth and you stand by as if it going to pass you by. This is what you will be judged for. The world will know before you exit public life and all will ask why? What will you tell them?

   Warren speaks of student loans free; if you pay nothing for your education, then many will get just passing grades others will drop out as the government will pay. This is the Truth. You should have proposed a refund based on grades and the status of the school were it is prorated by a curve. You achieve, you are free. You slide by, you pay. Free stuff in America except for real need is over.

   Hillary did not fight for you when she was a Senator in New York or Secretary of State. This is why all reflect on her past before Billís second term. Trump is hated by the Republicans leadership, the elite and most world leaders including Putin, why is that?

   You speak of temperament yet still donít get it. It is a game to get media attention. No one in business would deal with him if he was perceived as you paint him in the media. Hillary is a politician, say the words, and raise the money, once elected deliver on a few chosen projects. Hillary was told that Bernie and Warren could never be part of the ticket by Wall Street, but lie to the American public with hope, love and compassion and deliver their message that things will change. Did the banks pay you back for losses in housing and the stock market losses when they broke the law? No. Yet you are to believe they will now pay to transfer wealth to the middle class and poor on Hillaryís word of new taxes. This is why she picked Kaine. Did you hear the chants in the background?

   Hillary speaks about getting a living wage by increasing the minimum, yet all that will happen is the cost of living shall increase through inflation and interest rates as a counter measure already approved. Put all illegals on the books and the void in the underground market will need to be filled by a new wave of illegals, but you as a politician have not thought this through that far nor do you care. Did you consider what millions now forced into the labor market would do to wages? No, invite them all without regard to the American struggling day to day.

   She speaks of Citizens United, but it is their policy that funds the political Clinton machine. Climate change is a hoax as you present as you know it is not fossil fuels responsible for the earth changes. Please tell America why you and all your friends have bunkers outside of the eyes of the public, please liar. Just asking who were those at your convention with the tape over their mouths saying silenced? You spoke about generics saving millions when you should have purchased them from the start, incompetence. Trade agreements put in place by you and when the leaders of those nations get worried about repeal like Obama taking office, there will be a whisper in their ear saying, donít worry. This is DNC on day one.


Tuesday Night


   We will focus only on the words of Bill. As he started out, a different picture about Hillary evolved from a corrupt bought and paid for politician in for personal gains to one who took up the cause for others. We see how she championed education, exposed segregated school systems for what they were; she pushed for laws to protect our children. When Bill was in his early presidency, she pushed for affordable health care for all in the nation. She was all that was said, a person that put others first. Bill of course spoke of his great love for her, which there was in the beginning, but as you know things changed as mistress after mistress visited the White House and the governorís mansion. In 1994 I would have voted for her and did in 2000 for NY Senator, but she has changed as did slick Willieís, sorry I mean Billís love, which moved from Hillary to a quick zipper. But, you would not know that from the speech Tuesday night. Bill you still have it, as you can still lie to America and they will believe you and that story.

   Hillary at one time answered passionately for the innocent, the vulnerable, our children. Now she answers to the American dollar as Wall Street and foreign interests now pulls her strings. Bill spoke of how Hillary served on the powerful Armed Services Committee, yet she did nothing to address the abuses in the VA hospitals or the rampant rise in suicides from returning vets, but offer lip service. Bill spoke how Obama chased her to be his Secretary of State, but it was Bill who told Obama of ultimatum that support before the election is dependent upon the Secretary of State position being offered, thus in their minds setting her up for a White House run as you see today. Bill spoke about being made up and real as if you the American people have the resources to find out the truth, when the media sends stories to the DNC for approval. The news is slanted. Her new name should be Teflon Hillary as nothing sticks.

   Hillary is not a threat to the elite and the Republican movers and shakers as I told you all work together and answers to one. Skip forward to today August 1 and we see the Koch Brothers are not running ads against Hillary. We see top Republicans supporting Hillary, but if Bush was in they would crush her. Trump is his own man and this is what they fear, not that he is mad, but he will be made to look that way. Change you are beginning to see is Trump, yet you hate how the messenger brings the message. This is a problem that needs to be solved by Ivanka now, put your father in his place with love. Remember a diamond only shines when it is polished.

   Hillary we are told is a change maker how? When she is the base to where change must start and be judged by. Hillary why do tell America she is so great, but so many are suffering in the best nation on earth? Hillary is it that hard to admit there is a problem as this will cost you votes? This is your problem as you expect us to dismiss what our eyes see and pocketbooks feel and believe in your lies. You just canít help yourself as lying is now second nature to you, but you learned from one of the best.

   Hillary, you and your team did a great job with showing the Presidents and you breaking the glass. It was a classic, well done.

