Political Snap Shot



Written Aug 5 1am EST


   The Iran Arms deal, just what is the truth? This was an arms agreement made by the Shah, the Military complex assisted by lobbing the government and was a contract. We protected his regime so that certain American and British oil companies could exploit oil resources with preferential long term contracts. Everybody gets paid. The Shah is all about the American way and kept most of the wealth for him and opulent palaces while his citizens lived in poverty. The weapons were manufactured, but deal put on hold due to the embargo put in place when the American puppet was overthrown. They were obsolete and the contract complete as Iran never could take delivery. This is the Truth. The Obama Administration held up the litigation in The Hague for thirty years and this would have never come to a settlement. Iran knew this. The Americans knew they would have to never pay as the product was in a warehouse. Give them weapons, no matter how old to assault the world or delay the decision. This is the deceit the world faces.

   The Obama Administration played a card of denial and rolled the dice. Free the hostages to return some of the money Iran knew they would never get, for assets. They hope greed would take most of the money, but Iran hates America and you can be sure terrorist will get millions. Obama, no asset is worth the pain and destruction coming from the millions Kerry gave approval to the deal giving you deniability. He and others took the oath to die for this country and if he they broke him; he is worthless, if not, in all these years, he could last longer. Rescue would have worked in a crippled Iran due to the disasters. Iran will be crushed during the earth changes and the Middle East will starve. This will force the war and again what is so sad, you know this. You made a poor decision.

   Another poor decision is that you stated the election will be rigged is nonsense. Do you know what you are saying? Bush won Florida on a deceitful paper ballot, while crucial votes, mostly Democratic being transported, and some how was lost with a police escort and ballots found floating in the swamps. Diebold voting machines were hacked in Ohio 2000 thus giving Bush the state. You lost New Hampshire to Hillary as she manipulated the win when you were ahead in the polls. Don’t lie to protect Hillary as she will fall to the Truth. If so, you will lose your legacy. Step away and say nothing as I tell Trump.

   To the media all of you have been baited as you cover individual issues as to the state of the nation and you make a link to the future of our country that makes no sense.

    A crying baby at a speech is either inconsiderate or a setup as a courteous person would have walked to the back, like in church, but you don’t see this. ISIS is an issue. Riots with Black Lives Matter are an issue. Your standard of living is an issue. Your government allowing trillions to be stolen in an engineered Wall Street mortgage crisis is an issue. Influence peddling is an issue. Not Khan, the crying baby, Melina’s past, Rosie being called a pig, illegals who do commit crimes. You hear if one does like what is said about Rosie, you stretch it to refer to all women. But presidents can bang the interns, have mistresses that sneak into the White House and this is fine.

   If things continue along this same path, vast segments of our society will fall into disarray is this what you want, the media? Hillary promises free tuition and again tech schools will rise like a virus sucking government money like a vacuum. A real solution Trump is a student loan interest rate given at the same rate as the banks retroactive 4 years. It is our Federal reserve now. Free college for the poor and a graduated rate including the middle class is dependent on graduation and a B or above is full compensation, B- 50%, C 25% curved to reflect true grade in comparison to all institutions of learning. At Stanford a D would be 25%. We want a nation of students that can compete with the world, not just having a degree. What good is if they are stupid and cannot compete on the world market and have a degree? This is common sense, instead of a blank check to many future drops out, which is a fact.

   I continue to say one thing Trump will never betray this nation at the present time although a force will tempt him, even with his inappropriate comments as the transition from businessman to politician is a lot harder than he anticipated, because discipline of the façade in the business world is seen as a weakness, you need to adapt or lose. It is a balance of choice, hope and the ability to bring change while exposing your opponent’s flaws. Can you do this? I will be watching closely, because if you fail, there are alternatives and I do not mean replacing you. You say you never you lose, show us.


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