Political Snap Shot




Written Aug. 13 3am EST


  As I speak to the media all of you realize the future of our country is at stake. All major players know these are the end times with out a doubt. Now either the Bible in your minds is a lie or tells you the Truth, which is it? I have told you, both sides answer to one and many Republicans are now openly supporting Hillary. If they think the Democrats offer the best options then why vote Republican? Vote them out.

   The truth is that they have not thought this through. They fear the uninformed that will flip the vote switch in a row based on the top. But it is a poor education system and those that directly move to one side or another due to ads or the media. Again I say the systems are of their minds as pay to play that is a back drop to an insult. It is now a surprise that Bushís people are spearheading Republican support and defecting to the Democratic side, why? Ask then why did he run against Hillary? He was supposed to win the Republican nomination, again as you think your vote is a choice, but they both answer to the same one. It is this that is behind her support, Bush answers to another.

   Look around the world, Russia is building a full base in Syria that will allow nuclear weapons to be in and out, when you were told this country was the tipping point. China is not backing down from their forward island bases in the South China Sea as the US quietly moves forces to the Far East and the Balticís. The Bible tells you war as the population is fooled in the end times, but you donít see this. Do you think the Bible lies? It is Godís Word against the media that is about manís interpretation of His Word.

   Trump is the opponent to the new world order for now although their influence could change this picture, yet he underestimated the power that has ruled this world hidden for centuries. The banks, some of the media, some of our politicians are all under one as they have concluded that they can engineer a victory with Hillary. For once Trump step back and analyze the attack. From now on, plants in you audience are to be ignored and handled responsibly by staff. Speed of a response to an attack is not as wise now, but content is. This will change. The terror attacks will rise quickly and storms will cause concern like present day Louisiana. As for warning to the world, let it come from Obama or Congress as they had the responsibility to this nation, but they wonít. Let it be known that all that have backed Democratic if you are out in your Administration. Cowards and traitors are not wanted. Agree to the debates as it will be Hillary that falters in front of the nation.

   Now you Trump are doing better and the polls will not show this by design hoping the focus switches. It is not your place to comment on a rigged system others will take care of that as your words seem like nonsense. Stay on course. I was not kidding that those in the US aligned with the new world order along with Russia, the EU and China, all have agreed to selected targets within their own countries where billions will die as the population of the earth is sculpted in world war 3. This is a fact in the Bible again unless you are saying Godís Word is lie. This you have known, but never expected it to be carried out. You in the media will be horrified and you have been given a responsibility, remember the parable of the master giving a gift some saved it by burying it with no return and others expanded the yield, which will you be?


Update 12pm EST


   You have heard their tax plans to where one increases your taxes and the other cuts. Examine both plans and what you donít see is control on the fiscal side of spending. How when she has to appoint incompetent people in charge if agencies as a political favor by the thousands. This is the problem. The rich and connected are not worried with Hillaryís plan as you would think as they will make their many times over on the back end with pork projects and government no bid contracts that for the most part never sees the light in the publicís eyes.

   Trump owes no one as many of you abandoned him by design. You were told there is strength in numbers, but never considered the source. All of the losers that run your agencies fear him. If he gains the presidency they will be exposed for wasteful spending, which is the key, along with the old boy network of feeding off your tax dollars, the Democratic Party in collusion with cooperative Republicans will be revealed to the American public. Business as usual will stop.

   The deficit can be controlled with a strong economy and the elimination of dead weight. Now if this narrative was or put in place Hillary would respond, Trump just called the American worker dead weight, again the spin. He did not say all, but some, which is the truth. All work places have the one or many that do not work rising in proportion to seniority, abuses sick time or disability plans and brings down the corporation or agency. To ignore this for political correctness dictates the true fool in this global economy.


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