   Back to Bill, he stated blues lives matter, why did you not say it? Oh I get, it you play both sides as not to offend the Black vote so you get your husband to say what you wonít. If you told the truth you would have gained respect as few if you said would have switched to Trump as the trouble makers do not vote. This is where your team is stupid, because all lives matter.

   Bill spoke of welcoming illegals, but has no plan for assimilation, without cost to this nation. Take Muslims entering this country on humanitarian needs, but no plan to vet them. We have Obama making the ridiculous statement Putin is backing Trump, when he truly wants Hillary who will hesitate on a surprise strike where seconds count to protect this nation that you know is coming. This is why the Joint Chiefs should continue to keep the nuclear football away from a coward like you.

   There is no Russian connection. This is a floated lie about this election. It is about only a politician whose servers were open to the world to protect her ass as she corresponded to entities funneling money into the Clinton Foundation as gifts (alleged bribes) and hired them with speaking fees that some organizations bills were picked up to allegedly slowly launder money from the old CIA days in Central America and Panama.

   Bill again came back to state change maker. As you know you are changing from the Obama Administration, which you were the second highest power, Biden made speeches you directed this nation polices with the world. You left in 2012 in order to put space between you and Obama, if he succeeded take credit. If he fails you say I was not there and are an outsider now. This was your plan. Wow you learned a lot from Bill.

   Just how do you move to Secretary of State as a new Senator with no elected office ever held, sponsored almost no legislation and Kerry was in front of you? Again the answer is Bill. You preach to the world that you will change the direction of the common man, but you take money from the elite to win and they expect a return on their money. Bernie said this and now you use his words to gather votes on his cause. What so sad Bernie they are just words coming from her, but you knew this as your face showed when she spoke. The new world order has it right, leaders come and go and little changes. True power is that which influences to where the peopleís decision seems to be their own, but they are never seen or believed to exist.

   America is at the crossroads where the powers to be plan to crush this nation and you in the media are letting it happen. Who among will stand up to protect this nation against those that lie, who? A strong America will not fall like Europe as NATO is weak and has been compromised. Their leadership is being undermined by terror attack after terror attack until they cry for peace and then the one foretold will be invited to take power and dark cloud will descend upon this earth. I will not be part of this, how about you?


Wednesday Night


   As the many speak, they all talk of change, when Obama took office he had Reid. Harry controlled the Senate and Nancy controlled the house. With the majority they squandered their advantage to change America all because he was Black and sending a message to America. There was no reaching across the isle. This is the Truth over 8 years as it is now history. The Obama Administration did nothing about the fleecing of America as the Big Short transferred trillions due to an engineered mortgage bubble backed by the Bush Administration was allowed to happen.

   The theme of hate is presented in the media as against all Mexicans, when it is getting the illegals to leave or pay there fair share of taxes while all who chose the correct path are welcome American citizens. It is the theme of hate against all Muslims, when it is stopping non Americans from entering the country without being vetted not those who live here as one of our own.

   Does it take you to lose a loved one to realize the Democrats have no common sense? You state Trump insults all woman and that is not true. Yes it is unacceptable for a presidential candidate to point out Carly and Rosie and few others, it is wrong, but not all. For you in the Democratic Party to exploit all when it is the few is a deception to the American voters and you are guilty of lying to win an election at any cost as we saw with Bernie.

   Speaking of Bernie, the leaked e mails confirmed what I told you months ago, never trust a Clinton as they lie. They offered hope in the VP arena to Latinos, Blacks and even woman by name the Labor Secretary, Booker, and Warren all was never in the true running, but provides hope as they see it, for the underclass. You were used. This is the Truth. Hindsight you should have all passed on the DNC. Most of you will never recover, as if she wins you will be past over except maybe for Booker who will sellout for a Cabinet position. If Trump wins, then the game is over for all of the elite.

   OíMalley speaks about the concerns Hillary has for Climate Change and states she is behind the science. Really ocean temperatures at the Artic that is higher than the ambient air on average. The Moonís divider is now lying on its side instead of vertical as in the past.  Look at old calendars. The Sunís color has moved from yellow to white. She is lying to the American as all of your leaders. Sigourney give up the fight, it not fossil fuels as you were led to believe or are you just another pawn promised the bunkers to lie to America. No bunker of the evil will survive the pole shift precursors, which is above top secret. America please, look it up. He talked about welcoming the illegals, but you pay.

   I am now addressing the media. You in the media will be held accountable for promoting a lie. You were told never to reveal the truth to the American public. Look at the media is this you want to protect? Do you think you are helping America as to being unprepared? The earth changes are just starting and will escalate far beyond what has been seen on earth since the time of Noah. Pharaoh had it easy with Moses, not this time with the new world order. I will say this to all you minions of the Illuminati first, many of you who do not change your ways will wish you were never born. This is a promise as the Deliverer.

