Political Snap Shot



Written Aug 7 3 am EST

Update Aug. 7 11:59 pm EST


   Domestic terrorism is on both sides and needs to be addressed by Congress. White nationalist and Antifa have surfaced, but both are riddled with hate, and clinging to a political agenda, that publicly, some on left or right supports. They are terrorist organizations, but those behind the recent shootings, do not belong to either group. What is written online can be doctored for any reason. Did he look at Trump as a reason to go to El Paso? The sad part is no. Crushing debt, with little future as a poor education brings you nowhere, the Democrats push your hero Trump labeled a racist by the media, but his actions, do not back it. The Central Park 5 an opinion, but wrong. The NYPD backed the same opinion. Grab a woman by the pussy, say those words in a group of Latino or Black men, and watch the arms and hands extend. This is a joke. Silence in your mind influenced by another, demands then you pull the trigger. You are a weapon of satan. This is your influence, and that is the Truth.

   On Cuomo, Monday night, he was careful not to inflame as to building upon racism theme, that is out of control. All perceived opinions by the media, is directed to label Trump as the blame. There are two sides. Addressing Cuomo, thanks for bringing father on and showing the rock with mankindís image of our Lady. The world will be saved by faith. The Almighty says there is hope for you.

   Beto on the other hand, is out of his mind. Racism did not start when Trump got elected, it festered under Obama. Silence is not an enabler for what is already there. Politically the Democrats have made a serious mistake. Trump labeled some ďillegalĒ Mexicans as rapists and drug dealers, not all. It was the Truth, no matter how you spin. It takes only one. Yes the words of infestation were insensitive, but millions flowing north stealing social services from our own, as we cannot afford this, was true, but the use of wrong words is not racism. It is about protecting our Southern border. Your mistake is to link all Mexicans as one in the media, a political tactic. It has backfired, as our Latino citizens are in peril, and do not deserve this. This was not suppose to happen.

   Trump did not commit a racist act by stating the Truth. No illegal will be seen as welcome in White America, when you can not take care of your. Use legal channels all are welcome that will make this country prosper. This is a fact. You want to play this game, as anger from your inaction to seal the border turns to hate. This is on you. It is not about brown people, but an unstoppable flow, where benefits that should go to minority Latinos, Blacks and Whites, are diverted to those who do not belong here. There is a legal process.

   Racism is a governor who wears a KKK hood. Racism is socialist programs that enrich political donors, but do not work for decades. Racism is turning a blind eye to our school systems in our inner cities, as few have a real education to face the challenges of this 21st century world, and we are suppose to compete with the world? Racism is when you pretend to care, but when in power, nothing changes. Trump wants to bring all of America forward, not the rest of the world. This is not our problem. Fix home first, then reach out.

   I heard Beto state, we need to connect the dots, as this hatred leads back to Trump. You want to connect dots Beto, then go back decades, and the truth will slap you in the face, pathetic. I told you do not lie to America, as I will call you out.

   For Biden are you a fool with this statement only? White nationalists are small in numbers, and are winning. The problem is, the media controlled by dark forces, push this agenda. Speaking the truth, does not make you a racist. Again, are women and children raped on their trek north, yes. Are there drug mules caught crossing our border, yes. When millions overwhelm an area and draw down local resources, can the word infestation apply, yes.

   The is a deliberate plan by your politicians to divide this nation. Again it will lead to race wars, as your leaders are idiots. If you push racism in the media, you enable them on both sides. Silence is neutral, but no one should be caught up apologizing for another manís actions. Does Omar apologize for the Boston bombing or the California holiday massacre, did Keith, no. Again, we need to tone it down in the media. El Paso and the white black fight in the Florida prison is a precursor and none are listening.

   You have been told over and over again, this administration wants to help all Americans, but there is a financial threat at the border. How many times do I have to say this. Cheap labor comes with baggage. Little tax revenue flows into the Treasury, as many work off the books, or get fractional wages, and become huge social burdens. What about offering high wages to immigrants as transient workers only, no families, and on the backside slightly higher farm product prices, is better than paying welfare, subsidized housing and schooling for kids. You are the ones that pay, but you are so brain washed until this country goes bankrupt, and then invaded when weak, you will not see the light. This nation has to step back from the rhetoric, illegals are not Mexican and Black Americans. The media lumps all into one, is the lie.

