Political Snap Shot




Written Aug 10 10:30pm EST


   The campaign heats up and some of you in the media are more careful with your language, thank you. The nation relays on your insight for the future of this country, do you understand that responsibility? I repeat, Trump never said a word to initiate violence, but in your minds back by Hillaryís speech, you are led to believe this. Again did he say the word, no, but Hillary did. You in the media used your resources show Hillary talking about assassination of Obama in 2008, there is no doubt, but your bosses hold your tongue on Teflon Hillary, but you are blinded supporters and used.

   More emails that cast doubt, but this will change. In a few short weeks the climate change lie will take a nasty turn. Sudden tidal waves assaulting coasts in the Far East first, rampant lightening and power outages, ships lost at sea will hit home slowly at first, and then accelerate quickly. Only when a cruise ship loses most will in a whirl pool will you pay attention. But how it sunk will never be revealed.

   I have told you, few of you have a clue and you think you can change the laws and subjugate the people of this earth unchecked. The coastal storms will alarm you; glimpses of the second sun here will not be covered. We are in the end times and you in the media are part of the cover up. They have told you, it will be quick and you will prevent panic. This is a lie. They expect, I mean count on minorities being trapped in cities due to martial law to die. Take notice Black and Latinos unless you have a relative that lives away from the coastline your future is checkered. You in the media focus on gaffes and ignore the lies that have endangered this nation. Millions are unemployed. Millions vote for politicians who do not carry their voice. Millions have seen their standard of living fall and all you hear is America is still great. This is a lie for many, but the rich. Now you predict he is dangerous, because the staged Khans were hurt. You are such the fools. Millions died to support this country in a real threat. The Khans son died in a false war to secure oil, but as a true hero died for a false cause. Moslem women have no rights in their society, this is a fact. Khan, please comment on this, as all men and women are not equal in your religion. The State Department employees were left alone without support in Libya over protocol. They died, but again you ignore this.

   This election has been manipulated by the powers to be. I told you polls are a set of samples taken many times; they pick the one that favors their choice and called it random. You the media are pawns and you still believe your opinion matters. You have been deceived as you know we are in the end times and you were told this. There will be one religion and one government, as the dark one rules. This is a fact. You were told there would be a third world war. This is a fact. You were told a comet would impact this earth and billions would perish rather than the dark side, claim their souls. This is the Truth. Check the construction of bunkers. Again Trump will support the Joints Chiefs, ask them how they feel about Hillary?

   The danger in the future of America is not to fall like the EU. They have agreed as one. Millions will be exterminated as unwanted and you do not believe this will happen, but it has been foretold in the Bible. As a Christian, the entire Bible is true, not some parts. Heed this. It is no accident that B1 and B2s have been sent to Guam. The territorial threat in the South China Sea is regional; the nuclear strike force is there to respond when war comes just like in Europe as the Americans increase power in Poland. This is a fact. Obama please donít lie to America just stay quiet.

   You have paid no attention to the swift rise in global temperatures, they said I mean lied we would not reach the 2.5 increase until 2100 a turning point. We are at a 2.3 differential now. You were told we need to reduce the carbon profile, and we can reverse this. Obama and officials are lying. As I speak to all of you, who keep my words in the back of your mind and I appreciate that. It is only after the warning will you know the Truth. It is at that point I expect each and every one of you who knows the Truth to join the Army of God or be sweep from the face of this earth. This is your choice.

   As it is about the souls of every person on this earth as we will try to lose not one. Your petty politics, your imagined power that will crumble as the Almighty destroys all that you value across the face of this planet now controlled by satan is on His prophets words that walk this earth.

   In two weeks the wobble on the earth will increase exponentially, with it earthquakes and rogue waves unexplained. What will shock all is the meteor assault later, and they will lie. The bottom line is that your politicians have sold you out and Trump is a wild card that might reveal the Truth. This is why they hate him.  Your true test will come after the presidential inauguration as the warning will come shortly after, but many will ignore. Then the chastisements shall come in your arrogance, you will wish you were dead. Fly the rainbow flag please, and my God have mercy on your soul.


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