   The earth changes are emanating to where some will notice and Obama has refused to inform America of the danger to you. Watch as the floods and earthquakes increase and all will say global warming. Watch how the earth wobbles causing high tides and unexpected tsunamis or rogue waves assaulting your cruise ships to where some will disappear and then you will take notice. There will an increase in deadly lightning and power surges will go off the charts. This is your future your lying politicians are hiding.

    Governor Brown again you speak of climate change conference, but as a spokesman, you know the truth, all of the world leaders were briefed to hold their positions or riots would erupt, issuing martial law if the truth was known. All have agreed to screw their own population for the greater good, but whoís good. This is not the plan of the Almighty. The Bible told you of these times and most ignore this. The time has come to make a choice. You will know the truth will a second sun appears in your skies and you will know the wrath of God through his warning as a comet impacts your earth.

   Letís address POWís many did there best and did not conform to the enemy in North Korea. Those that did not comply were torture or feed to the pigs. There are many heroes, but also consider those that survived a long time and what they offered to live, just a thought.

   Hillary has done nothing to stop the rape of our own woman soldiers as they fight to protect this nation with just walk to the bathroom in a US encampment. This should not be tolerated. Where is your womanís rights?

   We heard Leon former Secretary of Defense state the generals do not respect Obama. When it came time to tell the American public and the world what befalls them, Obama punked out. This is why he does not control the nuclear football. Leon, look around as you present a rosy picture with terrorism now on the increase and your predecessor is losing in the war here and abroad.

   Leon as a former head of the CIA, we ask, why did you lie on the state of America? Biden as the video shows, you could have been the nominee. What a sacrifice for Hillary under the guise of your sonís death. Joe you should have run for the well being of the country, we would like to know, who truly stopped you?

   Bloomberg was pushed out to address the public, but with a promise for withdrawing his run for the presidency. Why consider a running as a third party candidate unless you perceived a weakness? The DNC approached him as not to repeat another Ross Perot. Every serious firm on Wall Street has a Bloomberg machine. I saw one myself when I worked at Monitor Securities in the nineties as a broker. He was self made and tried to change the plight of the common man, but Hillary got to him. Democrats need to be careful on your message to include all as you have a habit of ignoring those who are faithful at the voting booths Blacks and Latinos.

   Kaine speaks and immediately states he has faith. Then ask the Almighty as to your path as opposed to Hillary and Bill. You cannot serve two masters as you have to choose the Almighty or another who promotes same sex and abortion, choose. He spoke of dark forces and the Democratic Party will be messengers of light, just like in Iraq. We are the party of trust and consistent steady, but scandals show a different picture. Remember Billsí words were real or made up? While you speak Kaine, Bernie sits quietly in the stands pissed. You speak of personal tax returns while your running mate is paid by Wall Street that ripped trillions from Americans on her watch as a Senator and then Secretary of State. You say Hillary is our protector, yet on your watch America was fleeced and you worry about the Donaldís tax returns. This is so stupid.

   You spoke of Donald not paying his fair share when using bankruptcies, but he just used a law this government wrote and all in the elite use to maintain their wealth. This is reality and a smart move in business, if not most are done under a burden of debt.

   Obama gave a great speech and he states Hillary the most qualified person ever to seek the office and will do the right thing. Just when is this going to happen as the Justice Department is closing in on the Clinton Foundation? You reflect back as you were energetic, had black hair and full of hope. What has changed? You were stopped at every point by Republicans and secretly by many Democrats. Remember when you came in you had both houses. When Republicans protested they had a noose around your neck and painted you as the joker. It is all about being in the club and Hillary is in the club and you do not see a parallel. They saw you as a coward as you were silent, but at some point you need to become vocal as the Brave take risks, which are you in the few days you have left?

   The videos revealed all on Wednesday. You saw Clinton talking instead of clapping as he paid your speech little mind, as he is not your greatest fan and that is putting lightly. Hillaryí efforts to promote climate change to save the planet are a blatant lie by her and you. You will not save the planet as the world will soon see earthquakes, floods, fires, tidal waves, severe storms and extreme lightning is just the start. When America finds out no matter what your excuse is and Hillaryí if she wins, this rise in public opinion will be pure hate. This is what the dark side is counting on. Obama keep on praising marriage equality and womanísí abortion rights, because you are slapping the Almightyís face. Voters die, the Almighty lives forever and it is He that rules this universe, not human opinions.

   America, you have never faced an enemy like the new world order. They have infiltrated banking, industry, the Vatican and your world leaders and politicians. Their first experiment was the UN under the guise of offering hope, but the World Bank lends poor countries money, that is stolen by its leaders and then enslaves the country with debt that can never repay the interest. This was and still is the plan. Revelations told you of these times, but most of you are still drinking the Kool-Aid.

