Political Snap Shot




Written Aug. 10 2am EST


   I have to ask the media again and again are you so sure of your path. Few of you believe that are we almost 54 months into the prophesied 7 year term, but you were told never to mention the 12th planet, why? You were told prayers have saved your asses by limiting the time of chastisements. You were told what seems wrong is right and what is right is wrong as the dark controls the fate of man and few will live. This mission I was told is impossible and now I see why. Few of you in the media have a clue as to the future of mankind as you ignore what has been given due to your limited intellect as if you know the meaning of life, now yesterday’s events.

   Again you quote Trumps words, “there is nothing you can do, although for the Second Amendment people maybe there is”. This is where the media assumes the worse. A lawyer would sue you. At no time did he promote violence, but your sick minds interpreted this. No American would assassinate Hillary on the assumed words of Donald. Hillary has a VP that would fill the Supreme Court negating what the media presents to the media. More important the Supreme Court does not change or ratify the Second Amendment, the states do. Keep lying to America. Yes he spun the narrative, but you fell for the trap as you assumed.

   I will tell you again, you are leading America by your opinion. Did he promote the words to take out Hillary, no but you think so. In a court of law you would lose, try it. The Almighty will bring down a wrath. I support this as you are leading many astray. You were given a responsibility and right now the souls you influence have not come home. Is this what you want? Donald has flaws, but Hillary will betray this nation. This is the bottom line. I have told you the Truth, but do not listen to influence of the past as the world would come to an end in 2003. This was a ruse fill with half truths, lets move on.


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