   Today as Trump appears in El Paso and Dayton there will be no apology for his stance to protect the border. Statements about Mexican rapists are true, as it take one, but you morph the statement, as he was not speaking about all. You made the same mistake in Charlottesville, when you took Trumpís statement, that there were some good people on both sides there. Be careful pups. There were very nasty white supremacist there, as we all saw. But not all there had a racial motive. This is what he said. You raised this event to a new level for no reason, as you the media empowered the white supremacist, not Trump.

   As you speak today, Trump empathy, empathy, empathy. Do not bring your words about the border, no matter how you are pushed. People have minds and have many sources over time that affect their decisions. This what the media does not understand.

   What your opposition does not understand, is the collateral damage. Innocent whites being called racists or may be attacked as this escalates, then what? Democrats will lose the election. As this is on you. It has gone to far, and the Almighty has given me the power to pull the trigger. Fear that day.




   The UK was told months ago, the EU would never renegotiate. With May out and Boris in, did they really think the EU would come to the table, when they hold all the cards, as they are influenced by new world order? I told you, the UK will either fold to their demands, or exit with no deal. Both options are ominous.

   As the situation in the disputed area of Kashmir escalates, war seems emanate, by design. It does not take much to push India and Pakistan to the brink. Set backs on the world agenda in Syria and Iran have fallen short, to drag the world into a confrontation, that would involve the Russians and Chinese with the Western world. Was the move to dissolve the Intermediate Missile Treaty by Trump right? Trump is well aware of the new world order plans to invade the EU. Trump will not let, a false treaty make the overrun of Europe easy, but will not allow American lives, to sacrificed in vain, as Germany has an agreement with the Russians, traitors. This why a slow process to remove Merkel is in place. American NATO forces will be brought home, and missiles will take their place. The Germans were told stand down covertly and we will rule together. That agreement is good only to the shift. They will suffer greatly.


Update Aug. 7 11:59 pm EST


   As Trump went to El Paso, many said, he should have not come. If he did not, then he would have been labeled insensitive to the needs of those suffering, and oh again a racist. This is the way of your world. Hatred is against policies that this countryís leaders fail to address. We have a legal immigration system, but those who bypass it under the guise of asylum, is burdening American tax payers with billions, is racist. You say compassion, I say common sense. They is a difference between a helping, and spending 500 to 800 dollars a day to care for migrants. They did not make that in a year in their countries. You are idiots.

   We do not bunch illegals with those who are legal This is what you fail to realize. Millions march north, and you want no fences. You are idiots and America sees this. Your by product for inaction, has brewed hate. Continue the same policies, and this nation will explode. Many older White Democrats are now being labeled racist, for no reason. If they are attacked, then what? There are sicken. Answering a poll question when everyone is listening does not back the true picture, and in the privacy of the voting booth is another. This is what you will underestimate, if the vote occurs. Trump is not the influence, but the dark one is, as his time is now. You are so blind.

   Your nation is at the tipping point, as your leaders dodge common sense answers. Climate change, I will crush that, as you have a year plus to make peace with God. Shut the border down as Democrats, and you may have a fleeting chance. I told you, if you continue to promote this, is causing hate to rise. I will crush Central America and those moving north will need boats. This is a promise.

   You ask why would God allow millions to die in quakes and volcanic explosions. When you face death, you call His Name and your souls are saved. Make to America and you increase hate and turmoil, as you are an unknowing tool of the dark one, causing division in this nation. Legal immigration is welcome, illegal destroys, as the black lash affects those who belong here. Is this what you want?

   By the way, I give a lot of credit to DeBlasio for coming on Hannity, and you were a skillful dodge ball player. As with Trump, your lack of words solidifies your position. What I do not get is, that you have prepped for Nibiru, as New York will be leveled in a series of quakes and then washed over by a Tsunami, and then the city will be cleansed. What then, as you know, and you will give no warning to those you govern?

   It is not about coming together, but what is right and wrong. No migrant has the right to storm our border, and expect us to pay when fleeing poverty. All countries have safe zones. The EU tried it and failed, Trump is not running down the same road.

   Tax the rich, they will reduce jobs and wait it out as they sit on their money, can you? The economy will slow, many forced to government services, and home losses will increase. The rich will buy them, as they can write the investment off as a loss on their taxes. When or if the economy rises, they cash out. You are so stupid. Government control of money, look at Puerto Rico as they wasted supplies left in fields, and our money taken in fraud. It is out of control, and this is why, the wrath of God is coming.


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