  When the Russians move into the Ukraine, Clinton will ask for diplomatic talks for peace. This is her role if she wins. When they roll into Poland and are welcomed by Germany as a deal is in place, the EU and NATO will fall. This is the plan and the Bible warns you of this, but no, the End Times are not now. This is the worldís mistake. Remember, telling America that one plans to rule America is spreading fear. Our government has balances, Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Executive Branch one does not control all. Stop it by spreading fear and lies.


Thursday Night: Clintonís Speech


   Hillary started out with we are stronger together and this is true for the most part. Compromise is about a better path. Compromise maintains core values shared by all, but sees a problem from the other side to where all benefit. Compromise does not allow others to dictate your direction, but you as a leader moves the nation forward under the umbrella of all. Hillary just what is your compromise to bring all together?

   Muslims in this great country is one our many strong points, but you do not address that it is the influence of western ways that spearheads the division in this world. I am so sure you mended the hearts of law officers when Brownís mom appeared on your stage. This wasnít your smartest decision.

   The Republicans talk about the perils of the world and they have painted a dark picture, Hillary says America is great and again it is, but the middle class has lost its edge. This is what, you do not see. This is why, America is angry. This is why, you have a disconnect with the voter.

   You talk about energizing the economy where all not just the top excel, yet you have your hand in Wall Streetís pocket and then tell them you are raising their taxes. Romney supports you and he supports the elite as all heard on tape, but no one will hear what you said to the banks. Hillary is for everybody, but in real life there are two sides to a coin, one wins and the other loses. Your answer is to lie to both.

   Bernie stated how can we trust you, and he was right, few in the know believe not anything will change. Warren is just in denial and caught up in girl power. You talked about our LBGT friends; it is not our, it is yours as I respect the Almighty Laws. We respect them as people, but dislike the lifestyle. You stand for womanís rights to terminate life, explain that one on judgment day.

   You focused on your achievements of the past and there were many notable ones to make you more human instead of calculating and dishonest, but the cupboard is bare these last 15 years. Education, health and upstate jobs did not improve in New York State under your senatorial watch. Wall Street engineered the housing bubble through mortgage fraud and they all walked under watch. Homes were lost, retirement accounts up in smoke and now you care.

   Commander in chief, how when I saw the fear on your face in the situation room when Bin Laden was killed while all others were cool. You say you will negotiate trade deals, but when you do we run a deficit with that country in the billions and trillions with China and you say it is in our interest? You will protect us, how when you could not protect your own in Libya? Just where was that Latin hope for VP? You played him as you were never going to pick someone where there is no need like Corey as you think the Latin vote is a lock like the Black vote. You used them and the press to make you appear that you are inclusive to all, not your top jobs. You brought up Citizens United needs to end, but only after you used it to crush Bernie and Donald you hope.

   You spoke of Climate Change, but you know for a fact it is the end times and all governments are in collusion to hide this from their citizens. Why donít you tell the Blacks and Latinos there will be martial law preventing movement out of the cities and away from the coast lines unless you know someone. Tell them there will be no rescue missions, food or water. Tell them, but you wonít like Obama and knowing they will vote for you. This is so sad. I canít wait to the leaders of this world squirm when the people find out they have been lied to and billions will die as the elite hope to live in the bunkers tax dollars paid for. What was once years is now months and nothing will prepare you for what is to come. Lightning bolts so large when they strike near people they will die of fright. Heat waves so intense elderly buildings may lose half of their residents to stroke. This only a taste of what is to come.

   The country needs a living wage to 15 per hr dependent upon the location in the nation. Business will just raise prices to cover it and inflation will erode any worker gains. Give amnesty to 30 million and wages will be depressed as the low skilled labor pool skyrockets and you have solutions for the future of this country. You are right on this equal pay for equal work with woman, this should be the law, but as a Senator, you nor Warren presented this as a bill.

   You speak of a free education, and that is fine, but as a taxpayer if you do not maintain an acceptable grade, we do not pay. This is common sense instead of a tactic to get young votes. If you wanted to help this country you would tackle medical fraud to bring down health costs, but the lobbyist for the medical labs contributed to your campaign and you look the other way. Who is going to question another lab test?

   Do you have a plan for the infrastructure of this country when the quakes come? No I forgot you will be hiding in the bunker offer words like, ďour hearts and prayers are with youĒ when you have prayed a day in the last decade to God Almighty for anyone, but you can sure chant for another.

   You speak of Bankruptcy as if is fleecing someone. It is the law that is used by all corporations and people when needed. This nation is bankrupt, so what is your plan to pay off the debt? We all want to know why the DNC needs to approve stories written by the media in a nation with free press? Finally on guns, proper screening is needed, but a ban on assault weapons will only open up a black market. Close a door and another will open, just look at France and their mass shootings.

   Overall Hillary made a lot promises many from Bernie who she tried to stab in the back, but can you trust her to deliver them to the voters and change this country from a base she established. She wants to reinvent herself. This is your decision as all is not what it seems.


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